10 Helpful Holiday Season App Tips For Small Business Marketers

app tips for small business marketers
Whether small businesses are looking to receive the assistance of a mobile app development company or hire dedicated developers, there are a number of ways to stand apart from the competition during the holiday season. 
App development companies can assist a small business that is looking to bolster their holiday marketing efforts and choosing the right mobile app development company is a crucial step. Let's take a closer look at this step and some of the other pivotal tips and pointers that a business must be aware of.
1. Avoid Procrastination
This is where app development companies come into play. They give a small business the tools that they need in order to avoid procrastination. A mobile app development company can come aboard early and provide the necessary marketing assistance.
A small business needs to get started as soon as possible, in order to get a jump on the competition. The top small businesses will even hire dedicated developers during the slower summer months. Don't make the mistake of trying to execute a complicated app launch once the holidays have arrived.
2. Walking a Mile In The Customers' Shoes
Sure, some companies may believe that they have a great idea for reaching out to the customer. These ideas are not always as useful as they may seem, though. By enlisting app development companies and taking the time to hire dedicated developers, the small business learns more about the customers' desires.
A mobile app development company provides the necessary playbook. They have the experience and know how that a small business needs in their corner at times like these.
3. Offer Discounts
offer discounts
Let's face facts, the modern consumer is far more likely to download a small business' app when they are being given the chance to score an awesome discount. Creating a promotional campaign that rewards the customer for taking the time to download is important.
Providing customers with codes that allow them to pass the savings along is also helpful. An app that offers valuable savings is sure to shared with a much wider audience.
4. Provide Ideas For Gifts
Helpful small business apps offer customers the chance to score big time savings on Christmas gifts for their loved ones. It all circles back to a company's ability to place themselves in the shoes of their target audience. Making the holiday shopping season easier for the customer is pivotal.
A small business that is willing to hire dedicated developers can learn more about the best gift ideas and apply these principles to the app that is released. Insert buttons that allow users to buy gifts for their loved ones or pass along potential ideas to others.
5. Develop a Strategy Beforehand
In many instances, a small business will hire dedicated developers without taking the time to formulate a strategy for the app's eventual release. Consider the message that is supposed to be put across to the customer and build an app that is based around it.
What's the unique value proposition of the app? What other apps do customers have coming their way during the holiday season? An experienced mobile app development company is a great partner to have at times like these.
6. Zig When Others Zag
In other words: if the app that is being rolled out is just like everyone else's, it is probably not going to help a small business to achieve their desired objectives. It is time to take a closer look at the competition and find out what can be done differently. Don't emulate others.
Maybe the app will utilize a color palette that is not normally associated with the holidays. Perhaps there is a marketing tactic that is much different from the other tactics that competitors have rolled out in the past. Break through the clutter.
7. Use Bold Colors 
Every app that is designed to reach out to the consumer during the holiday season is going to rely on the same old red and green color schemes. This is a chance to hire dedicated developers and choose a color palette that allows the app to truly pop.
Bolder colors are always best when it comes to standing out in a crowded marketplace. It is always better to stand out than to fit in and this is a principle that must be applied when choosing app development companies.
8. Provide Visual Content
provide visual content
Visual content is one of the surest ways to stand out during the holiday season. Sharing festive content in video or image form will inspire consumers to download the app and more importantly, they will be inspired to share the app with their friends and loved ones.
Visual content always gets shared more quickly than traditional content. It could be a short video or just a few images but the difference is going to be noticeable. 
9. Make It More Personal
There's nothing wrong with a small business taking the time to remove the veil and let people come behind the scenes a little bit. In a world where there are no shortage of small businesses looking to carve out a niche for themselves, personification is very important.
No one wants to feel as if they are downloading an app from a faceless business. Providing content that allows the small business to show their human side is a great way to stand apart. It lets the customer see that they are more than just an objective. 
10. Remain Warm
No customer is going to want be sold to right away. It is important to remain warm and friendly when communicating with the target audience. The holiday season is a time when people want to feel the warm fuzzies. 
A small business that does not use their app to communicate these sorts of feelings is creating an environment where their target audience may become more wary. Once the customers' attention has been grabbed, the small business can then try to sell their goods and services. 

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