How much does an App like TED cost for Video streaming?

Know The Cost Of An App Like Ted With All The Features And Functionalities

TED, which stands for the acronyms Technology, Entertainment, Design are a set of conferences conducted globally and is operated by private, nonprofit organizations. TED holds annual conferences. It gives great emphasis on technology and design. It has widened its concentration by including talks on many scientific, cultural and academic topics. TED’s presents talks from people who excel in their particular field of expertise in education, technology, medicine, business and music.

TED has already more than 1700 videos and audios on the official TED app. TED speakers are among the best speakers who can give or share new insights over a certain topic. They can inspire their listeners to make their own views and opinions after they have listened to their talk. Furthermore, TED speakers are not one sided, they tackle each topic on both ways to give their listeners balance views and opinions in all their talks and discussions. TED is not boring; it keeps you awake and focused. As you listen to the speakers, you’ll be able to relate and reflect on what the speaker is talking. You will also be able to discover something within yourself that you have not realized to exist.

As you listen intently to all the speakers you will discover that TED has increased your awareness and made you realize that you can actually act and that the only person responsible for your actions is “you”. TED gives us an inspiration to have a deeper outlook and attitude in life, to take part and co-create in different ways and time.

You might want to develop an app like TED to be able to listen and view, every now and then, the latest conference that will surely give you additional inputs about some important issues in your life. With TED right at your mobile device you’ll always have something to look forward to that will really make you want to open TED most of the time.

Developing an app will cause you a fortune because you’ll have to look for the right person who can develop your app. You have to remember that hiring a professional developer would be expensive. Other things that you should also consider would be the special features you want to have in your app to make it more personalized. Hiring a professional developer would be expensive, but the quality of the app delivered to your end by your developer is good.

If you want a lesser or lower cost for the development of your app, you can instead develop an MVP or a clone. The development of the cloned app is lower. The cloned app will function and will have the same features as the original app, or original TED app. Cloning an app is easy and can be developed at lower cost. What is important for you to remember is that, if you really like to clone an app, you have to clone an app which has already proven its functionality and proven its worth as an efficient app. The app like TED can actually cost around $2500 to $20,000 per platform. Inquire more with Hyperlink InfoSystem!

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