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6 Best Call Blocking Apps To Prevent Disturbance

App Development

Aug 2021
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6 best call blocking apps to prevent disturbance
The digital revolution has changed our life completely. The things which we even think about have turned into reality with advanced technology. Several technologies have brought consequential relief to the people, and out of them, one is called a call blocker.
Some say it is not a new concept, and it has been there for a decade. That is true- but the latest technology brings more into the plate for call blocking. And it is a mobile application for call blocking. It is a blessing in disguise for the people who hate to take specific calls. Call blocking is not just about blocking.
The feature of the call-blocker app and the use of call-blocking innovation on your mobile device is to block incoming calls that you wish to. Some are irrelevant, annoying, time-consuming, and disturbing for such calls; the mobile app is perfect. It also helps to identify the numbers and block the call from unknown numbers. Artificial Intelligence technologies have made it easier for companies to set several calls at once. The data is removed efficiently from the internet, and a bot call has been arranged.
Nowadays, there are lots of unwanted calls, and smartphones have drawn a lot of spammers. If you are an app development company and wish to create a call block app, you need to hire an iPhone app developer or Android app developer. There are plenty of existing apps which you can look forward to creating.

We have compiled the list of the best call blocking mobile apps:

Call Control

One of the best call blocking we have come across is call control. The mobile app is for the people who get a lot of spam calls and want to stop or avoid them. The feature of call control is that when a spam call comes, the app will show you the identification of that person and allow you to block them right at the moment. Call Control is available on Android and iOS platforms. It also empowers you to blacklist numbers. From the gathered data and reports, mobile apps can inform users about the span numbers and warn them about them. If you want to stay away from short calls, Call Control allows you to do that. There are options of backing contacts from your mobile devices. You can find information about first and last received calls without even answering or picking them up.


Showcaller is a little recent in the app world and is a numerous app for blocking calls. It helps to identify the precise caller ID while someone is trying to call you. So, before you pick that call, you know who is calling you. With the help of a Showcaller, you can quickly answer or reject the call. The spam of unknown callers will also reduce after downloading this app. It detects most of the unknown calls and shows full Caller ID info on the incoming call, so you can see the names and the photos of the person who is calling you.
call blocking mobile apps

Should I Answer?

Like its name, the call-blocking app Should I answer ideal for identifying calls from unknown numbers. Should I Answer app is on the Apple play store and Google play platform. With this app, you can automatically recognize and decline messages and calls from unknown numbers. The app also shows you the ratings of unknown callers, so you can know what kind of people are calling you and whether you should pick their call or not. For example, you can figure out if the caller is a fraudster, a spammer, a salesperson, or a telemarketer. The mobile app enables you to make a blacklist of callers you do not want to contact again or get a call from them. You can even share it with people to make them aware of the heinous crime or stop them from bad encounters.


Sometimes, you want to avoid calls without leaving a clue to them that you want to avoid. We all have been there and do not want to hurt people on the other side. For such situations, YouMail came to the rescue. It is a robocall blocking call app that stops calls from spammers and telemarketers automatically with out-of-service messages. You can block calls with the facility. It also enables you to place custom greeting messages for several callers. Therefore, it is one of the best call blocking apps you find on Android and iOS devices. The mobile app will immediately respond to your contacts with an automatic SMS requesting their updated contact details.


The most popular on the list is Truecaller. It is impossible that no one has heard about Truecaller; everyone has an idea about it. Many people use Truecaller and are happy with it. For the one who does not know, Truecaller is a mobile app that shows the name and identity of the caller. So, if someone is calling you and- if you have Truecaller, they will show the caller's name before you receive that call. You can search for the numbers, so if you miss any call from unknown numbers and want to know who it was, you can perceive with the help of Truecaller.
The Call IDs database is constantly updated, so you do not have to worry about unnecessary calls from unknown numbers. Truecaller is known for user-friendly and quick services.

Safest Call Blocker

If you are looking for a complicated app and easy-to-use for blocking a call? Safest Call Blocker would be best for you. You can prevent calls as well as make a list of blocked numbers. It will automatically obstruct the maximum of the spam numbers. You also have the choice to block a series of numbers using the records. You can find Safest Call Blocker on the Android device.

Final Words

That was the list of the top 6 call blocking apps. Such an app has become essential, and we all need to download at least one app to avoid unnecessary and annoying spam calls.
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