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OlaCabs is more commonly known as just, Ola. It is a mobile app in India, for personal transportation. It started in Mumbai as an online cab aggregator in Mumbai. Now it is among the fastest growing businesses in India and based in Bangalore.
Like many taxi apps, Ola was not an overnight success. It had to go through a lot of work to be accomplished and cost a lot of money to build. Pricing could be anywhere between $5,000 to $20,000 which will depend features and complexities in the backend you want to create something like "Ola" application. So how should an app be made? There are three features that need to be considered.
1. Passenger App
2. Driver App
3. Backend

Passenger App

1) Sign Up
- The sign up could be done via Facebook. Then you should create an account.
2) Pick up Location
- The pickup location could be Frequent, Foursquare or Google Places/Map.
3) Drop off location
- The drop off location could be Frequent, Foursquare or Google Places/Map.
4) Booking Types
- There are three types of booking; full day booking, advance booking, and normal booking. In full day booking, drivers can be hired for the whole day. In the advance booking, the driver can request a booking for future. The normal booking sends a request to all nearby drivers, and the driver app shows a calling screen with a passenger review, stars, pickup and drop-off addresses. Drivers will receive a call. When the driver accepts the passenger, the passenger will see a driver is coming on his map.
5) Chat
- In Chat, the passenger can chat with drivers and send him regular messages or audio messages. The passengers can also chat with multiple drivers.

Driver App

The Driver app allows the driver to select his visibility area and can make him available. It also allows drivers to see other drivers on the map so that they can chat with them. When the driver receives a call, he will see the passenger’s name, picture, rating, distance, pick-up and drop-off and the option to accept or reject.


The backend is for driver, user and trip stats and reports. It consists of three parts. The server, an application, and a database. You can file complaints against drivers or see active drivers. It allows you to see a live feed of events. It has an email system, and a weekly or monthly payment is invoicing.
There are many aspects to consider if you want to venture in this business. This kind of system can cost around USD $10,000 for both the iOS and Android. It can be delivered in about a month’s time. It will completely depend on the designs and features you want to be incorporated in the application. Inquire more with Hyperlink InfoSystem!

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