How much does it cost to develop a Mobile game app like POKEMON GO for Augmented reality platform

Even if you do not play games, you have at least heard of Pokemon Go at now or know someone who is playing it. The game immediately became one of the most utilized smart device apps after beginning, surpassing the previous record held by Candy Crush Saga in the US. The game enables players to catch, fight, and raise virtual animals, called Pokemon, who arrive completely the real world. Pokemon go itself has a lot of unlocked potentials, they have the seventh generation of Pokemon. So, are you interested in such mobile game development and looking for some app development company to develop such Augmented reality game for you ? If an answer to all these questions is a big “YES” then your search stops here. We are the perfect choice that fits your requirement for such advanced level game development like Pokemon GO. Contact us and know the perfect cost estimation for Pokemon Go.


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