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Apple iOS 10 to Bring Big Changes in Business App Development

App Development

Sep 2016
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apple ios 10 to bring big changes in business app development

Yes, it's the big one. The most anticipated and the biggest announcements of the year – Introducing latest OS from Apple finally goes live adjoining two of the newer OS – tvOS 10 and WatchOS 3. Apple iOS being the biggest upgrade added to iPhone application development recently, was introduced in WWDC- one of the most significant Apple events held in San Fransisco on 13th June. Before the launch of iOS 10 (which was about to set in motion from 13th September) another most important event of Apple took place on 7th September. In this event, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus were triggered in the mobile industry. (As Apple was interested in quick advancement) Showing its interest in swift augmentation, Apple has leveraged its iOS frameworks and other services available for modifications. Such modifications have allowed developers to create a wide range of iPhone based products that made its way compatible with other Apple family products. But, does this means that the new upgradations have opened many opportunities for consumers and developers to practice their usability? Let's have a sneak-peak into the latest Apple innovations.

iOS 10 Update

Apple iOS 10 is designed for the owners holding iPhone 5 or later devices. Generally, users are automatically notified to update. But, if you are left behind to upgrade, then you can manually trigger by going to Settings -> General -> Software Update.

Usually, the size of update varies as per your device but, in the case of iOS 10 as it is one of the major releases and its size is between 600 MB to 1.2 GB.

iOS 10 Compatibility: Which Device Supports iOS 10?

Below is the list of all iOS 10 Compatible device:



iPhone – 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, iPhone SE, 5, 5s, 5c.



Ipad - Pro 12.9-inch, Pro 9.7-inch, Air 2, Air, 4th gen, 3rd gen, iPad 2, mini 4, mini 3, mini 2, iPad mini.



Ipod touch 6th generation.


Dynamic Changes in iOS Features : Wide Opportunities to Create iOS Apps.


1) New iOS Push Notification and Expanded 3D Touch:

Notifications are the most influencing factor that affects heavily on user experience. One of the most beneficial features is 3D touch response where you can check out your schedule, various updates, enjoy the live game without going inside the application. For example: If you are getting notifications from UBER then, tapping on 3D touch will enable you to see all the information including car location, accept or decline of ride etc. You can also send emojis and stickers without unlocking your mobile screens.


2) iMessage Improvements:

Messages are one of the most used services in iPhone. People would love and tend to share their feelings, emotions, locations and other information via iMessage. iMessage has updated itself with improvements like:

• Advanced emojis

• Holographic messages

• Visual links that allow you to have sneak-peak inside the link's content without opening it.

• View sharing from camera

• Using other apps without leaving the conversation.

This newer update will let you synchronize communication while solving some other issues. Example: Booking movie tickets or restaurant while you are heading your ongoing conversation.

3) Siri Has Become More Intelligent:

Siri is completely the part of iOS 10 and serves almost around 2 millions of request each week. Such a busy girl I must say! Here are some of the tasks that this busy girl performs:

• Please disclose me with the weather forecast.

• Respond to my email.

• Call me a cab.

• Book 2 tables in the nearby restaurant. 

And much more.


The main objective of Siri is to work together with a keyboard, understand the voice commands and act on it by pulling out the needed information. As now Siri is made handy to developers, they can implement Sirikit into smart voice assistant in their application. Implementation of Siri will help you to get idea how best it serves you and how you can make the best use of iOS Siri API for your product updates.


4) Speech Recognition API:

With the release of Apple iOS 10, developers grabbed the excellent opportunity to deal with the segment of Siri i.e New Speech Recognition. It comes with 50 languages in record or real time speech. Using speech recognition framework it is capable of integrating various 3rd party application.

5) Smarter map Application:

The latest update of iOS 10 has made access to Map much easier, refurbished map design and made us too lazy to depend on them. Smart maps save our huge amount of time by performing certain task like:


• Display place routes and approximate time to reach to a particular place.

• Show nearby available service information, its distance etc.

• Interaction with 3rd party and native apps.

• Calling taxi to your doorsteps using any of the application available.

• Buy movie tickets or book tables for dinner and making payment through Apple Pay.


Now, Map is open for developers. Big thanks to such opportunities where iOS app development company can fix your issues and can add various solutions. Fixes can be like creating markers in a map to locate places, tracking of delivery, providing address etc.


6) Apple Assists - Ensuring Security:

Apple guarantees that whether you make use of any kind applications like Maps or you share your personal information through iMessages, your personal profile would never be generated. Security is one of the primary principles of the company, on which it firmly stands by. So, with iOS development tools you can be sure that the code created in iOS application would not compromise security levels.


How iOS 10 updates can help you with the development of your business application?


These updated iOS 10 features can contribute greatly to the development of the exceptional business application. Developers of iPhone app development company need to understand the updates and scrutinize the way adopted to integrate those features into your business app development.


If you consider Notification update of iOS 10 then, following aspects should be taken into account:


• Enabling actions like answering to missed calls, postponing invitation etc.

• Leverage delete option that let the user delete some unavoidable events or pop-up.

• Creating customized notification sound etc.


If you consider Speech Recognition then following recommendations can be implemented by app developers UK:


• Internet connectivity should be mandatory.

• It should not access personal data and information like credit card security codes, passwords, personal data etc.


The Road Ahead

Well, upgrading your smartphone device to the new OS is advisable because of the benefits that it comes with. The new operating system is going to take very less space and will advance the battery life by coupling with many battery saving features. iOS 10 is one of the biggest move taken by Apple. So, do you have any idea and want to develop your business app compatible with iOS 10? then, we are your results. Hire the best iOS app development team of Hyperlink Infosystem and develop the best business app for your enterprise. Contact us now for further information.

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