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A Complete Guide On Online Medicine Delivery App Development

App Development

May 2021
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guide on online medicine delivery app development
Mobile apps have created a breakthrough in the health and wellbeing industry. The speedy development in technology even reflects in mobile apps as it crosses all the barriers only for betterment in the human world. Nowadays, there is a mobile app for everything, whether it's food, grocery, cab, eCommerce, fitness, gaming, etc.
Speaking of mobile apps in the healthcare industry, we all know there is an ever-growing demand for medicines & other wellbeing products. Medicines are essentials that everyone needs, at least at some point. But sometimes people have to go through the challenge of standing in long queues to get medicine at the store. This is where on-demand medicine delivery apps come into the picture.
Since the past year, the healthcare industry has been on a constant run. There have been several patients impacted with Covid or something else. This has given rise to digital health businesses, including online medicine delivery app development. Moreover, going to collect medicine physically might pose a risk of coming into contact with the virus; hence, this is a better alternative. You stay at home, order medicine at your fingertips, and receive it at your doorstep.
Moreover, there is a constant growth of online medicine delivery as no one wants to visit the store personally. Nowadays, everyone prefers to shop medicines online as it offers profitable discounts and faster deliveries. According to reports, the online pharmacy or e-pharma market was valued at USD 52.6 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 333 billion by 2025.
Therefore, we can conclude that the online medicine delivery app is burgeoning. That means people now need more apps on the phone than stories in the physical world. Despite there being quite a few medicine delivery apps out there, there is still room for you to build your app. This blog will focus on different aspects of the medicine delivery app, starting from what it is to the cost estimates.
Topics To Cover
- Introduction to Online Medicine Delivery App
- How were Medicine Delivery Apps Helpful During the Pandemic?
- Market Statistics of Online Medicine Delivery App
- Consider 3 Online Medicine Delivery App Models Before Developing One
- How to Monetize the Online Medicine Delivery App
- Advantages of an Online Medicine Delivery App for Users
- Benefits of an Online Medicine delivery App for Chemists
- The Working of Online Medicine Delivery App
- Popular Medicine Delivery Apps in the Market
- Key Features to Incorporate in An Online Medicine Delivery App
- The App Development Cost of a Medicine Delivery App
- Final Words

Introduction To Online Medicine Delivery App

The online medicine delivery apps have taken the pharma industry to the next level. As the retailers in different areas have created an app for their products, the pharma sector has realized this as well. According to studies, 20% of users using online medicine apps have a satisfaction level of 23% higher than the ones who don't use apps.
An online medicine delivery app is a solution created particularly for customers who want to order from their homes and get the items delivered to their doorstep. Besides ordering medicines, they can even upload prescriptions, find common alternatives, and make the payment. Isn't that quite attractive?
This online e-pharma app solves customers' problems for those who don't prefer standing in line or have a busy schedule and can't visit the medical store. The pharmacy can engage and retain the existing users and get new ones by enhancing the user's buying experience.

How Were Medicine Delivery Apps Helpful During The Pandemic?

Online medicine delivery apps were super beneficial during the Covid-19. The availability of medicine is crucial. Due to the Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions to go out, it has become challenging for people to visit the pharma shops to get drugs, and there has also been a decline in the availability of medicines as people stockpiled their medicines, masks, and sanitizers.
Slowly, people turned to these online medicine delivery apps, where they could check the medicines' availability with only a few clicks and order online hassle-free. Moreover, ordering online was their best bet since it allowed them to get medication at home without making any contact.
Soon, this became the trend, and people turned more towards online medicine apps. Even those infected with the virus getting treated at home uploaded their prescription online and delivered them at home.

Consider 3 Online Medicine Delivery App Models Before Developing One

Take a look at the three models for making money from online medical delivery apps.
1. App For Single Store
This is one of the most common models where a single chemist shop owner will design a unique medicine delivery app for delivering medicines to its users. The users place their orders by uploading their prescriptions. The retailers check the medicine availability and send it to the customer. Later, the customer makes the payment for it online.
Business owners usually prefer this model to earn maximum revenues through online delivery. Outsourcing a ready-made medicine delivery solution is the most preferable as it saves development time and is also quite affordable.
2. Partnership Model
This one doesn't require the online chemist to stockpile their medicines; rather, they can partner with local chemist shops when a customer places an online order; the online pharmacy checks for the closest chemist shop to that customer, which is also the partner.
They divert the demand for the medicine to these local chemists and get it delivered to the users. Both the parties have to come into a contract before partnering with this business model.
3. Direct Delivery Model
This is the final model wherein the apps try to avoid intermediaries for the medicine delivery or supply. They can achieve better control over their business by delivering medicines to their users directly.

How To Monetize The Online Medicine Delivery App


how to monetize the online medicine delivery app
Subscription-based Model
A few online medicine delivery apps by app development company follow this model to make money; however, this is not a popular one. For this to work, app users must subscribe by paying a fee to use your medicine delivery app.
Paying upfront to use an app is not what suits the user base, but offering whopping discounts to the users might capture their attention.
Delivery Fee Model
This is a common one. They can charge delivery fees as a way to earn money. This can be a flat fee or a percentage of the order total. This is the most successful model compared to making the users subscribe as they would only have to pay a delivery fee while using the service. However, if there are repeated users, the subscription model would be better.
Partnership Model
Sometimes users don't even want to pay for delivery. They want the best deal on medicines they are buying, so choosing this model might work the best for you. This is a simple model.
When a user orders a medicine and makes a payment with a particular medical store through an app or in-store, the store gives a commission to the delivery services app based on the established terms.
Advertising Model
Any mobile app can earn good revenue with proper advertising and marketing techniques. Medicine delivery apps can show ads of their app partners instead of random businesses and show their store at the top of the search list to earn revenue.

Advantages Of An Online Medicine Delivery App For Users


advantages of an online medicine delivery app for users
After thorough research, we have come to the following benefits that users can get using the online medicine delivery app. Let's look at them.
Reduced Price: These apps are famous for offering whopping discounts to their users, which would not have been possible at the chemist shop. Moreover, they can also compare rates with different shops to get the best deal.
Return Policy: App users can return the drugs if there is any issue by making a complaint and get a quick refund.
Push Notifications: An online delivery app enables users to get notifications that save them from medicine shortage or forgetting to refill their prescriptions. Also, users can get updates about the availability of medicines or medical equipment through these alerts.
Consult A Professional: App users can upload their prescription on the app and view the availability of medicines. They can even consult an expert if the medication is safe to take or if there are any side effects.
Saves Money & Time: App users can get medicines delivered to their home without waiting in the line ups, which saves their time, and as they don't have to commute to get to the medical shop, they even save money.
Be Informed: App users can be informed about the medicines by browsing and reading all the instructions using a medicine delivery app.

Benefits Of An Online Medicine Delivery App For Chemists

Not only users but businesses also widely benefit from having online medicine delivery app solutions to expand their business.
Better Reach: Chemists can grow their business by gaining customers from other locations as well. They can overcome the geographical challenges and flourish their business by reaching users who live far off.
Established User Base: They get repeated customers and can establish their user base by satisfying their medical demands. Moreover, they can also build a loyal user base by offering new discounts and incorporating the points system in their app.
Exception User Experience: Having an online delivery app solution can render a matchless experience to the users via top-notch services from ordering to delivery.
Updated Inventory: The chemists need not update their inventory manually; this can be done via apps. This also gives information about expiry dates and other information.

The Working Of Online Medicine Delivery App

The working of the online medicine delivery app is somewhat straightforward. There are 3 steps required for completing the process. If you are building the single-store app model, you need a store app and a user app to complete the process. If you have a partnership app model, you need three apps: a user app, an admin panel app, and a store owner app.
Step 1: The user will go through the app and add the medicines required to the cart.
Step 2 - They will then finish the buying process by making the payment from the cart.
Step 3: The chemist will receive an alert of the medicines to be delivered. The store owner will look at the prescription, get the medication, and prepare for delivery.

Popular Medicine Delivery Apps In The Market


popular medicine delivery apps in the market
Several delivery apps have come up recently; a few have ranked top while providing healthy & safe services. Below are some of the best medicine delivery apps worldwide:
1. Practo - Doctor Appointment & Medicines Delivery App
This is India's fastest-growing medicine app with more than 100k doctors and a one-stop-shop for all healthcare and medical needs. You can consult an expert, book a doctor's appointment, order drugs online, and more. Imagine having all your healthcare needs getting covered under one roof!
2. NetMeds - India's Trusted Online Pharmacy App
This is an Indian company that has gained momentum in no time, serving over 3 million users. It renders a hassle-free and smooth user experience offering the medicines from anywhere and anytime in India. You can save hugely on medicines through the amazing offers it has in store. You can also consult the best doctors online at any hour of the day—access free and reliable health information at your fingertips, and so much more.
3. Capsule Pharmacy App
This app was launched in 2016 and was listed under the Forbes list as the largest company in 2019. This is one of a kind app that renders smarter, friendlier, and quicker delivery of medicines on the same day for free. This is a New York-based app that allows the users to order the medication either via prescription or inputting text.
4. 1 Mg
This one also allows you to buy medicines online and get related information about your prescribed medicines. You can know the side effects, required dosage, and other information. The company has partnered with local chemist shops. Moreover, this app also offers health tips from the best doctors based on your orders.

Key Features To Incorporate In An Online Medicine Delivery App

For Users
The users must be able to sign in with the help of a phone number, social media accounts, or email address. The registration process must be made straightforward.
User Profile
A user profile should be made for a better and smooth user experience. This profile contains all the user details such as their address, payment details, order history, etc.
Medicine Information
All the medicines available on the app must have all the relevant details such as expiry date, price, brand, manufacturer, etc.
Search Medicines
The users should be able to easily look for medicines by entering the name. This allows them to search the drug directly through the search tab and gives them a seamless experience.
Push Notifications
Users can get notifications from the app about their orders, updates, discounts, or availability on any medicine they were looking for earlier, etc.
Upload Prescription
The users should be able to upload the medical prescription for the chemist to look at it and send the meds accordingly.
The users should be able to filter as per the delivery time, prices, ratings, items, etc.
Generic Alternatives
The users should be able to find generic alternatives to the meds they are finding.
Payment Gateways
The users should be able to have multiple payment options for their convenience, such as net banking, eWallets, cash, PayPal, etc.
For Pharmacy
Manage Medicines Listed
The app should allow the store owner to make changes if he wants to remove or add any medicine to the list. They should be able to access the information about their medicines.
Offer Discounts
The store owners should offer attractive discounts and deals to get repeated users and establish a loyal user base.
Access Feedbacks
This one is crucial as it allows them to see what their users think of their products or services and should be able to access reviews given by their users.
Track Payments
All the payments should directly come in the app to maintain transparency, and the chemist should be able to track them effortlessly.
Online Prescriptions
The pharmacist should be able to view the prescription uploaded by the user to see the medicines they want to get delivered.
Order Notifications
The store owner should activate the notification feature with a text or a pop-up message every time the user orders a medicine. This helps them in faster processing.
List Substitute Medicines
The store owner should be able to guide users on buying substitute medicines in case the one they want is not available.
For Delivery Boy
Push Notifications
This allows them to know about any new orders via push notifications on their phones.
The app should allow the delivery guy to make their profile, including personal details with the history of deliveries he made.
Order Status Update
He should be able to update the delivery status to keep the user and the store owner updated.
GPS Tracking
The delivery guy who is out to deliver the medicines should have GPS tracking enabled to navigate the user easily.
For Admin
Promotion Management
They should be able to run ad campaigns that entice more users.
Stock Management
This feature allows them to keep themselves updated about all medicines they have in stock. They should be aware of the expiry date of the medicine as well.
Manage Users & Suppliers
The admin should be able to manage the suppliers & users on the app through their profile.
They should be permitted to access the workflow data on the app to prepare an updated report.
Advanced Features
Having some advanced features will make your app even more user-centric.
Seek Expert Advice
The users should be able to seek professional advice on any medications and their side effects.
Medicine Reminders
This feature allows users when it's time to refill their medicines, and it will also remind them when it's time to intake the medicine.
Chat Feature
The in-app chat feature will allow the user to talk to the pharmacist to get answers to their query.
Loyalty Program
This feature makes the user feel special as they can earn reward points each time they purchase a medicine.
AI-based App
This one gives an enhanced user experience as they can use virtual assistants to place orders and receive updates.
These are a list of a few advanced features that you can incorporate into your app that will improve the user experience and boost revenues.

The App Development Cost Of A Medicine Delivery App


the app development cost of a medicine delivery app
Several factors determine the cost of your medicine delivery app, such as;
Number of the platform (iOS or Android)
Development Time (3 months to 1 year) - App development cost is determined on an hourly basis.
Location (India, North America, Eastern Europe, etc.) For instance, the hourly cost in North America is $100/150, while in India, it is around $30/50.
App Features - This is another critical thing that determines your app cost. If you integrate some complex and advanced features, the cost can shoot up significantly.
UI/UX Design
These are some factors that can affect your app's cost. However, to give you a rough estimate, the cost to develop a pharmacy app can be around USD 15,000 to $ 35,000, depending upon the model you have chosen.
Final Words
On-demand apps by app development companies are trending these days, whether it is food, salon, cab, eCommerce, medicine, or any other. With consumers becoming more digitized, they demand everything sitting from their home's comfort. The Pharma industry will always thrive no matter the era because people will always need medicines. All you have to find is a better and convenient way to meet their requirements.
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