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This article outlines some important app development statistics that top app development companies will love to have. As you know, the importance of data cannot be over-emphasized as information is power. Having more information than your competitors gives you a competitive advantage over them. This is why top app development companies strive to gather as much data as possible. 
So, here are some very important statistics about android that will be of immense benefit to top app development companies. These statistics will help them take better and faster decisions and it will also give them an idea of how lucrative android app development is.
Two billion users
As at 2017, the number of Android users had risen to over 2 billion and the figure is still growing. No doubt, the figure will be much higher now. Imagine what the figure will be in 2025. This is why android app development market is far from being fully exploited. Top app development companies should begin to plan to take a bigger chunk of the market share. 
Android accounts for 87 percent of the whole mobile operating system market
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Do you believe that Android accounts for exactly 87.7% of the whole mobile operating system market globally? This figure was released in August, 2017. The figure was revealed after a comprehensive study was carried out. So, top app development companies and web developers should ensure that their apps and websites work perfectly on android platform.
You don’t want to miss out on the big one. All app developers should be gunning for the 87 percent of the market. Remember, this implies that iOS, Windows and RIM share the remaining 12.3 percent of the market. So, if you have to focus on only one of the 4 operating systems, won’t you rather focus on android? The choice is yours.
Android’s share of internet usage is 38 percent
Sometime in 2017, it was discovered that Android's share of global internet usage was exactly 37.93 percent. You know people access the internet with different devices. People access the internet with tablets, smartphones, laptops, notebooks, digital cameras, camcorders, wearable, TV set… etc. Different operating systems run in all these devices. So, the share of the internet access with devices that run on Android was 37.93 percent in 2017. It is more likely that the number would have increased because the number of Android devices has increased tremendously.
Android’s share of mobile operating system market in the US is 62 percent
As at the later part of 2017, Android's share of mobile operating system market in the US alone had hit 62 percent. If you intend to sell apps to the US market, this figure should be of importance to you. It is one of the major indicators to how big Android app development market is. And the market is still growing because more android-run devices are still being manufactured.
Android’s share of mobile operating system in the Chinese market is 76.4 percent
If by accounting for just 62 percent of the mobile operating system market, you think android dominates the US mobile market, what will you say now that you have heard that Android's share of the Chinese mobile operating system market is 76.4 percent? The truth is that if android can dominate the mobile market in these two countries, chances are it dominates the mobile market in every country.
Android’s biggest competitor is Apple, an American company. If android sells more in the United States, it shows that android enjoys wider use globally. 
There are more than 4,000 different Android devices
As at 2015, the number of model of devices that run on android globally had risen over 4,000. A particular brand has more than one model. For instance, Samsung usually offers more than 5 models of Android devices every year. If the number had risen beyond 4,000 in 2015, chances are high that it will be up to 10,000 now or very close to it. This is because more brands of Android device manufacturers have been emerging since then. 
This also means that as an android app developer, you must ensure that your mobile app works perfectly on as many Android devices as possible. Unfortunately, you can’t possibly lay your hands on all the models of Android devices available in the market today. This is one major challenge that app developers cope with.
Number of Android device manufacturers is more than 400
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This is related to the statistic above. As at 2015, the number of companies that are manufacturing Android devices had reached 400 and surpassed it. Considering the brands of Android devices available today, it is very likely that the figure has increased drastically now. In fact, it may have doubled. 
Android has 70 percent share of the tablet market
This is another big one. As at 2015, Android's share of the tablet market globally had reached 70 percent. So, you can say android clearly leads the mobile market. Pushing iOS as the leading mobile operating system is misleading. Now, think of it. Apple tablets (iPads) run on iOS, Nokia tablets run on Windows, and Blackberry tablet (if any) will run on RIM. Every other brand of tablet runs on Android. Samsung, Lenovo, LG, Sony Experia, HTC, Intel, Infinix, Tecno, Motorolla, Some Nokia models, Xaiomi, and many more brands of tablets all run on Android. So, it is very clear that Android leads the market.
100 million users use Google Pay
This statistic is more recent than others. As of April 2018, it was reported that more than 100 million users are actively using Google Pay that is supported by only Android devices. That is not all, over 870 banks support Google Pay worldwide, Google Pay is already available in more than 20 countries. This shows that Google Pay enjoys relatively wider acceptance.
When you consider all the statistics above, you will realize that they all point towards a particular direction. They all show that Android clearly leads the mobile device market. So, if you have to focus on only one mobile operating system, you should concentrate on Android.

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