8 Pros Of Hiring A Mobile App Development Company

mobile app development company
Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and its function goes beyond just receiving and making calls and messages. It extends to other more complex but highly important activities. The distinguishing feature of smartphones that makes them so valuable are mobile apps. Mobile apps help to extend the functionalities of smartphones, helping to make our personal and professional work easy and fast.
Mobile apps are of particular importance to businesses, as it helps to give them an online reputation as well as help them acquire more clients and improve their revenue. More and more businesses are joining the mobile app bandwagon and developing their own mobile app to connect with current and new customers. For any company considering developing its own app, there are a couple of options available to them; they can choose to use their in-house IT developer, hire a freelance developer or opt for a mobile app development company. Each of these options has its own pros and cons. Below are eight pros of hiring a mobile app development company for your app project. 
A mobile app development agency consists of a team of professionals that is made up of project managers, designers, developers etc. Each of these individuals has their roles and overall, they offer professional full-cycle services;
1. Better for startups and big projects:
One of the key benefits of hiring a mobile app development company is that you benefit from a wide range of professional services, from business consulting to business analysis, from idea evaluation to aftercare services. Unlike a freelancer who is a jack-of-all-trades and won't be able to deliver quality on any of these areas, an agency will offer these services to you in a most professional fashion. A professional development agency is apt for startup entrepreneurs, as they can help startups figure out a monetization strategy even before the product launch. 
2. Budget-friendly:
This is another key benefit of hiring a mobile app development company as against an in-house team or freelancer. When you outsource or hire a development company, you will only be billed for the work they deliver to you, their billing could be per hour or a one-time fixed rate. Your billing will be according to the terms of the agreement you have with the agency. This helps you to bring down your overhead cost and makes sure you have a more affordable operational and business expenditure. 
The cost would have been higher using an in-house team because you would have to incur the cost of training and equipping your team. Keeping an in-house team requires constant training, to bring about an improvement in their qualification.
3. Availability of technical expertise and resources:
technical expertise
Another key pro of outsourcing is the availability of technical expertise and resources, which comes as a full package together with your signed agreement with the company. By employing the company's services you can benefit from up-to-date tools, licenses, certificates and software which are very important in the development of state-of-the-art mobile apps. These companies are aware of current trends and new programming language and can offer up-to-date solutions.
4. Tuned workflow:
Hiring a mobile app development company allows you to benefit from a tuned workflow. Your communication will be with the project managers who will give you up to date reports on the development of your project. You can easily approve of changes or request for adjustments. A well-tuned workflow will certainly help to meet deadlines.
5. Round the clock support team:
Hiring a mobile app development company gives you access to a 24/7 support team. Compared to a freelancer who sometimes may be unavailable due to personal reasons or is burdened by too much work, someone within a development team will always be available to attend to your request. 
Hiring a company also allows for continuity. In the event that the lead developer on your project falls sick or leaves the company, someone else can immediately take over without causing any loss of time, money or data. But such benefits are not available when it comes to a freelancer.
6. Less legal issues:
Doing business, particularly online, can be very delicate. There is the risk of fraud or other legal issues. Hiring the services of a reputable mobile app development company helps to eliminate or reduce the chances of having legal issues. These companies are legal business entities, therefore they offer stability and peace of mind. You can be assured that you will not be defrauded and that the company will act according to the tenets of the agreement they signed with you.
The company will also take a lot of headache off your shoulders, by handling all the documents needed to start your project. You won't have to go through the stress of preparing the contract on your own, but it is important that you read properly whatever is contained in the contract that is issued to you. 
7. Companies care about their products:
products caring
Companies have a reputation and they do all that is necessary to protect that reputation. Therefore, they strive to deliver high-quality products that generate positive feedbacks after they are launched. Hiring a development company gives you the assurance that the very best quality will be made available to you because your app will make up part of their portfolio. If your app appears bad then their portfolio appears equally bad. Also, if their customer service is bad, you will definitely make it known to any other potential client who comes asking.
Companies are not like freelancers, they can't just pack up their bags and go, they can't just become ghosts. This works to the advantage of the client.
In the same vein, companies are more conscious about security. They maintain a high level of security for the client's application and data. It is easier to trust them than it is to trust freelancers.
8. Long-term relationships:
The previous point is in tandem with this one. Because companies care about their products, they are more adept at building long-term relationships of trust with their individual clients. The implementation of projects for clients, in the long run, is more effective than focusing on the number of incoming projects.

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