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You must have already known or heard what a tracker is. This is a device which can help you locate the whereabouts of the person that you are looking. For instance, there is the child tracking device which your child carries anywhere he goes. This will give you peace of mind knowing the location of your child.
The tracking device, or locator is not only good for children; it is also good for everybody. Bringing along a tracking device would mean having additional things to carry. Because of this some apps were developed or created which functions like a tracking device. One of these is Find my Friends app.
The Find my Friends gives you a chance to locate your family and friends by using the iPhone, iPad or the iPod touch. After installing this app you can already invite your friends to share locations or whereabouts. You can choose from the contacts or you can use your email addresses. When one of your friends that you have invited accepts your invitation using the Find My Friends app, you can already start monitoring their location. Your friends will also be able to follow your location if you will accept the request made by your friend. On the other hand, if you don’t want your friends to know your whereabouts you can just hide your location easily.
Find My Friends allows you to set up location-based alerts that will immediately give notification about your friends’ activity and whereabouts. For instance, if one of your friends arrives at the airport, family member or friend arrives home safely or have left the house. Using the Find My Friends app will also allow you to inform your friends if you change location. To give you better or accurate results, you have to enable Wi-Fi on your device.
By using the Find My Friends app the users can monitor and track people with their iOS devices. The GPS in your iOS device determines the location of your friends when the location services are “On”. The GPS feature can also be turned off anytime you want.
The Find My Friends app syncs with other applications like maps and contacts. A friend’s location is displayed in the OS X 10.10 if you click “Details” located at the top—right corner of the Messages app.
If you’re thinking of developing your own app which is similar to the Find My Friends app you’ll have to consider first the total cost to develop an app. You should also consider the design, different features and the professional fees you have to pay to your app developer. Your design and features will not only affect the total development cost; it will also affect the functionality of the app. A good and attractive design can get the attention of many users. A good feature will make the app more effective and will surely give you efficient services. Because of this, more people will be encouraged to have your app on their device.
So let’s make one app like Find My Friends within 90 days, which is sufficient time to make a simple app and polish it well. The cost for an app like Find My Friends is between $3000 to $18000 depending on platforms and features. We have been helping many startups in developing apps like Find My Friends which help them to connect with new friends. If you want to build your innovative app like Find My Friends then reach out at Hyperlink InfoSystem!

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