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Mobile App UI/UX Trends For 2020


Aug 2020
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mobile app uiux trends for 2020
User Interface (UI) design plays a very significant role when it comes to mobile app development. The success or failure of an app also depends on its user interface. The UI is the first glance of your mobile app. It connects the users with your app, and makes their journey seamless in the app. This will, in turn, increase the ROI of the app. If you design your app that is user-focused and has engagement content, nothing can stop you.
User aesthetics is one thing, which is also essential to give an appealing look to your app. However, another important thing is the high level of usability. The combination of both can do wonders. Imagine if an older person is using the app, what will they want more? Yes, of course, usability.
The realm of UX is continually evolving, and the latest things are coming into play over time. And UI changes the most in the mobile industry, which also affects other sectors of the industry. Let’s take a look at the latest 2020 trends in UI designs that will rule the mobile app industry.
UI/UX Design Trends for 2020
Enhanced Personalization
enhanced personalization
Personalization has become a new advent in technology, especially in mobile apps. A customized UX is becoming essential in mobile development. And machine learning and artificial intelligence are making this process smooth.
AI examines user choices on streaming platforms like SoundCloud or YouTube, thus offering song recommendations. Furthermore, bucket list apps and fitness apps also provide customization to the users.
Round Edges
Another trend that has emerged from the latest smartphone devices is round edges like iOS and Android present rounded edges. Since a smartphone’s curved edges get mirrored in its UI design, the mobile apps and sites get a similar curved look and feel. It displays a positive impact on UX. Round edges help comprehend information easily and also appears smoother.
Seamless Voice Interaction
All the interactive voice technologies such as Alexa, the virtual assistant of Amazon, Siri, the interactive voice tool for Apple, Google Assistant, the AI-powered virtual assistant for Google, Bixby, the voice assistant of Samsung order their terms to UX design trends.
These voice-enabled apps which are developed by top app developers are beneficial in different areas of our life. They deliver accurate, fast, feasible, and customized experiences.
Biometric Login
All of us use ample apps in our daily lives, and it gets difficult to remember passwords for all. The new trend is a biometric login, which is picking up pace.
There are already some apps which are using facial recognition or fingerprint as a login method. This has made life simple, especially when you are juggling with a lot of stuff in your hands, or driving, it gets inconvenient to type a password.
Improved Animation
Operative animation is a vital part for a better user experience. Animated motions and moves provide a lot of information - they describe state changes, verify actions, and include rhythm to interactions.
With the advancement in smart devices, mobile app designers can create more enhanced animation. This animation is also a part of branding. Motion portrays a story of your brand and product, and animation takes things to another level for users by creating movies.
Gradient 2.0
Gradients will revive in 2020. As of now, the gradient is more about striking shades used in the backdrop. They also try to receive a clear light source. Bright palette no doubt brings depth and dimension to the UI design, but also makes positivity. Furthermore, gradients are going towards simplicity and delicacy in the context of styling.
3D & Faux-3D Design
3d and faux 3d design
Using 3D elements in mobile apps is not new; it has been in games and entertainment apps for quite some time.
With the advancement of device processing strength, 3D segments advance in regular functional apps. By introducing 3D elements & Faux-3D elements in the mobile usage, you can make the interactions look more realistic.
Typography in mobile app UI design will be one of the top mobile app design trends of 2020.
Some brands have been implementing bold San-Serif fonts and powerful typography for a while; however, they will concentrate more on typography that mirrors motion-based and 3D effects.
White Space
White Space will enable us to offer a straightforward experience to their target audience. They will find it simple to focus on the primary part of the apps over others. This will eventually add value to their business.
Dark Themes
A dark theme is a low-light UI that mostly displays dark surfaces. A dark theme has two benefits for the UX--- they lessen eye strain by altering the screen’s brightness to current lighting conditions & they save battery power by reducing the use of light pixels.
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
AI will bring an enormous impact in the field of UI design. Apart from assisting designers with building various versions of any specific landing page or screen, it will also launch customized elements backed by plenty of studies and visual observations. Therefore, they will get motivated on how to use AI for an enhanced user interface design.
Augmented Reality (AR)
This year, UI/UX designers will be on the path to creating real-life interactions with AR. They will adopt this innovation to include immersion effects to their apps, assisting users process information more easily. Apart from this, the AR will be useful for creating 3D brand impressions in the future.
Virtual Reality (VR)
VR in UI design will be a trend in upcoming years. After transforming the medical sector, marketing, and gaming, is expected to enhance interaction level in mobile app UI design.
It will offer an internet of experiences by throwing off app elements in the real-life and prompt the audience to feel the same.
Chatbot UI design should not provide information to end-users. For comprehending specific query, chatbots must be simple to use and oversee all sorts of fundamental language variations, emotions, phrases, slangs, and text structures.
To enhance the UX, you must consider a specific set of options like avatars, a voice that goes with your brand image, response buttons, welcome message design, and typing indicators.
Wrapping Up
These new UI/UX trends will help shape the mobile app industry in ways that will also enhance user experiences. As a designer, you must keep in mind a specific pattern that goes with your app, and you think will help the user.
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