How Much Does An App Like Tumblr Cost?

Want To Develop An App Like Tumblr On Android, Ios And Windows Platform? Here Is Your Answer.

Do want to get in touch with other people? Well, you can just go to the different app of your mobile device. For instance, you can use the Tumblr app.
Tumblr is a social networking site and a micro blogging platform where the users can post anything, anywhere, anytime you want. Tumblr allow their users to share anything like text, photos, quotes, links, music and videos by using your browser, phone, desktop and email. To make it your work more creative, you can customize it to change the colors and themes.
The app can help you get connected with your friends and loved ones. It can help you fulfill the things that you love to do like share photos, gifts, video, quotes, Chats, links and text. You can open your dashboard, swipe and explore.
Tumblr app can give the user a chance to post multimedia and other content. The users can follow blogs posted by other people. The users can make their own blogs. They have the option to make their blogs private. Furthermore, Tumblr’s features can be accessed from a dashboard interface, a place where they can post content and the blog post that you have been following appears.


Talking about blogs, the users should know the proper blog management. This includes:

1. Dashboard- is where you can find recent posts from the blogs that they have followed. The users can post their comments, reblog and like the post that is being displayed on the dashboard. Users will be able to connect their blogs to other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook accounts. If you make a post it will be sent as a tweet in Twitter and status update on your facebook account.
2. Queue- Users can set up or arrange a schedule so that the post will be delayed. They can even extend posts over a specimen period of time.
3. Tags- every post created by the user can help their audience find posts on certain topics by adding tags. If you upload pictures to their blogs or wanted the viewers to find pictures they would just add the tag#picture. The viewers can also use the word to find post with the tag picture.
4. HTML editing- Tumblr enables the users to edit HTML coding to improve the appearance of their blog. They can also use custom domain name for their blog.
Some people have been wondering the cost in developing an app like Tumblr. Just like the other apps, the cost in developing the Tumblr app will depend on the different features that will be incorporated in your app. The total cost will also depend on the type of project that you want to have. To give you just an idea about the cost Hyperlink Infosystem is here and it will be between $5,000 to $14,500 per platform. Contacts us for your free quote now.

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