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Considering the number of clients we have all over the world, the number of offices we have, and the number of mobile apps we work on at every given time, we can say Hyperlink InfoSys is one of the most successful app development companies in Bakersfield California and in the world.
The secret of our success is not hidden. It is the quality of the mobile apps that we build for our clients. Virtually all of them are always happy and satisfied with us. This is why they are always referring new clients to us. We are on top of the app development industry because we avoid the mistakes most app development companies make. Here are some of the things you won’t see in any mobile app developed by us.
Numerous bugs
We understand the importance of thorough testing. So, we subject our mobile apps to thorough tests on different platforms and across different mobile devices. In fact, we already have several testers who are always eager to test any of our apps. Most of the bugs that users may discover would have been detected by our testers. This is why our apps are usually not laden with numerous bugs when we deliver them to our clients.
Long registration forms
Long registration form is a common reason people dump some apps. This is the major reason a lot of mobile apps do not get beyond one usage before they are deleted. We ensure that our apps take only the necessary information from users. It is needless to remind you that people generally love apps with short registration forms.
High requirements
App usage is a game of numbers. The more an app is being used, the higher its success. Even though the latest version of Android operating system is Android 8 and the latest version of iOS is iOS 12, we know that millions of devices still run on lower versions of the two operating systems. In fact, up till now, some Android devices still run on Android 4 Kitkat. 
Raising the requirements of our mobile apps means we are cutting off millions of people. So, we make the requirements of our mobile apps very low to accommodate as many mobile devices as possible. This is another good reason our mobile apps are always successful. 
Huge size
We understand that virtually all mobile phone users cope with internal memory constraint. There are so many beneficial apps on the net that phones’ internal memory is usually not enough for all the apps. So, users make the best use of the internal memory of their phones. This is why they shy away from big apps.
Our apps are small and will not take too much memory space. This is another reason, users are encouraged to download and install our mobile apps. Our mobile apps are not that big. We don’t include any feature or function that is not directly related to the purpose of the apps.
High battery power consumption
Unlike some apps, our mobile apps do not consume a lot of battery power because we understand the importance of energy efficiency. So, we design our app to make do with little power right from scratch. 
These are some of the reasons our mobile apps have won hearts all over the world. Why don’t you contact us today to try our app development services?

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Process We follow

Process We follow

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Ranked as #1 Top App Development Companies Since 2014

Ranked as #1 Top App Development Companies Since 2014

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