10 Web-Tested Tips For A Successful Web Development Career

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The 21st century has an abundance of web developers and web development companies, some are half-baked individuals/companies who love the idea of being called developers because it is about the coolest thing right now, while others are equipped with the skills and capacity to run a successful web development company or can be successful at freelancing. The competition is not helped by the availability of DIY website development programs. In order to stand out in such competitive world, below are few web-tested tips for a successful web development career;
1. Decide your area of specialization:
Web development is a pretty wide field, and no singular individual can be a master on all fronts. In order to have a successful web development career, you must choose a particular area that you have the most interest in and wish to specialize in. You can choose to be a web designer, specializing in the front-end. You can also choose to work on the back-end, this will require you taking on a programming skill. In some cases, some people choose to develop a repertoire of specialized skills. However, it is advisable you don't be a jack of all trade but to specialize in a particular skill.
2. Self-discipline:
Self-discipline is highly important if you wish to build a career as a successful web developer, as it is in other aspects of life. WordPress web development is a grueling discipline that would require several hours of coding or designing. In order to stand out from the fray, you must be able to invest this time and effort. Self-discipline is one of the cardinal differences that distinguish a successful web developer or web development company and a struggling one.
3. Create a portfolio:
Potential clients will want to see what you have done in the past as a way to assess your web development skills. Your portfolio creates the avenue for that to happen. Potential clients will get to see works that you have done in the past. 
You will also need to include client testimonials as part of your testimonial. It is important to have the necessary WordPress web development skills to create impressive websites, but what is equally important is your character and relationship with clients. The web design process is pretty intricate, and clients will want to know that they are working with someone who will make the process as smooth as possible.
One strategy most new developer or new web development companies employ is to deliver jobs for clients at a reduced rate in the early part of their career, this is done in exchange for testimonials. This is a short-term decision taken with a longer term of success in mind.
4. Be enthusiastic about web development:
One of the ways to know if you will be successful in any endeavor is to gauge how much enthusiasm you have for that project or job. How enthusiastic about WordPress development are you? How much spare time do you spend thinking JavaScript, XML Element and the next web development job you have to deliver? It is this level of enthusiasm that marks the difference between a web developer or web development company and a successful one.
5. Never let go your reason for choosing web development:
This is yet another essential tip that can guide you into becoming a successful web developer. Web development can be a difficult career choice. There will be times when you will be faced with difficult projects with unimaginable deadlines, or you have some clients that are just too hard to get along with. Things will not always go the way you expect them to and it is during those periods that you need to remind yourself of the reason you choose the career in the first place. This will supply you with the necessary push that you need to keep going. 
6. Participate in open-source collaboration:
open source collaboration
One of the reasons behind WordPress astronomical success is its open-source nature. This allows universal access to the source code that has already been written and allows the public to improve on it. In order to be a better web developer or web development company, you must ensure to participate in these open-source projects as this would give you the opportunity to network with the community of other developers. You can also use such opportunity to build on your level of skills and gain a better reputation. 
One good thing about these open source projects is that you can join regardless of your level of experience or expertise; from the most inexperienced web designers to world experts.
7. Perseverance:
WordPress web development, by its very nature, comes with a series of challenges. Giving up when the first hurdle presents itself will never make you a successful web developer. Your success as a web developer or web development company is tied to your ability to your abilities to solve these challenges. The fun part about web development is that landmark pacesetting breakthroughs can happen at any time to anyone. But you have to keep at it if you are to be the one to turn the industry on its head.
8. Commit to your development:
Web development is one of the most dynamic fields in IT. It is an unlimited source of potential, where each day something new is added. You can never reach the top of web development as there are no tops. Protocols will always change, new programs will always be written that will supersede the old ones. To be a successful web developer you must be committed to growing in line with developments in the industry.
9. Experience is important:
In the early days of your career as a web developer, your focus should never be so much on money but experience. If you are offered the chance to work on a project that will enhance your experience but has little pay, don't think, take it. If you have to work for free as long as it expands your range of experience. Experience is highly invaluable in web development and it improves your chances of success.
10. Create an online profile:
online portfolio
In many cases, potential clients carry out research on who their web developer is who their web development companies are. It is important that when they carry out their research that they find a professional and appropriate representation of you. You must develop for yourself a business website which lists your skills and your brand. Your website itself is an avenue to display your web development skills

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