Advantages Of Using Chatbots For Your Business

advantages of chatbots
Many brands are starting to recognize the benefits of chatbots and are contacting app developers to help them with one. The ability of chatbots to imitate human conversations and provide instant online connection paved their way to success. App developers design modern chatbots to handle online requests 24/7, create interaction with the brand, reduce the number of human errors and reduce the cost of customer service.
Even business giants are using chatbots for the automation of business processes. Chatbots are also available for startups, as they can be easily integrated into websites and instant messengers which include Telegram and Slack. Obviously, self-help services, including chatbots, will constitute the future of customer service.
Oracle's survey shows the emerging demand for chatbots AI. It predicts that by 2020, 80% of businesses will employ the services of chatbots. This goes to show the popularity of this technology and why you should meet with app developers to integrate one into your business today.
Chatbots for small businesses - how can they help a startup?
chatbots for small businesses
If you run a startup and you want to automate your business processes and reduce the budget on customer services, then meeting with app developers to introduce chatbot to your business can be your answer.
- Chatbots perform the most boring tasks and reduce the risk of human error. Slack bots do routine operations which include order confirmation on eCommerce. This will help reduce the task that your employees are to carry out. In addition, chatbots never get sick and they carry out their functions without delay.
Globe Telecom increased the productivity of its employees by 350% after the launch of Chatbot Facebook Messenger. In addition, chatbot helped the company to reduce the volume of calls by 50% and at the same time increase customer satisfaction by 22%.
Undoubtedly, chatbots cannot completely replace customer support agents at this stage. At the same time, they provide numerous benefits for startups: increase customer satisfaction, reduce the cost to hire customer support staff, and increase productivity.
- Chatbot can increase the satisfaction of your customers. Chatbots efficiently respond to simple customer requests in the most accurate way, no matter how rude the customer behaves. Chatbots designed by top app developers also create a unique perception of interaction with customers 24/7, which is especially important for the millennial behavior - “I want it now.”
Using chatbots based on artificial intelligence for business and interacting with millennials remains particularly useful since more than 65% of US residents prefer to receive online support rather than make calls, according to an IBM study.
- A chatbot can save your budget on customer support agents. According to McKinsey, companies are already saving up to 29% on customer wages, using chatbots instead. The Chatbots: Retail, E-Commerce, Banking, and Healthcare 2017-2022 study predicts that by 2022, chatbots will save up to $8 billion a year for businesses.
Chatbots can involve in meaningful conversations with hundreds of customers simultaneously. Regardless of the time of day, every customer will receive an immediate response from a polite chatbot.
The benefits of using chatbots for business
Are you still in doubt of the benefits of using instant messenger or voice chat? Let's move on to arguments and concrete actions.
benefits of using chatbots for business
1. Chatbots are great for personalizing customers
Due to automation and AI, chatbots offer tremendous personal appeal by using customer names in conversations or giving advice on products based on past purchases. Taking into account the rather large possibilities of the Internet, users are only interested in certain things that are most relevant to their specific needs.
Accenture research has shown that buyers are more likely to buy 91% of their products from an online store that calls them by name or provides personalized recommendations based on past purchases. For example, 35% of Amazon’s purchases are due to individual recommendations, such as “products related to this product.”
2. Chatbots create brand history
Chatbots generalized personalized content and effective storytelling. Many big brands such as National Geographic, Starbucks and Call of Duty use "friendly" bots to interact with fans and create communities. For example, the National Geographic Genius bot (similar to little Albert Einstein) answered complex questions about physics and philosophy. In Call of Duty, a number of bots were used - “male” and “female”, depending on the settings of the game, to create an individual game quest with fans. Due to this, these “friendly” chatbots creates personal stories and increase brand loyalty.
3. Chatbots show better results than sending e-commerce emails
Chat messengers robots show a higher level of transparency and click compared to conventional e-mails. In particular, chatbots have a CTR in the range of 15% to 60%, while the average CTR of email marketing is only about 4%. Consequently, a number of online marketers use chatbots to bring information to visitors of their sites through pop-up windows. Some analysts are already predicting that the rivalry between chatbots and email marketing can be the largest digital battle of the century.
Chat robots seem to be conquering the world with great speed. Chat messengers are successfully used in e-commerce, online marketing, customer service, the industry of financial technologies, hotel business and many more. Voice-activated chatbots are also emerging and are utilized on devices such as Amazon Echo and Apple AirPods. Chatbots for business effectively serve both small and large companies, as well as B2B and B2C. You should contact app developers to integrate a chatbot into your business operation today.

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