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7 Important Criteria To Consider When Hiring App Development Companies

App Development

Sep 2018
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criteria when hiring app development companies
The numbers speak for themselves. As far back as 2016, desktop internet traffic dwarfed tremendously as compared to mobile traffic. According to ComScore, 65% of the time spent on digital media occur on mobile devices, out of which 90% is spent on mobile apps. This astounding statistics has not gone unnoticed by the major businesses of the world, as more than 62% of these businesses have already developed their mobile apps or are in the process of developing one. 
Mobile application is the new big thing that businesses require to move to the next level, as this can improve their customer base and revenue. There are two major options available to businesses that wish to develop their mobile app. They can choose to develop it internally using their in-house IT developers or they can choose to hire one of the app development companies around. Having an in-house developer requires tremendous resources which most small and medium scale businesses can't afford. This leaves them with the option of hiring a mobile app development company.
Before choosing any of the app development companies you must ensure that the company understands your project and is willing to help your business grow. It is necessary that you put the effort up front and not to rush the process when thinking about choosing an app development company. This due diligence will certainly save you a lot of headache, money and time down the road. When searching for an app development company, below are some of the criteria that can help guide you through the decision process;
1. Portfolio:
This is one of the most important criteria that you must consider when hiring app development companies. You must ask the prospective company for a portfolio of their most recent jobs. Their portfolio will give you an idea of whether the company is right for your project or not. Naturally, you should choose a company that has developed apps in the same industry as you or apps similar to what you need. 
When the company supplies you their portfolio ensure to check some of the apps out. Do their apps receive positive ratings and reviews? Do people have issues using their apps? Be careful of app development companies that don't have proven portfolios, choosing them is like taking a leap in the dark. 
Other questions which are equally important to have answers to include; how long did it take them to deliver the project? What challenges did they face during the development process and how were they able to surmount it? A good development company should be your partner, willing to take you along during the development process as well as supply you with creative ideas based on their experience.
2. Expertise:
Every app is unique in its own way. Before you choose any of the app development companies, ensure that they have the expertise to implement some of the unique features and functionalities that you want in your app. They should be able to explain clearly how they plan to implement a particular feature and the framework they intend to use. 
3. Experience:
Experience is another cardinal criteria that you must consider before choosing a mobile app development team. With an experienced development company, the chances of unforeseen errors and mistakes are reduced. Also, an experienced company will easily understand what you need.
4. Price:
Your aim should be to get a great application, not the cheapest. Most times, cheap apps often deliver less quality. Choose a company that charges within your budget but whose previous works and expertise speak volume. Never opt for app development companies that offer the cheapest option. You should also discuss payment method and payment terms. How does the company calculate pricing? Are you to pay once or does it require payment at regular intervals? Ensure that you are aware of any other extra cost that may occur during the development process.
5. Communication:
Communication is important in the development of an app. Effective communication between client and developer will improve the chances of developing a successful app. Before you hire any of the app development companies available, ask about their level and methods of communication. A good development company will deliver to you a weekly update on the development process.
Don't just take their word for it. The best way to determine a company's communication level is by assessing how they respond to your calls and messages during the hiring period. Do they respond promptly or you have to wait many days for a reply? Do they offer their input or do they expect you to tell them everything? Your interaction during this period will help you to know if they have a genuine interest in your business and application. You must be able to build a good working relationship during this period as this will foster openness in allowing ideas to flow openly. 
6. Timeline:
Time is money, therefore wasted time equates wasted money. In that vein, it is important that you ask about the estimated project timeline. In order to have a good idea of the timeline for your project, you should ask about the company's availability. Will a dedicated team be assigned to your project or will the team work on other projects at the same time? It is preferable that you get a dedicated team to work on your project as this would ensure prompt response to issues.
7. Maintenance:
This is also another important criteria to consider when hiring app development companies, but oftentimes it is easily overlooked. Most businesses place more emphasis on price, expertise, and experience, and forget about what happens after the app is released. After an app is released into the marketplace there is usually the need, from time to time, to fix bugs, release new updates, add new features and functionalities etc. Therefore, it is important to understand a company's policy on app maintenance and support. You should know if the company charges app maintenance at an hourly or monthly basis. You should also know what will be the charge for every new app release, what it cost to remove bugs and any other post-launch support. 
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