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6 Trends Of The Internet Of Things For The Coming Years


Dec 2019
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6 trends of the internet of things for the coming years
The various technological innovations that are emerging in the market are already impacting and will continue to influence the way companies do business. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt.
Technology is evolving rapidly, and some advancements are changing the way people live. An example of this is the application of the Internet of Things (IoT), which allows companies to take automation to a new level, totally transforming the relationship with customers and the market.
The IoT is one of the pillars of Digital Transformation and allows various objects to be able to interact with each other and with other devices through an Internet connection.
This provides great benefits for companies, as their systems and solutions begin to work with more interaction and synchrony. In this way, it is possible to use software capable of collecting information in real-time from these objects and analyzing them to determine what actions are needed at each moment. It is estimated that only 1% of the IoT data is analyzed, while the rest is collected and disposed of, without any benefit.
After all, the importance of IoT for the business world cannot be denied, so the most diverse sectors are accelerating its adoption. However, although this technology is gaining popularity, many companies still do not know how to make the most of the benefits it offers. Thinking about it, we prepare this content for your customers to discover the various possibilities and opportunities of the Internet of Things. To do this, we mention the main trends listed by Gartner that will impact companies in the coming years. Find out what these emerging IoT technologies are and learn how to prepare for this new scenario. Enjoy your reading!
1. Artificial Intelligence
According to Gartner, the first trend is Artificial Intelligence and it is estimated that in 2019, 14.2 billion connected things will be in use, producing a huge volume of data. By 2021, that number should reach 25 billion.
In order for companies to be able to deal with this enormous flow of information generated by IoT devices, it will be necessary to have intelligent solutions capable of exploring all content effectively.
Therefore, the AI and the Internet of Things must work together so that companies can perform smarter data analysis and thus make more strategic decisions in business.
2. Regulated IoT
With the advancement in the use of IoT by companies and the deepening of data analysis, it has become necessary to consider a series of social, legal, and ethical issues. When collecting, processing, and using users' information, companies will need to address issues such as:
- Data ownership and deductions made from them
- Privacy
- Compliance with laws such as the GDPR
regulated iot
It is not enough that IoT solutions are effective; they need to be regulated. Therefore, another trend that will be strengthened is the reflection on what is valid, from the moral point of view and respect for the privacy of users.
To deal with this, companies will need to be in compliance with the laws and regulations that regulate the use of the data, in addition to having professionals specialized in the matter to always maintain the security of the information collected.
3. Purchase and sale of IoT data
As the analysis of large data flows becomes more efficient and capable of generating important insights for business, information will gain more and more value.
In this way, the tendency for data to be sold as a strategic asset will become increasingly common. According to Gartner's research, in 2017, 35% of its respondents were planning to sell or are already selling data collected for their products and services.
4. Need for governance
With the intensification of the use of IoT, it is necessary to implement governance structures to ensure the correct use of this technology.
Through the government, companies will begin to use the information of their clients collected and stored in a more appropriate way, since it requires some care such as:
- Performing device audits
- Firmware update
- Constant device monitoring
5. Improvement in customer experience
Another great trend for the coming years is the considerable improvement of the relationship with customers. App development companies can help business with apps that will optimize the customers' experience with the products and services of the firm.
This is possible through factors provided by the IoT, these are:
- Smart sensors
- Use of new algorithms
- Context and socially conscious experiences
6. Wireless network
The long-awaited fifth-generation network, 5G, is critical to the success of IoT initiatives. Therefore, it is a strong trend that will impact companies in the coming years.
wireless network
Through this, IoT projects will be able to go further, since 5G is able to meet several criteria, such as greater flexibility, more speed, reliability, and lower latency.
The fast connection offered will allow smart devices used in the work environment to connect to each other without bottlenecks.
As you can see, the Internet of Things and related trends are transforming the way companies function and relate to their customers. By preparing to adopt that new reality, organizations will be able to make their production more efficient and accurate, as well as reducing costs and expanding the profit of their businesses.
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