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2021's Top IoT Apps For Smart Home Automation


Mar 2021
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2021 top iot apps for smart home automation
Mobile apps have made it easier to manage and maintain everything inside our homes. These days humans seek the latest technologies to control everything with their fingertips. Are you also seeking such mobile apps to manage all your household electronics? Being able to control many devices via one medium is a boon. In this digital world, almost everything can be done via smartphones.
Our lives have become easier than ever. For home application development, we have various universal home applications through which you can manage your e-home appliances' functions. Choosing the top app for smart home management can be quite challenging. It would help if you looked for certain qualities in these IoT apps to decide which ideal choice is for the job.
Uses & Advantages Of Smart Home Automation
Smart home automation refers to electronic devices connected & controlled to one shared network. These electronic appliances of your office or home may include air conditioners, thermostats, TVs, etc. Everything is controlled through your smartphone apps.
1. Single Tool
The greatest advantage is that you get to manage everything through a single tool. Managing all these intricate functions through an app without even getting up is a luxury to be dreamed about.
2. Improved Security
When connecting your smartphone with your home, you would be continuously given updates about your home's status. Home security is given a totally new meaning via the best home automation app.
3. Time-Saving
Smart homes save a lot of your time. Forgot to turn off the stove while leaving for work? You don't need to go all the way back. Just turn it off through your mobile.
4. Increased Energy Efficiency
The best smart home app would provide you complete control over your electronics. You can save plenty of time by setting timers through the smart home app. Moreover, accurate temperature control of electronics like an oven, AC, or heater will lead to less energy consumption.
Top Smart Home Apps For An Easy Life
1. Amazon Alexa App
amazon alexa app
This is perhaps one of the most preferred apps for controlling appliances. But the best part is that this app is just more than that. The app makes your life way more straightforward by doing most of the work. The app supports the electronics of many other famous brands as well. The most liked feature of Alexa is that she can be at your disposal just as you call out her name.
Key Features:
- Listen to music
- Making a shopping list
- Access status of compatible devices
- Organize your to-do list
- Call/message supported devices
2. Samsung Smart Home App
The South Korean electronics brand doesn't stay behind in the competition. Samsung has created their smart home control app called the SmartThing app. Through this fantastic app, smartphone users can connect with their homes on another level. Users can easily access their IoT devices like ACs, washing machines, or refrigerators.
Key Features:
- Play videos from your phone to your Samsung TV
- Listen to music
- Check the status of supported devices
- Create scheduled cycles of washing machines.
3. Google Assistant App
Life would be tough without Google. As most digital solutions prefer Google, we thought it's worth mentioning its smart home app too. The Google Home app is compatible with iOS also. This app takes care of all your fundamental needs of the best home automation apps.
Key Features:
- Play your favorite music
- Get prompt updates about the weather
- Set Thermostat temperature
- The best app for smart lights to access basic home functions like speakers, cameras, and lights.
4. Honeywell Home App
Honeywell is a famous company known for its smart e-home appliances. The company has even launched its mobile app to provide users an improved smart home automation experience.
Key Features:
- Devices include humidifiers, thermostats, doorbells, etc.
- Access every Honeywell camera via one app
- Get real-time notifications of activities in the home
5. Nest App
Nest App is for those who wish to secure their properties through their smartphones. This is another app from Google itself that protects your home from the inside out. The app concentrates on delivering every update of your house to you.
Key Features:
- Keep updated on what's going on in your house through security cameras.
- Have accurate control over the thermostat.
- See who is at the main entrance and allow them to enter by unlocking the door.
- Receive crucial alerts if there is too much smoke in the home.
- Know the temperature level of your house.
6. Apple Home Kit App
apple home kit app
HomeKit is Apple's smart home automation platform, designed to manage multiple internet-connected home devices with Apple gadgets. Apple makes it simple and easy, to begin with, home by controlling your smart home using your iPad, HomePod, iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, and AppleTV.
Key Features:
- Create scenes & home automation with a smart home app.
- It is one of the best apps to control lights, thermostats, and locks using Bluetooth, WiFi, or voice commands.
7. Wiser App
Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders (WISER) is a smartphone app created to help first responders providing essential updates on risky material incidents. It offers quick access to crucial information about a harmful substance by a smart synopsis engine & displays called "Key Info."
Key Features:
- Enjoy extensive access to the NLM's Hazardous Substances Data Bank.
- It includes Comprehensive Decision Support to help in the recognition and management of unknown substances.
The End Note
Smart home app development is progressing every day. Every year the competition gets more complicated once a new feature enters the market. In the coming years, the smart home automation market is set to rise as more people move towards smart controls. To make life easier, we suggest choosing a growing tech brand and purchasing most of its smart products.
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