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7 Essential Android Libraries For Sustainable Mobile App Development

App Development

Feb 2021
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android libraries for mobile app development
In recent years, the rising trend of using technologies & managing smartphone devices has substantially risen. This is the reason why business mobility management is expected to grow bigger in years to come. Having a mobile presence has become necessary & omnipresent for business survival; the apps in the android mobile operating system, in particular, are appearing as an ideal choice for many mobile phone users.
The increasing demand for android apps has given businesses an extraordinary chance to spend in ever-growing trends by understanding the customer's needs and earning a heavy profit from it. The app development companies are counting on the libraries, also referred to as android frameworks, enriched with features.
Android libraries or frameworks are said to be the treasure & biggest asset any android app developers could have. Since mobile apps are one of the coolest things on mobile phones, the businesses that convey the needs with app development companies want them to churn out an intelligent & integrated app with more personalized features for users without interfering in their functionality engagement seamlessness.
This article will shed light on 7 essential android libraries for sustainable mobile app development, but before that, let's know a bit more about android frameworks.
Android Libraries
Android library enables developers to access thousands of resources & extensive documentation, leading them to develop apps. The android library lets other programmers benefit from the codes & compile the mobility solution by applying those codes coherently.
Moreover, libraries are mingled with many codes, documents, & theories that make developers experiment with the functionality as per the app's nature.
7 Must-Have Top Android Libraries That App Developer Should Use in 2021
The whole idea of android libraries revolves around making the android developers work easier. This is why the android developer community invented the whole pre-coding and framework question. Besides saving time, android frameworks create an all-inclusive feasible, and win-win situation for the developers & allow them to set the right vision for their projects, mainly the common non-trivial issues.
While working on creating an app, most developers are frustrated with getting involved in a repeated task, including activity & fragment views. Android development libraries escape these intricacies for the programmers by using the codes for photo view, a compilation of features into APK, cache, etc.
1. Dagger
Dagger is an all-inclusive static & dependency injection library that is ideal for Java and Android. Dagger captures many subjects in android app development & aims to resolve the problems that prevail. This library is one of the top android frameworks that account for non-complex open-source code for developers. Despite some learning curves in Dagger, their flexibility and ease allow developers to readily & build the android app. Moreover, the cost to develop an app comes down by using Dagger.
2. Retrofit
This library could be the safest option for developers who are seeking an android UI library. Retrofit is developed by Square, who is also the developer of Dagger. This library works by modeling over a base URL. It even makes interfaces return the entities from the REST endpoint. It acts as a comfortable & trustworthy builder who takes care of the data parsing and responses.
3. RxJava
In case you are an android developer who needs to implement a plan that can react to changes, you would require a necessary & elementary reactive programming android library that creates asynchronous programs. RxJava is a well-suited library that uses android developers to form a combination of reactive & functional techniques in app development. It also smoothens the incorporation of reactive extensions & ensures deploying the right tools for android app development.
4. Picasso
If an android app developer considers an image library for android app development, Picasso is one of the top or possibly the only framework that crosses the mind. A picture display area is an overall functionality in any app, but the picture's error takes a long time, like a source of irking to developers. Picasso is a robust picture downloading & caching library for Android, making this a much-needed library for the developers.
5. Room
This is an official android framework that helps coders develop offline android apps easily and effectively. The SQL, on which Room is built, allows developers to convert raw data into an organized database for internal storage. Google launched Room to weather the challenges that are faced using the conventional method of database management in android development like long code repetition, managing SQL in complex rational databases. Room allows app developers to use the SQLite functions apart from keeping an abstraction layer on the outset.
6. Zxing
Like camera control, navigation, and other major features, barcode scanning is another significant trait that almost all businesses consider incorporating in their app to offer users with an optical & machine-readable data representation. Zxing is one framework that suits the developers well. Making a barcode scanning app is one of the tough tasks for android app developers as it needs the indexing & reading of tons of barcodes.
7. Butterknife
Butterknife is considered helpful for injecting views into android apps. Either an amateur or super skilled android programmer receives the task of infusing interface & perspectives into android-fragments; this innovative android framework helps the developers. Besides simplifying the android ViewBinding function, this framework can be helpful for Listener & Resource Binding too.
Final Thoughts
Although there are tons of android libraries developed by an expert, former developers using which the coders can create fantastic apps, settling upon one can be relatively challenging for many. Those who have just begun as a developer are seeking ways to make their mobile app development task simpler. These 7 frameworks enable developers to save a lot of time & effort to build an android app from the start.
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