5 Mind-Boggling Benefits of Mobile Friendly Website

5 Mind-Boggling Benefits of Mobile Friendly Website

Nowadays people are addicted to their smartphones, without which making a single move is almost impossible. It is one of the popular medium to access the INTERNET that has knock down the importance of laptops and computers that were dominant earlier. Right from finding the price of the pair of shoes to googling out some news, booking out flight tickets to calling UBER for the taxi, mobile has become the prime access point.

Still, there are many businesses and NGO that have not optimized their site for mobile users – Failing to understand the importance of mobile optimization. When an individual person visits these websites then it appears the same and readable on the monitor, but the same site is chaotic and unreadable on 4-5 inch mobile screen and the reason is – Lack of mobile optimization for website.

During such phase, each and every organization and business should focus on the mobile optimized website as mob web is the prominent future in the upcoming few years. Beyond the figures, there are many marketing advantages of the mobile friendly website. It keeps the user engaged to your website and that's the goal you need to fulfill with your website. To make you considerate here are some of the top benefits discussed by app development company that gives you clear idea why website needs to be optimized for better performance.

1) Attracting Large No of Visitors

With all the things and elements on “standard” website, making them loading on the mobile web is quite hard. At times, slow Internet loading means impatient and extinct customers who will never return back to the site. Mobile - optimized website means a simple and elegant design with components arranged at specified position that allows them to load fast with ease in navigation preventing unfortunate visitors knock-off.

2) Content Visibility

Even with little zooming, reading the content of a standard website from the mobile web is actually a task. People would not prefer to do it. If people face difficulties and complexion while reading out the content of your site, they would straight away drop-off your site and would switch over to the next one. Making your website optimized will make the text bigger in a font that would fill the mobile screen making content abstraction easy.

3) Outstanding Brand Visibility

Due to the screen size restraint being found in smartphone people find it extremely difficult to view and analyze the content. It not only means that your website content and navigation has turned out to be more questioning but, it may also lead to sacrificing your brand identity. With a mobile optimized website, your brand name, logo, messages and Information will be pulled out of the hole making it easy for people to remember that indirectly leads to expanding your business horizons.

4) Making Call to Action Visible

Whether its donation or shopping, Subscribing to a newsletter or filling out the contact form each and every standard and respectable website “Call to Action” should be clear and precise. The inappropriate landing page may degrade your website presence. But, the things that seem to be “clear” on the website may be hidden somewhere in the mobile device. An optimized website can make your Call to Action easy to access.

5) Getting More Mobile Traffic

Google demands mobile optimized sites. If your website has a video featured in it and if it is not supported by your mobile devices, Google will crop you immediately – According to its recent Hummingbird Update. As more search queries are forwarded from the mobile devices, the mobile search result is kept on the top-notch priority by Google and so, it is quite necessary to make your mobile site optimized.

Do not underrate the significance of mobile consumers!

Many of the business have a mindset like we have websites, they have smartphones and yes, we are mobile but, it is not so. Depending on the device and its screen size, huge no of variance is expected to be foreseen in user experience. You need to make sure that you cover all the areas and aspects regardless of devices and its screen that gives ideal user experience to the consumers.

Just pick up your smartphone and ask yourself below mentioned questions:

• Does it load faster?

• Is content easy to resemble?

• Does it provide expected UX?

• Is navigation easy to be carried out?

• Is it simple to recognize action call?

If the aggregate answer to the questions draws towards “No” then, it's high time to take appropriate actions to make sure that in the mobile-driven world your website is ready to turn out.


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