5 Typical UI/UX Errors That Make Users Crazy

5 Typical UI/UX Errors That Make Users Crazy

Do you want your mobile app to become the next big thing? Do you wish to celebrate highest download rates? Want to become the next winner in the online market? If you want to then, you need to come up with a solid niche surpassing 4 million apps that are already present in the app store. Shocking enough right! Yes, that's the number that is actually highlighted in the app store. With the increasing competition in the app industry, it has become more challenging enough to develop and ruin the market with your mobile app.

Mastering a “WOW EFFECT” type of mobile experience is hard enough for designers and developers to create as they are bound by the limitations of screen size and UI constraints. Poor or degraded quality mobile app is hard to get a second chance as it is already hard for us to get our app recognized by the user to make them download. So, here are some pitfalls that every mobile app development companies should avoid in order to get maximum user engagement with your app.

1. Poor UI/UX Design:

It is one of the biggest mistakes that a designer can commit during designing phase. Though UI takes care of elements placement but this not only affects the app performance rather it also creates a great impact on UX performance. Make sure that the UI is simple, clean and decent enough that engages the user with easy navigation so that they can make use of all the app features.

2. Loaded With Features:

Implementing tons of features can degrade your app performance. Even though apps loaded with bulk features consumes more memory that indirectly affects app output. So, during the initial designing phase make an inclusion of primary features and you can update your app with more features at a later stage.

3. Getting Stuck With Sign-In Page:

Generally, majority designers consider sign-in as a significant feature of the app. No doubt it is one of the essential parameters but, it is one of the biggest pain points for customers to fill lengthy registration page repeatedly during app visit. Instead, benefit the customers to try and judge your app by eliminating lengthy registration process that gives the sign of relief to end users.

4. Lack Of Proper Feedback:

You often miss providing feedback to end users after they perform any action. Let's say, the user has changed the theme of the mobile app. So, through the simple message, popups or visual hints, you can notify users whether the actions performed are valid or not. Proper feedback should be provided for a better experience.

5. Not Giving Perks Before Any Conversion:

Every app includes its own set of conversion points. Conversion points can be in the form of sign ups, watched out videos, bookings, reviews and purchases and much more. If you want more app conversions then, create such type of flow that pleases. Eg: If you have some new deals and discounts then, you can place it near to the flights booking that pleases user before they perform any action.

Final Thoughts

Mistakes regardless of small or big can create a huge loss to the company. Avoid these blunders and you can augment your company in right direction. Best Luck!


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