10 Qualities That Characterize The Best App Development Companies

app development companies
The world is currently at a digital age and mobile technology is at the forefront of this advancement. Mobile technology has become a significant part of our lives and it is influencing the way we do most things, from the way we communicate with friends, to how we make purchases online. In January of 2018, Statista reported that there were 3.7 billion unique mobile users on the planet. This is more than half the total number of people on the planet.
This huge population of mobile users employs mobile applications for a wide range of activities, from communication with friends to patronizing services, from making researches to reading the news. Currently, there are close to 3 million mobile apps on Google Play Store and 2.3 million on the App Store. Mobile app development has become a major business in this 21st century. There is a huge demand for freelance developers and app development companies by individuals, small-scale businesses, and large-scale conglomerate. But everyone wants to work with the best. 
Hiring the best mobile app development company can mean the difference between having a wonderful mobile application and a disappointing disaster. Below are ten key qualities that characterize the best app development companies of the world;
1. Knowledge of cross-platform development: 
This is one of the key qualities of top app development companies. Although Android may have a greater number of users than Apple, and by extension, have a greater number of apps, App store users are known to be more engaged with their apps and spend more time using it. This simply means that both platforms are equally important. In order to be a top mobile app developer, you must be knowledgeable about cross-platform development. There is very little chance your target group will only be interested in one platform. Any company that specializes in developing for only one platform will lose out on a huge market.
2. UI/UX Skills:
UI/UX skills are highly necessary in order to be one of the top app development companies. It is not enough that an app works well, the app must possess elements that are powerful enough to catch users attention and engage them. Regardless of the app that your company may be working on, they are dozens, if not hundreds, of similar apps available in the different stores. Having a powerful UI/UX skills is necessary to help you stand out from the fray.
3. Knowledge of several programming languages:
programming languages
There are several programming languages that can be used for mobile app development; Java, Objective C, Swift, PHP, Python etc. Each of these languages has its pros and cons and have areas where they can be best applied. Good app development companies are knowledgeable, and are proficient, in a wide range of programming languages. This proficiency will help a company to stand out and deliver better quality mobile applications.
4. Teamwork:
Mobile app development involves several stages, from planning to actual code writing, then to after-care service. Every department has a part to play. The quality of the service that is delivered is dependent on the level of teamwork in the company. Reputable app development companies are honest in their communication and have excellent organizational skills. They are able to work together as a single indivisible organism. Each department is knowledgeable and well-informed about what the other department is doing. 
5. Creativity:
The ability to think outside the box is highly necessary to become one of the top app development companies available. Each day, people are exposed to dozens of applications on the App Store. Most times there is hardly anything new in these apps. The ability to create apps that are unique and unconventional is one of the hallmarks of reputable app development companies, this will help to set a company apart for greatness.
6. Rich portfolio:
Your portfolio is your bragging right, it is what will inform potential clients of your capacity and the skills that you possess. It tells a client about your experience and commitment, and even your ability to take risks. In order to be a top mobile app development company, you must possess a rich portfolio of completed jobs.
7. After-care service:
One of the key qualities that differentiate an average mobile app development company and a top company is the quality of after-care service that each offers. The origin of this is in the company's perception towards its clients. Reputable app development companies usually regard their clients as partners. For them, it is not just about developing an app for a company and then taking the money, they are concerned about the workings of the app and how it is helping grow the client's business. Therefore, they invest a lot into their after-care service, offering both consultation and technical assistance. 
8. Build engaging apps:
build engaging apps
With so many other options available and with the impatience of online users, no one will be happy with an app that takes an eternity to load. They will leave and download the next available alternative, thereby causing the client to lose customers. Therefore, good app development companies are apt at making apps that offer exquisite user experience, this will require reducing the loading time plus keeping the audience occupied with loading indicators.
9. Meet customer demand:
Apps are developed for the sake of users. A successful app is one that users feel satisfied after using. Good app development companies take the extra step of analyzing the needs of their client's potential customer and market. They try to understand what the users will be interested in and they go all out to bring that expectation to mobile reality. An app that meets users demand is an app that will sure help a business to be successful.
10. Proven track record/Positive testimonials:
Before companies or individuals opt for any mobile app development company they take the time to carry out necessary research and ask questions. In order to be one of the top app development companies, clients must have good things to say about you. You must strive to ensure that you leave your clients as satisfied as possible. Good app development companies have proven track records and their clients give positive testimonials about them.

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