12 Reasons To Choose iOS Platform For App Development

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There has always been an intense competition between Android and iOS over which is the best mobile app development platform. This rivalry is evident in app development companies on iPhone and Android platform. This cutthroat competition has been to the advantage of the final consumer as there is always something fascinating and interesting in the market to benefit the end user. Developers are always at a divide as to which to pick. Market share has always been the bane of the competition between these two giants.
Each of these app development platforms has its pros and cons. The choice of any developer will be dependent on the app requirement and some other important factors. Below are 12 reasons to choose iOS platform for app development and why iOS outruns Android;
1. App quality:
When it comes to the number of apps developed using either of these platforms, Android is certainly going to beat iOS. There is no doubt about that. But when the quality of an app is taken into account, Android is no match for iOS. The iOS platform offers unparallel quality in niches such as children's apps or games, media etc.
2. Carrier data:
The open source nature of the Android platform allows its devices to be overloaded with a wide range of third-party applications. The disadvantage of this is that some of these apps are of very low quality with some developers charging senseless subscription fees. In Android development, there is a lack of censorship and control. In some cases, even the pre-installed apps do not deliver according to their promise, leading to a deceptive overall experience. 
Apple devices, on the other hand, does not permit unnecessary or junk applications. There is a stricter restriction on iPhone app development and availability. This is a major advantage for iOS users as they can experience top-level services.
3. Complemented user experience:
When it comes to iOS devices, there is a close uniformity in the user interface. These devices are not subjected to as many changes as is obtainable in Android. In Android devices, interface varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, this is due to a process termed skinning. 
Fragmentation is another issue for Android. While close to 60% of iPhone users are on the latest version of iOS, a paltry 10% or less of all Android users are currently using the latest version. Another problem that fragmentation breed is that a majority of manufacturers of handsets that run on the Android platform usually fail to keep their users updated with newer versions. These problems worsen with the constantly increasing devices that run on the platform. 
On the other hand, Apple does not permit skinning and encourages its users to upgrade to newer versions. This allows for a more enhanced user experience.
4. HTML 5:
HTML 5 is one of the biggest things on the web currently and helps to cater to the multimedia needs of users. Developing mobile applications using the iOS platform give access to better support that can improve iPhone app development. 
5. Better power management:
One of the major pros edge that iOS devices have over Android and other mobile platforms is in power management. The reason behind the power conservative capacity of iOS devices is their repulsion to third-party apps which typically run in their background of Android devices. Another explanation for this LTE support is not provided by iPhone 4S. Battery capacity is one of the key parameters to pay attention to when buying a smartphone. Apple products give their users satisfaction when it comes to battery life and a lot of people are satisfied with the battery capacity.
6. A more improved Siri:
Apple artificial intelligent assistant Siri has been improved with several features that help answers users questions seamlessly. It provides satisfactory answers to a wide range of questions that users may have. The newly improved Siri is so sophisticated that it hardly answers questions with errors.
7. Tablet-friendly app listings:
The Apple app store has sufficient apps which are grouped into proper categories for easy identification. The store has iPhone and iPad apps which are listed in different sections. Apps for iPads are designed in such a way that they fit large screens obtainable in tablets.
8. Better support for USB audio devices:
Using standard USB devices, users can record and play audio using iOS devices. This feature of playing or recording audio via USB devices is not available on most Android devices. Typically, the USB port of Android devices is not built to host audio devices. Buyers are more likely to opt for a smartphone that possesses good audio features. 
9. Advanced functionalities:
Although Android devices have advanced functionalities, this can hardly be compared to that which is obtainable in Apple devices. Apple devices have more advanced functionalities, complete with huge storage and faster processor speed. This allows iPhone users to utilize feature-rich applications using Human Interface Guidelines. 
10. Ease of compatibility:
Compared to Android which runs on several devices in the market, some of which are not compatible with each other, devices that run on iOS are always compliant with each other. This eases the burden on app developers as they will only need to focus on iPhone app development rather than worrying about the compatibility of their apps on different devices.
11. Ease of use:
iPhone apps are enjoyable and easy to use, this allows them to be desirable among users. These apps give greater satisfaction to users which invariably leads to better relations. Such apps can offer new ways of getting profits and improving revenue. 
12. Dynamic icons:
iOS offers pleasant and more appealing icons, that are aesthetically designed and easily catches attention. It is designed such that some folders and apps give notifications without the user having to log in. Apple does not compromise on its quality, therefore alluring classy users from all walks of life. There are tremendous benefits that can be reaped from developing iOS apps. 
As a business owner or developer, if you are wondering which platform to begin with, you should consider starting with iOS development before branching into the less complicated Android development.

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