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7 Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring App Development Companies

App Development

Oct 2018
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questions before hiring app development companies
In this digital age, one of the most effective ways of promoting a business and gaining the needed exposure is by developing a mobile app. More and more people are accessing the internet, communicating with friends, garnering information via these apps than on the mobile web. Experts expect that there would be more than 160 billion app downloads in this year alone. App development has, therefore, become Smart business.
For any business considering developing its own app, it is wise not to hire the first app development company that offers its services, rather it is important to carry out necessary research and due diligence. This will include asking a number of very vital questions. This activity will save you a lot of headache in the coming future. These questions will give you insight into the reliability of different mobile app development companies. Below are seven important questions to ask before hiring mobile app development companies;
1. Can you show me your portfolio?
company portfolio
This question is one of the most important you can ever ask before hiring a mobile app development agency. It is not enough for a company to boast of many years of experience or a high level of expertise, there must be something to show for it; a concrete proof, and this can only be found in their portfolio. A portfolio will tell you a lot about a prospective app development company, it will inform you about the company's skills, the type of apps they specialize in building and their ability to think out of the box and be unique. 
You can also check their online portfolio and read reviews and the ratings that their apps enjoy. What do people say about the firm's app? A professional agency will be more than willing to show you their rich portfolio, even before you ask. You must be wary of mobile app development companies that fail to show you their portfolio. In order to ensure a good return on investment, the company portfolio is highly necessary.
2. Can I speak with your past clients, particularly those in the same industry as mine?
There is no agency that won't paint itself as capable of delivering a great job, but where you can get an impartial, independent and factual report is from past clients. Talking with past clients gives you a good idea of how a prospective agency handles its relationship with its clients. It is important that you speak with clients in the same industry as you, as their responses will be more relevant to you. 
Some of the things you must know are how the agency handled deadlines, how it communicated during the development process and how it was able to cope with pressure. How the company dealt with these clients will give you a very good idea of how they will deal with you during the period of the development of your app.
3. Can you give me a detailed explanation of the type of development services you offer?
This question will keep you informed of what to expect and prevent you from being ripped off. The question will help you to know if the company offers beta testing services. Mobile app development companies are expected to offer services beyond just app development. They should be responsible for quality assurance services to back up their work. 
In order to avoid being ripped off, below are some of the services that you should expect from prospective mobile app development companies;
- Actual app development
- Business analysis
- Quality testing
- Launch
- Post-launch maintenance
You are to compare the answer the prospective agency gives you and what is stated above. Anything less than the above should not be accepted.
4. Will I have a dedicated team working on my app?
App development and maintenance is a continuous process that requires a series of communication and changes. In order to make the development process as seamless as possible, it is necessary that a dedicated team is assigned to your app. This way, you can communicate with them in real-time and changes can be effected as quickly as possible. It is important to know how many other projects the company will be working on at the same time.
5. How can I monetize my app?
app monetization
Apps typically help your company to gain exposure while improving customer satisfaction. However, apps can also be a great avenue to generate revenue. Aside from asking about the capability of the development company, it is also important to find out how they can help you improve your revenue through the app. Some of the most popular ways of generating revenue through mobile apps include pay-per-download, in-app purchases or display ads. The agency must share your ideas of generating revenue via the app.
6. What level of involvement will you need from me?
It is important for you to ask the development company how much involvement they will be expecting from you during the development process. Of course, it is impossible for a development company to create an app without any input from you, the level of involvement is what differs. While some mobile app development companies require their clients to be more collaborative, others prefer to handle almost everything themselves. It is important to know what the agency you are talking to prefers and to be sure it matches with your available time and desire for involvement.
7. How often and through which means do we communicate?
App development is a back and forth process, which requires several exchanges between clients and developer. Therefore, it is important that you have an established line of communication. Through this communication line, you can ask for changes to be made and tweaks to be implemented. It is important to ask the agency what their mode of communication is, some prefer an in-person meeting, while others opt for phone calls and emails. Whatever their preference, make sure it aligns with yours. You should also ask how often you will be hearing from them with updates. Regular interaction and updates help to ease anxiety as you will know exactly when to expect updates. 
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