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8 Things You Need To Know About Android App Development

App Development

Jul 2017
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8 things about android app development
Android app development involves more than just code-generating. Very few people know the amount of work that is put into developing and updating Android apps. One good thing about app developers India is the many technical skills they possess that aren't taught in the books on writing or developing codes. To be one of the ideal app developers in India, you have to constantly stay on your toes and keep learning as there are a lot of important skills which are changing continuously. Here's a checklist of top eight basic things you need to know about Android app development: 
1. Coding Alone is Not Longer Enough:
android development
There are so many books published on how to make better programmers like The Passionate Programmer for a start. Today, we live in a world where coding is no longer as rigid as it used to be. Anyone can create an android app and publish it. There have been local developers. These are people can teach themselves anything related since the introduction of the app development.
2. Listen to the Internet and Let it Guide you:
Google is an important web development platform that gives you what you'd expect. The likes of x-browser, JS, CSS, and Framework knowledge are just the list of what you should know, and the platforms you should be looking for new trends. While this stuff is what developers build on, they don't guarantee the success of a project. As a developer, you need to understand every bit of the system, features of an API, target audience and the CSS.''
3. Your Mobile Application Design can and will Influence Visitor Behavior:
mobile app design
The Internet has completely changed the way people browse and read content. If your visitors can’t scroll through your website and easily locate key information, they will leave your site. App development companies strive to develop sites that guide users to the most important information at will. Analytic tools and heat maps can help an android app development company determine which links and buttons have the highest engagement so as to continually improve the user experience with trendy updates on the app.
4. DevOps:
This is extra tools and tricks. DevOps becomes relevant in the face of two traditional silos: development, which produces new things, and production, which keeps things running. Web developers without basic production knowledge may often produce codes that are unsuitable for production, by making use of features or configuration yet on the production list. This is because they are not aware of the problems of the production environment, rather they code to complete the feature than deploying it to production.
5. What Users Want:
Understand what the people around you are trying to do. Enjoy how these things work, love indenting CSS files adequately, or optimizing a rail app but always remember that it's all for a reason.
Developers need to understand what the people who will use the app are saying, like the businesses, operations, and the process of running it. An android app development company with the knowledge of what users want should be able to build apps and software that add value to users. 
Understand the market and how things may change over time. It gives you an idea of new technologies and the challenges seen every day. As a developer, when you suggest a great idea to a client, let it be solidly based on your budget and time frame and especially on when you know what the clients want. 
6. Drawing and Writing:
Indian app developers must be able to draw their ideas on anything like a beer mat, paper or whiteboard. This is because drawing is the most direct way of communicating what the stuff will be like. Indian app developers must be ready to do what it takes and present their ideas visually. People don't hire Indian app developers who only nod, and say they understand you without making you see what they understand. 
7. Learn Basic Optimization Tricks:
app optimization
For you to lead in the world of Android application development, it is important that to have the knowledge of basic optimization in the Play Store. Although you can leave the research for keywords to your clients, you should have good strategies for targeting the keywords on the page. What this means is clear markup and great use of h2, h1, meta, and title tags on the front-end, and also solid link and directory structure organization on the back-end.
8. Your App Website May Seems Different on Other People’s Computer:
It is advisable that you create a website and link it to your Android app. These websites help create awareness and improve brand credibility. It should not be taken likely. Invest as much devotion as you would on your mobile app. There should be no room for errors on your website as this may discourage users from trying out your product in the first place. Sometimes, using Google Chrome to view a website from your home computer can appear a lot different from your friends’ computer at work especially when she browses with Safari on her iPhone through the same website. It mostly depends on the way browsers recognizes and translate codes and display them on your screen.
These differences can make it a little tricky for you to build a website which gives the best experience for everyone for your mobile app. This is why you need the professionals. An experienced Android app development company should be familiar CSS and HTML standards, WordPress development, PHP development, browser issues and the ways to work around potential hurdles to a degree. Always make sure everything is in place on the Play Store and the website linking to the Play Store. This will boost your chances of making your app number one in the market. 
Competitors are always essential in every business arrangement. Stay sharp, find your competition, learn what they are up to and give you an edge. If you work with one of the top mobile app development companies in India, always appear like the worst person in every group you are in. By being the worst, you can be better. Join projects outside of work, make contributions and seek out criticism and feedback because the more you get criticized, the better you'll get. The mobile app development industry is experiencing a huge increase daily. If you're going to rank among the best, then you have to do what it takes to satisfy your clients and end users. Learning as much as you can and stay up-to-date will help you flow with the trend. Give users a reason to download your app first before the app of your competitors. 
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