6 Rules Developers Must Keep In Mind During Mobile App Development

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To make your app successful, it is essential for developers to follow best app development practices. An app is an experience that you provide to your users. A good mobile experience will result in loyal customer base for your app while a bad experience will undoubtedly degrade your retention and engagement rate. So, every time a user chooses to engage with your app, make sure your app provides the best user experience. Almost every Indian app developers follow the standard rules and practices and cover all the key factors during mobile app development. But, if you want to place your app in the list of highest downloaded mobile applications, follow the below rules that are often overlooked by majority app developers.

1. Do Not Copy And Paste Privacy Policy

Every app owns distinct ideas and features. Due to the difference in app concept, the information required in every mobile app is different. So, it's quite important for app publisher to sit back and draft the privacy policy based on the amount of information an app collects from users. Do not try to imitate the privacy policy of another app as every app serves different functions and collects different information.

Every piece of data that an app collects from users needs to have a strong reason. This piece of data collected can be used in future app updates, help in drafting monetization strategy, create personalized push notification and much more. Whenever you collect any data, you need to mention robust information in the privacy policy of your app. This will boost users confidence in your app and ensures them that there is no harm in allowing an app to access their private data.

2.Do Not Ask For Unnecessary Permissions
An app that asks too many permissions irritates users. Usually, Android app users are not given the choice to decline the permissions as they are presented with a declaration of permission. In Android, an app screen states its requirements that it needs access to particular features of your smartphone to function efficiently. So, if you want to install an app, your only choice will be to hit the “accept” button, granting an app access over your device. But, operating such things makes user unhappy. As an app publisher, it's your duty to ensure that users are not placed in a vulnerable situation by asking too many access into their device needlessly.

3. Encourage Good Feedback Mechanism
Do you listen to your users? Do you consider their opinions regarding your app? If you want to stand strong in the app market, you need to provide a platform for users where they can voice out their opinions and feedbacks regarding the app. It could be an email address, app store reviews, social media accounts and much more. Listening users' feedback for your app helps you to plan better because you are already aware of the issues that bother them. This allows you to craft and release better app updates that handle user's concern. Instead of guessing reasons, it is better to know why user gave a single star for your app. As you are aware with the issues, it becomes easy to address solutions for the same.      

4. Conduct Frequent App Testing

It is important that your app undergoes various testing iteration internally and with beta testers before you publish your app in app store. Make use of various devices and platforms to conduct testing. An app should be tested to confirm that it does not drain smartphone battery life. App developers need to ensure about the application behavior in an offline manner. Various testing needs to be performed like UI performance testing, unit testing, app speed test and much more. Use right combination of device, OS, and emulators and also go for cloud testing if needed. Build, test, check the outputs and again build. The same loop needs to be followed repeatedly until you get expected output.

5. Request Your Users
Users are always fond of a good app experience. What a user want is an uninterrupted and seamless experience that they hardly find. So, if you want to provide best user experience to your user, do not ask for feedback when they are in the middle of something. Just sit down and wait till they complete the particular action. If you are looking for some kind of feedback from them, track your users and find the best moments where you can ask to send their valuable feedback. Make sure you request users for permissions that you cannot do without. What you need to do is just understand them and respect their time and in return, you will get positive results.   

6. Do Not Compromise With Security
The responsibility of making an app and data security lies in the hands of app developers. If you want to make your app secure then integrate authentication feature that unauthorized user cannot access any information. Encryption needs to be incorporated in a file and at the application level. In case a user loses its mobile phone in taxi or restaurant, a mechanism should be developed by app developers where data can be remotely erased, preventing access from the unauthorised user. Even a mechanism should be developed to identify suspicious login.

Development of best mobile app takes a lot more than an app idea. So, follow above rules and get the best app developed.


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