A Comprehensive Guide to Market & Launch Your iOS App

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Daily, there are more then 1000 apps submitting for iPad and iPhone in app store by app development companies. So, iPhone app development competition is hard, and there is a lot of duplication in views of the value plans for each application. In a cluttered and frequently immersed market, it is becoming more difficult to stand out in the crowd. Fortunately, this challenge is faced by everyone even top app development company's app developers also. It’s a big challenge for everyone in the space.

Marketing app is the most important thing for app developers and publishers. It helps to make apps more popular, visible and further enhance downloads of their application.

Here is a look at all the things that you should know when beginning out with app marketing.

1) Online Presence:

Most of the app promotion happens on the web, and social media is one of the best key tools in doing so. Using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to your advantage is one of the simplest ways you can employ to promote your app.

2) Validate The Idea:

To develop an app needs a huge amount of time, money and not to mention efforts. So, it is important that the app gives a purpose, and that there is a necessity for it. An exact market research is required in order to validate the idea behind your application. This will give you a good stability on how to further market your iOS app.

3) Monetizing The App:

There are various ways to generate revenue from your apps, and if you are not developing your app as just a hobby, you will need your app to make money for you. Paid apps, ads, subscriptions, in-app purchases, selling services each one of these or even a mixture are great ways to make revenue from your app.

4) Feedback:

If your app has a great rating & positive user reviews, more people are attracted to be turned into customers for your app. Now to keep the users happy, so that they give you a great rating, it is necessary to take care of their complaints. Users should have an opportunity of talking with you, and their suggestions should be examined to make your app much better.

5) Online Presence of an App:

An app store page for your app is not sufficient, there demands to be another place that can be connected to people involved in your app. A website is a must, and blogs and other social media are good tools too. Every app requires a website ultimately for branding and support.

6) App Store Optimization:

App store optimization is the most important way to give your app as more visibility as possible in the App store and turn visitors to users. Simple things like select the right keywords, design a great app icon, select screenshots that best capture the nature of your app, writing a good, popular description can go a long way in increasing your chances of being seen and liked.

) Cross Promotion:

If you have only one good app, reach out to other developers with applications in the same corner and promoting each other’s app is an excellent way to expand the number of people accessing your app. If you already have various apps, then chances are that people who like one of your applications will like the others as well, presenting you with the best opportunity for cross promotion.

8) App Launching:

The launch day of your app will be the height of the hill. Making as much noise as possible about your app will take people to notice that, your app is now officially in the market for them to use.

To develop a great app is an only half thing, to market in a perfect way is the right manner. Marketing is not only single time effort and can not be left as an afterthought. Every little detail values, every step of the way. It is surely not easy, but having the right things in mind, it can be highly satisfying, also letting you learn a great deal of things along the way. Contact us for further information.


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