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7 Mobile Apps To Help Boost Your Productivity

App Development

Dec 2020
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7 mobile apps to help boost your productivity
Productivity is the essence of any successful organization. As an entrepreneur, you must know that creating productivity is essential. A productive work environment means the more work can be accomplished and more income can be generated. Time is also of the essence here. Time management and productivity go hand-in-hand. We need to find methods to manage our time more productively to achieve maximum earnings.
Several leaders fail to build a productive work environment because they aren’t tech-savvy. What about you? Are you a tech-savvy person with enough knowledge about smartphones and mobile apps? If yes, then you’re on the road to becoming a better leader. All you must do is pick the right apps by top app developers 2020 and use them to benefit you at your work.
Mobile apps can assist you in the following ways:
- Fast-track communication with customers & employees
- Ease repetitive tasks
- Manage time more productively
- Share documents and more
There are plenty of apps available, and it can be a tad bit difficult to find the right combination to suit you. Therefore, in this blog, we have compiled our list to help you choose the right apps. Each of these apps is available on iOS and Android platforms.
1. Evernote
Taking notes is an excellent way of reminding you of your everyday tasks. You might need a reminder to call someone, be someplace important, attend a meeting, or anything else it be. How will you remember these things? Noting them down on a paper? What if you misplace it? This is where the Evernote app comes into the picture.
Evernote mobile app is an all-inclusive note app that allows you to create and save notes, audio clips, videos, photographs, PDF files, and to-do-lists on smart devices. It lets you record voice reminders or conversations of your business meets too. If you need to remember which tasks must be accomplished at a specific moment, you can pull out your mobile phone and note it down on the Evernote app instantly to remind you of your tasks.
2. Basecamp
Collaboration is essential in any organization to accomplish the end-goals. Suppose a team is working on a project together; they will have to often interact with each other. This is where Basecamp comes into the picture.
Basecamp is one of the unique cloud-based management apps and is famous for teams needing an all-inclusive tool. It’s a basic plan for internal teams and offers unlimited projects & 100GB of storage space, whereas other plans go up in storage & availability to external users.
This app enables the team members to share information, milestone dates, files, and other details. It renders a project workspace where team members can have conversions from anywhere at any time. This saves ample time since they are no longer required to be in the same room to collaborate.
Nowadays, all the team members are working from home. Not having a useful app to keep your team in continuous collaboration can diminish your company’s productivity. The Basecamp app will increase your company’s efficiency by ensuring team coordination at all times.
3. DocuSign
Several businesses create docs that need a signature from their clients. It can sometimes take ample time for clients to sign the papers and email or fax scans back to the senders.
If you’re a businessman who wants to ease the signing procedure for your clients and your business, DocuSign is a great app. It allows you to upload an agreement that you can e-sign and send to the receiver via a secure server. The receiver will receive an email with a link to e-sign it as well.
This digital document signature app is handy to lawyers, medical personals, real estate agents, title agents, and other professionals.
4. Zoom
If you need to meet with several clients or colleagues, Zoom is the best video-conferencing app you will ever come across. It is the best platform for hosting virtual meets.
This app has captured a lot of attention in 2020. It is also a better alternative to Skype since the controls are easier to manage. It allows you to conduct high-resolution videos with more than 25 people simultaneously.
If you manage a business with lots of clients and employees, you will love the capacity it withholds to host many video calls simultaneously.
5. CamScanner
The days of using traditional scanner devices are gone. You can now scan essential business documents with the CamScanner mobile app. It works in concurrence with your smartphone’s camera to scan text documents & convert them into digital copies.
Its OCR tech lets the text to be pulled into editable text that can be sent via email. The app also has a cropping feature to remove unwanted photos from the scan.
6. Hootsuite
Social media networks can provide your business with a free card to grow its online presence. The most challenging part is handling all your social media accounts because it can consume much time and energy.
Hootsuite is a quick and convenient social media management app. It allows you to publish posts & read texts on all your favorite social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
7. Dropbox
If file sharing is a regular task in your business, you need the best file sharing app available out there. These files could be legal agreements, resumes, letters, business plans, reference sheets, or other documents you are willing to share with someone over the web.
Dropbox is one of the best file sharing apps. It enables you to share work documents with receivers by rendering direct links to their documents. You can restrict access to those documents too. If you have private documents you don’t want the public to see, you can restrict the link.
The Endnote
Everything has an app now, and productivity is not an exception. However, there are many choices available these days that can overwhelm you. But before getting overwhelmed, ascertain which features you need to enhance your productivity. The apps mentioned in this article can definitely help you figure out for mobile app development your needs.
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