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A Guide To Create A Minimalist UI Design For Your Mobile App


Oct 2020
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a guide to create a minimalist ui design for your mobile app
Adding too many elements and colors to your mobile app was a trend back then, but today, the user’s choice has changed. They prefer anything that saves them time and is useful too. These days users want minimal designs, colors, and elements and want to connect with limited things while enjoying the benefits of the same level.
This change has made it essential for mobile app designers to inculcate the ideal of minimal designs and build engaging and visually attractive designs with minimum colors and elements. Thus, this article will guide you through creating a minimalist UI design for your mobile apps.
What is Minimalist Design?
A simple design, which is easy to understand, and only involves essential elements to eliminate any intricacies in the app’s UI.
Minimalism is used to enhance the user experience, enlarge size compatibility with several screen sizes and lessen the loading time. Businesses and designers have begun to adapt to this rising trend due to the comfort and facilities it brings for the end-users.
You should aim to create a concise, navigable, and a visually appealing mobile app. The minimalist approach enhances the app stickiness. App stickiness is a blend of user engagement & retention to ensure that users continuously use your app without losing interest.
There are a few steps to make your app more appealing and embrace the concept of a minimalist user interface for your mobile apps by top android app developers 2020.
Include White Space
Also known as negative space and is devoid of any color yet, it is a significant component from the designer’s viewpoint. This blank space is essential for building contrast, including the structure, and concentrating on the several design elements.
Below are the types of whitespace that are part of designing UIs:
Layout whitespace - The spacing of margins & paddings
Text whitespace - The spacing between letters & lines
Content whitespace - The area that separates text & column
Visual whitespace - The space around the graphics, icons, & image.
Designers can utilize as much whitespace they want. It all depends on the designer’s skills and their approach to make the design more appealing.
Whitespace can be quite useful for your app:
- Better readability and usability
- Add elegance to the app
- Lay emphasis on specific aspects of the design
- Divide & structure elements
Eliminate Redundant Elements
eliminate redundant elements
Before adding more details to your app design, take a step backward, and ask yourself if the elements are essential for your users. If not, it’s for the best to discard it. Adding too many features will make your app messy and hard to navigate, and impossible to comprehend. When you have lesser design elements, the users concentrate on the ones that will help them accomplish their goals.
Try Using Fewer Colors
Too many colors can lessen the richness of your mobile apps and can push away your users. By restricting the number of colors, you can add style to your design and invite users to interact with your app. Designers can choose one of the below color schemes for a minimalist design.
Monochromatic Color Scheme:
Here, only one color is selected, and its multiple color variants are used. Monochromatic colors are shades, tints, and tones of a single hue. You can modify its temperature, brightness, contrast, and saturation to design a different color scheme.
Analogous Color Scheme:
These colors are next to one another in the color wheel. They tune well with each other to make a calm and composed design. They match well and are pleasing to the eyes.
Maintain Balance & Harmony
According to Psychology, the human brain is attracted to uniformity. The human mind is captivated by objects and faces that follow the laws of regularity. Humans love balance and harmony, and following this method, mobile app designers can create a very attractive and charming masterpiece. Designers can use the grid system to mitigate their app from becoming a mess. Grids are used to organize the elements to be consistent and appealing.
Use Single Typeface
Using more than one typefaces can be a huge mistake for your applications and can ruin your app. Hence, designers should know the difference between typefaces & where to use them. The font type used depends on the kind of content written. Therefore, mingling over one font can make the app look messy to achieve the best results. As a designer, it would be good to try different font length, style, spacing, weight, and size until you come across the perfect typeface that suits them best.
Use The Blur Effect
use the blur effect
The blur effect is a great way to create a minimalistic design for the app’s UI. This effect allows you to work with the layers & the hierarchy of the app interface.
This gives app designs a chance to explore the mobile’s menu, flow, and overlay solutions.
These are the benefits of using the blur effect:
Simplify the user flow
Better text readability
Grab the user’s attention
Make the Content Shine
Using the minimalist mobile app approach, you can remove unrequired elements, use the right colors, get rid of extra content, and help users find what they were looking for.
Secondly, you can highlight the critical content by using vibrant colors or bigger fonts. You can even use various color contrasts to create a user-friendly app interface.
Simple Navigation
Ensure that the navigation icons of your mobile app are simple to find and easy to understand. A magnifying glass is most commonly used for the search icon; choosing another icon will confuse your users and give a bad user experience. Hence, keep it as simple as you can to avoid confusion and mislead the app users.
Final Words
It is easy to create a minimalist UI. Most designers remove the content and elements that actually help users with navigation and get familiar with the app. Always put yourself in the user’s shoes and ask yourself if adding more content or elements will make their task easier or add meaning for them.
Make changes where needed, and only when it helps your users. As an app development company, you can create a great app by crafting a meaningful and simple mobile app that is easy to use and serves the purpose.
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