4 Questions To Be Scrutinized Before Commencing Any App Update

4 Questions To Be Scrutinized Before Commencing Any App Update

There are lots of app developers across the world that will see huge download hits at the time of app release. But, gradually that hit will decrease to a negligible number. During this phase generally, the question that baffles the mind is “How do I maintain these download rates?” Well, the answer is quite simple but, its execution takes a considerate amount of time, patience and efforts.


In order to sustain and augment the growth, you need to provide some fuel in form of constant value to the customer. You need to add some new values in form of refurbished UI, some newly animated characters and fresh elements that rejuvenate the application. Meaning is simple - “user should feel like they are communicating with the new face of the app.” What I mean to say is, the update is like oil in the vehicle that needs to be changed at regular intervals.


Below are some questions. Ask it to yourself, analyze the results and then commence with application updates for better and enhanced results.


1. What Are The Latest Market Trends And Do You Capitalize On Them?

Well, being trendy is the most popular vogue. If you have ever noticed, the app store is highly affected by latest pop and trend. By following the latest trends and capitalizing your update on the same, you can hit more download scores and user retention rate.


Let's take an Example: 

Suppose, you have released any photo editing app. During that period, an actress movie is in vogue and you are about to release your next update. In that case, you can revamp your icon, screenshot, style and can create a filter effect in a way that it is considered as an entirely new update. Capitalizing on the same will make your download rate persistent by adding value to your app.


2. App Release Approach : Major Release, Fixes Or Bugs?

Application update is like a fuel to the vehicle. You need to release it at regular intervals (like 2-3 weeks/months). For each feature, you need to define how long it will take to execute it. Generally, mobile app development company release it as a major update, bugs or fixes. On the contrary, there are developers that prefer to release an entire refurbished and renewed app having latest features instead of an update. It totally depends on what type of features you want to integrate into your app, how strong the feature is and what are your marketing and monetization strategy.


3. Should You Combine & Release A Major Update Or Should You Release It In Parts?

Well, updates can be small or large in size – Depending upon the features and fixes. Generally, updates should be released small and at regular intervals. Updates can be bundled and released like as major update if you want to outstrip your rival or competitors. But, if you release a major update, hardly you can track any changes in your monetization strategy.


4. You Have Heard Your Audience But, Do You Focus On Their Grievances?

Well, negative reviews and feedbacks play a significant role in success or failure of an app. You should focus on your app reviews and should consider store reviews. You need to approach to the feedback objectively and should not include emotions into it. Feedback can be positive or negative. If an array of the audience is complaining about the same feature or issue then, find it and fix it. Audience reviews are a great tool to compile and release new updates.


Things To Remember:

Every update can be considered in two ways:

1. Strategic – Marketing Strategy, Monetization Approach, Following Trend etc.

2. Practical – Feature, Bug Fixes etc.


If you want to update your app practically then, you need to think strategically in order to get most out of it. Hope my information will help you with the best update release.


Till then, Good Luck!


Nirali Shah

Nirali Shah is affiliated with Hyperlink Infosystem as an Search Engine Optimization executive.Besides Contributing in SEO activities of the Company she is a standout technical writer. She believes to be stickler for perfection in whatever task she performs and wants to be synchronised with time. She is very enamoured of reading and writing which is one of her keen interest that has made her explore her interest area by writing some technical and informative blog page on our site. The enlightenment she bring to light is remarkable. She is Masters of Science in Information and Technology (MscIT). We are delighted to work with her.

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