7 Pitfalls To Avoid When Developing Your App

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It is rather unfortunate that these seeming little mistakes take huge tolls on the success of mobile apps. If you are among the app developers that make the mistakes, you may be running your app on a leaking bucket. Without further ado, here are the app-killer mistakes you must avoid.
Poor or no pre-launch market research
Before you venture into the development of any app. You need to decide on the niche you want to go into. Find out all the mobile apps that are already playing in the space. Find out all the features of the app from their names to their market entry concepts and strategies. 
You need to know what users like about them and what users do not appreciate too. All these will enable you to improve on their great qualities and correct the bad qualities too. Unfortunately, most app developers do not do enough research before launching their apps. 
Of course, it is no longer news that the success rate of mobile apps is less than 1% but a lot of people believe that the low success rate is because the app development space is saturated. Nothing can be further from the truth than this. With technologies like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality, the app development industry can never be saturated. 
One of the reasons for app failure is what has been discussed above. A lot of app developers just enter a niche and expect to surpass existing apps within the niche and most of them fail. So, you should invest heavily in research before delving into app development.
Little or no continuous research
little or no continuous research
You must have seen or heard of several mobile apps that have encountered millions of download but do not have up to half a million active users currently. There are two major reasons for this. The first one is that people get carried away by the euphoria of the success of their app and complacency sets it. They fail to continue to engage the users of their apps. In fact, some of them have no app retention plan.
The second major reason is that a new player armed with better information about that niche of app development emerges and runs other apps out of business by building his app on the drawbacks of others. It could also be an existing app that would be updated to become the market leader in the niche.
To avoid that, you must continue to do research on new and existing competitors. But most app developers do not continue the research on their new and existing competitors. Remember, it is hard to get to the top of the market but it is even harder to retain the position because all eyes will be on your app.
Copying all the qualities of a successful app
The fact that an app is highly successful does not mean all its features, concepts, and strategies are great. Unfortunately, developers tend to copy all the qualities of a successful app. For instance, a couple of years ago, Facebook app had no offline functionality. You would not be able to even launch your Facebook app without internet connection.
Several app developers followed suit. Later, Facebook realized the advantage of offering offline functionalities and it was implemented on the app. Right now, you don’t need Internet connection to launch your Facebook app. However, there is a limit to what you can do on the app without Internet connection.
Trying to satisfy everyone
Yes, app development is a game of numbers. The number of active users of an app determines the success of the app. So, in their bid to garner as many users as possible, some app developers decided to satisfy everyone with their apps and they failed. Most of them ended up satisfying no one.
You can’t simply develop an app for everyone – all demographics, genders, and even ages. Rather, you should decide on the set of people you really want to satisfy and go out for them.
Wrong marketing time
A lot of developers usually wait until the final stage of their app development before they get their marketing team involved. This is not such a good idea. You should start creating awareness about your app a year before the release date. Put people on suspense, they will be looking forward to your app.
Release video trailers about your app as a teaser regularly and you will hold potential users spellbound all through the year. When you finally release your app, most of them will download it out of curiosity. And if they like what they see, they will keep using it.
Poor monitoring
poor monitoring
Every app has analytics but some developers do not check daily analytic reports. These figures should alert you of the existence of a problem. For instance, if the number of daily downloads of your app begins to dwindle it is a sign of problems. If the average usage time of your app reduces too, it is also a sign of problems. Most importantly, if the daily active users of your app begin to reduce, there is a big problem on your hand.
Since some developers don’t monitor the daily reports on the performance of their apps, they would have lost too many users before they realize the problem. By then, the damage will be irredeemable. They say a problem identified is already half solved. That is if it is identified early enough. No matter how successful your app is, you should continue to monitor its performance on a daily basis so that you can swing into action immediately you notice any disturbing trend.
Poor update description
When the update of an app is released, some app developers just describe it as “bug fixes” or “a new update”. Do you really think such description can get an active user to download the update, let alone making new users download it?
A good update description should motivate users to download the app, it should attract new users, and it should drive former users to re-download it. You should mention the particular bugs that were fixed. You should mention the new features that you have added, and you should also include the features that have been upgraded. 
Conclusively, these are some of the common pitfalls that app developers continuously make. Avoid them and the number of users of your app will increase drastically.

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