7 Drawbacks of Mobile Applications - Know How to Avert Them

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Nowadays, Mobile application is not much secure. Each and every developed app is having some or the other mistakes followed by third party tool integration. These loopholes in development not only affect smartphone devices but, also damage user's personal data and information on a heavy scale. Defects here can be anything, whether it is relevant to hardware or the software.

Today, mobile apps have become a part of the current culture at fast speed. Furthermore, the secure mobile app development has not been obvious with the same level of ability. Of course, secure development guidelines exist in the community. Here, we will sum up some drawbacks, as these are the most obvious ones found in mobile apps.

1. Insufficient Transport Layer Protection:

You should need the TLS/SSL encryption with solid algorithms within communications. The unique blunder is unencrypted connections from the app to a third party app development company. You must program your apps to showcase any warn messages so that the user is intercommunicated of the configuration of the encrypted connection.

2. Poor Authorization & Authentication:

These vulnerabilities are established mostly on the server side. The best exercises that you should follow are the same with web apps. Especially for app development, device identifiers ought to be ignored since devices can be removed and interfered with. Finally, out-of-band authentication tokens should not be sent to the related device.

3. Client Side Injection:

This category has consisted of a broad diverseness of input strikes against the application itself. General best practices for reduction of client side injection drawbacks cover the input validation of the app entry points, on the server side. To avoid this, you should use parameterized queries, disable file system access for Web views, Javascript and plugin support for Web views.

4. Wrong Session Handling:

While session handling mechanisms are largely applied at the server side of apps, secure session management practices can be used in devices themselves. The Confidentiality & Integrity of session tokens should be preserved via TLS/SSL connections. Like authorization & authentication, device identifiers should be avoided here as well and you should execute safe mechanisms to cancel session on lost devices.

5. Security Resolutions Through Untrusted Inputs:

While these issues primarily affect Android-based apps, there has been a case in point for iPhone apps too. Usually and especially, output escaping, authorization controls, input validation, and canonicalization should be carefully analyzed. Also, you should take extra care when to accept and validate URL schemes.

6. Side Channel Data Leakage:

This comprises of data exchange that normally maximizes the app performance. As with Weak Data Storage, you should develop your app under the premise that the device might be taken. The application should be dynamically examined in order to prove that it does not leak the data while runtime.

7. Malware:

There are lots of malware that people forced to install from the play store due to hidden identity wrapped inside the application. While there is a Google Bouncer open at the play store to auto detect and block any type of Malware but yet it fails to do. So, to assure a good app, developers must check if the app contains any malware or not. Also, there are lots of free as well as paid Anti-Malware apps available to preserve you from the hateful application.

The app market is constantly growing, we expect to see a step-up in a number of attacks against mobile devices themselves. So, you should develop your next application with app security in mind.

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