An Extensive Guide to Develop Mobile App Strategy

An Extensive Guide to Develop Mobile App Strategy

With technology implementation becoming universal in each and every aspect, it is becoming hard to leverage the best mobile solution for your clients. Nowadays, simply leveraging mobile solutions is not pretty enough to attract clients. Handing over smartphone device loaded with applications is not only enough, one needs to plan and develop an app for the best and effective mobile strategy. Research shows that,

• Mobility is hard to get the task done as 80% of the population depends on mobile and 55% expressed that clients expect to be in touch after working hours.

• One fourth of the overall employees believes that company is not making sufficient usage of mobile technology.

• Many organizations are failing to engage their employees and customers with the company due to the lack of mobility solution.

The success of a mobile app is more than app development. It is beyond handing over devices and apps to employees. Below are some steps that need to be followed for successful mobile app strategy.

1. Build a Strategy:

There are many factors to be considered when you develop a mobile strategy. The company needs to be clear regarding what it wants from the mobile strategy, who are going to use the device etc. For instance: In the Retail industry, it will make sense if your company provides the mobile app. The majority of the population access information with the help of their smartphones. Also, the mobile app has become the need of an hour as it provides quick access to information at anyplace and anytime.

You need to have a clear vision of where you want your company to be in terms of mobility. If this phase is clear, the next step would be how to plan that make this strategy work.

2. Evaluate Current Scenario:

The first and the foremost step of your strategy should be to evaluate your current organization scenario. Your employees might probably be using a wide range of hardware device - devices in terms of OS, mobiles, laptops, tablets etc. You also need to consider that besides hardware usage. Which software your employees are currently using? Are they using cloud? Which kind of CRM are they working on?, Do they make use of the cloud-based environment to share data? Evaluating your current enterprise scenario will help you to take an effective decision.

3. BYOD Approach or Company Supplied:

The second question to be considered is whether to implement BYOD approach or to use company device? BYOD approach involves employees connecting and accessing company data & information from their personal devices. In some way, it is cost saving but at the same time involves risk like data breach, hacking, phishing etc.

4. Choose Your MDM Provider:

If your employees are accessing company's data via the cloud and that too outside office premises, you can sometimes face serious issues like data leak. So in such case, some mobile device management provider should be considered. They need to manage and controls access of device remotely from a central place where particular IP are only allowed to access information. Data accessed should be encrypted and secured.

5. Measuring Success:

Before you actually deploy your preferable solution, it is intelligent to define the metrics that you will use to measure success. Again, the measurement will depend on surveys and reviews conducted with employees every 6 to 12 months. Hope that this information will help you to make a best mobile strategy. Have a plan? Want to develop the best app for your business? Then, consult best mobile app development company to convert your idea into the app. Contact us now.


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