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Flipagram is one of the easiest ways to develop or create and share great video stories by using your photos, videos and music. Flipagram allows you to share your stories in private or with the other Flipagram users or community.
With Flipagram you can be a great Flipastar who can share the best video stories with the whole Flipagram community. Flipagram editors are always on the lookout for a funny, inspiring and very creative Flipagrams which they can feature to the Flipagram community.
Anybody can be a Flipastar. All it takes is for you to be always updated with everything that is going on or happening in your surrounding or environment. You have to take time to explore everything like trending tags; follow popular musicians or celebrities and other Flipagrammers to get some stories and updates across the globe.
To build an app like Yelp, you have to consider hiring a developer who really knew what he will be doing. He should also have experience in developing sites, particularly the Yelp site. Hyperlink Infosystem is the leading Mobile app development company with experts who knows what and how they create the master pieces. You can start a small site to have a lower or cheaper development cost. From the small site, you will be able to evaluate or gauge if your site is doing well. If it’s running smoothly, then you can start developing it to a bigger site.

To help you get started as a Flipastar you can follow these three simple steps:

1. Select or choose photos and video clips from your camera roll, photo albums, Facebook or Instagram.
2. Create- using the photos and video clips that you have selected, you can make your story by adding favorite music and improving its settings.
3. After creating your story, you can share it on Flipagram or Instagam, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or other app.

The Flipagram Special Feature Includes:

# Allows adding photos and video clips
# Allows you to use popular music clips without spending even a single centavo
# You can add voice narration to make your story more effective
# It has a selfie cam mode
# It is easy to manage and handle
# You can get likes and comments from other Flipagram users
# You can view Flipagrams by pausing and tapping
# It has beautiful fonts to choose
# It has Channels where you can find different Flipagram content
# Allows you to find and follow friends
# Gives notification of interesting activities
# Allow you to control and manage the privacy of your profile and all the Flipagrams that you have created
# It is easy to share to other apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Vine, Tumbler, Email, Pinterest, FB Messenger, WhatsApp and KIK
# It also allows you to share with Sina Weibo and WeChat for Chinese users
The total development in developing an app like Flipagram will depend on the special features that you need or want to have in your app. You also have to consider the professional fee that you will have to pay for your app developer. The app developer will also consider the type or kind of app that you want and the quality of the app that you want your developer to develop.
Hyperlink Infosystem has the developers with supreme skills, talent and knowledge. We make unbeatable and incomparable mobile apps which you can not resist to have for your business. The cost to develop an app like Flipagram is between $4,000 to $10,000 per platform. Contacts us for free quote now.

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Process We follow

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