Reasons Why Appealing App Design Is Imperative In Mobile App Development

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If we talk about the best yet effective app development method, it is the one that seems to be apparent and clean to Indian app developers. Still, there are developers and designers that do not invest plenty amount of time in it. Today, the appearance of an app developed will decide whether it will cherish high user retention rate or not. What the app will look like is something that app visitors will notice before downloading any app. The best way to notice this is the app screenshots that you upload in-app store during app deployment.

The visual impression of an app determines the accomplishment of user experience. Mobile app design is a gateway to attract more users to experience your app. Mobile app design is equally important like that of app features and functionalities. It will decide the success or failure of an app. However, if you still have any doubt regarding creative yet eye-catching app development, you can have a look at Apple Inc. Apple apps interactive design and seamless user experience outstripped all other competitors like Windows, Symbian and much more.

So, at the time of designing a mobile application, it must be creative as well eye-catching to attract more users attention in short time span.

Here Is A List Of Reasons To Justify The Importance Of Creative And Pleasing Mobile App Design.

1. The Mobile Outlook
It is quite essential to get your shoes in mobile approach before you get started with app development due to the vast difference between web and mobile.

• Be Unique: As multifold mobile apps are available on the web, why anyone would choose your app especially when it lacks uniqueness? You know what can make your app unique and can enlarge it.
• Be Focused: As we know, an excess is not good. So, edit your main features strongly to create a good impression among users.
• Be Considerate: Be considerate to focus on what would be fun for users before beginning with development. It is one of the best ways to create an engaging user experience.

2. Some Global Guidelines
There are applications that call for different technique, design, and approach. The nature of such small screen and pocket size device advice some guidelines that should be considered to develop eye pleasing app design.

1. Responsiveness:
Responsiveness is quite a significant aspect to be considered. So, when a user does something, your app needs to understand that interaction instantly. Yes, responsiveness and speed are not always the same. It's totally fine if some functions are a bit time-consuming. But, do not forget to acknowledge users they are working on that particular feature or function.
2. Polish:
Your app needs to be quite polished. Users pay a lot of attention to those small and minute details. So, get those details perfect and it will be highly appreciated by users.
3. Thumb:

Just look at the part of thumb that meets smartphone screen. Though, it's excellent for several things but, quite difficult to target tiny regions of the smartphone. So, if you want to make your UI elements user-friendly, keep UI elements to 44 pixels. Also take a note of where you are placing the targets relative to each other.

3. Navigation Model
For mobile applications, there are many navigation models available. But, if you are looking for some common approach, ensure that you choose the one best fits your app.

4. Orientation

You need to support landscape orientation that allows people to have access to large size keyboard especially when your app invites typing for some case. It's quite confusing if sudden changes are found in orientation. So, in order to avoid that, you can add orientation look in an app to help users decide their convenient orientation look.

5. Communication
• Give Feedback
Providing feedback will let users know their current state of action. If the user has performed a certain action that took time, feedback thrown should be physical that allows a user to interact. You can show a dialog box or spinner to let the user know that you have got their request and are working on it.
• Modal Alerts

Modal alerts are quite pushy and intrusive to users flow. So, make use of such alerts when something seriously went wrong. You can try to decrease its intensity by keeping message language friendly and re-assuring.

6. First Impression

1. Your Icon
Your app icon is the first point of interaction for users. So, make sure that your icon matches with your app functions.
2. First Launch
Your app first launch is like make or break situation. The user will straightaway discard app if they are unable to familiar themselves with an app. You may need to develop “tutorial section” to get user familiar with the app.

So, mobile app design includes many different aspects to be considered that are quite important. So, understand those points before hiring any mobile app development company. Make sure you comprehend every aspect of getting best results.


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