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Windows Game Development For Windows 8.

How To Pursue Windows Game Development For Windows 8

In the past, Microsoft allowed developers to use the Games for Windows system to introduce their games into the market. However because that brand has been discontinued, Microsoft now encourages developers of new games to consider making their games deployable through the Windows Store. To do this, developers can pursue Windows Game development on the new Windows 8 operating system.
If you do wish to take up Microsoft on this offer, you may need help from a reputable developer like Hyperlink InfoSystem first. Our company can help you amend your existing game code so that it will be readable on Windows 8, thus making it an attractive offering through the Windows Store. This practice (called porting) will allow you to make fresh code yet still re-use portions of the old code in the same project. The result? Less coding cost for you and a better chance of offering an attractive Windows Game to your loyal fans. At the same time, those who are devoted to your old game get to experience the improvements you paid for. So everyone is happy.
To successfully make a new game from scratch on Windows 8 you would have to get familiar with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 first. If you are not that great with this system yet but are running after a deadline to release a new game, then you can always rely on Hyperlink InfoSystem to assume some of that load for you. You can collaborate with us on different aspects of your project (such as new game concept and design, code programming, and even understanding the ins and outs of Windows 8) so that you can focus on other aspects of the business while we do the techie stuff.
Another serious hurdle for anyone attempting Windows Game development is the learning how to apply the C++ with DirectX language. DirectX is believed to have more powerful applications when used on Windows 8 because of the improved graphics stack, which permits easier use of components like DirectCompute, Direct2D or Direct3D, and DirectVideo. But if you are intimidated by the prospect of having to absorb new languages and make a new game, then why not consider hiring us first? We have the right talent who can handle C++ DirectX programming and give you the results you need when you need it. Your project will become a reality when you have our company on the job. 

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