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Artificial Intelligence: Setting A Standard For App Development Companies


Oct 2018
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artificial intelligenceartificial intelligence: setting a standard for app development companies
In recent years, there have been lots of revolutionizing events that have also been affecting the organizational structure and processes of various industries in the tech world. Several factors (new technologies) are responsible for these transformational improvements including Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR). While most of these techs are considered as rising innovations that are just beginning to gain some recognition, none has been more impactful in the mobile app development industry than Artificial Intelligence (AI). 
Before now, Artificial Intelligence (AI) used to be considered as a simple form of futuristic fiction that was only concerned with imaginary scientific and technological developments. But today, it is observably not wrong to say the future is here. As it stands, AI can no longer be regarded as a sci-fi narrative. When it comes to revolutionizing the organizational structure and processes in the app development world, this is the biggest opportunity for any app development companies can ever desire to have. 
What about AI?
artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology can be very effective in improving communication and productivity. Just so you know, many app development companies have already begun adopting AI and every other technology that comes with it in order to develop the next gen of smart mobile application. Currently, Artificial Intelligence is almost being felt everywhere, thanks to the introduction of some smart technologies like Assistant, Cortana, and Siri. 
Many developers are dedicating great amounts of time and effort toward developing highly responsive personal assistants by integrating these services into their app development processes to improve upon service provision, message transmission, information track down, and smart response. As a result, it is becoming evident that any app development companies that are not supporting their applications with an intelligent feature may soon be missing out on greater and better opportunities. 
Unlike other sectors, the mobile app development industry tends to provide a more suitable environment for AI to thrive in. Just to let you know, it is much easier to integrate this sophisticated functionality in an application than teaching it in an institution. So, whether you are operating in the virtual assistant sphere or not, no app professional can shy away from using AI technology, as long as you are working in the app development world. 
Why consider AI?
Initially, when mobile application technology was newly introduced, it wasn’t that easy for users to flow along with the system due to the way and manner applications were fragmented. But with constant and consistent upgrades, the ecosystem has since become more integrated than as it was then. Now, it is evident that mobile users are no longer interested in scrolling through several apps to reach their desired zone. Interestingly, device and OS manufacturers are aware of this fact and have begun adopting new development strategies to improve on it. 
Improve navigability and convenience 
App development companies are also not relenting on their own part to improve navigability and user convenience. In a bid to enable mobile users to navigate through apps without having to launch them separately, these professionals are already working to support their apps with deep linking features such as Facebook App links, iOS URLs, and Android intents. 
No doubt, AI is helping to contribute to an increasingly connected mobile ecosystem and many app developers have begun taking part in it by getting their apps integrated with intelligent voice interfaces. If well adopted, it is good to know that this new approach can help to harmonize the entire navigation process. From all indications, this is a true reflection of the power of voice in mobile app development. 
Improve user experience and engagement
improve user experience and engagement
The overwhelming growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) is another important reason why app development companies should consider adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI). As you already know, many mobile users are getting more interested in using connected devices such as sensors, lights, TVs, watches, computers, and phones to complete simple tasks. Obviously, no one wants to pass through the stress and confusion of using multiple devices anymore. 
With AI, it is easier to provide users with just a single interface that they can use to access every connected device on the network. One of such interfaces is Voice; with just a few simple commands users can get just what they need from their connected system. There is no better way to enable users to free up their hands when in a tight situation than this. By integrating intelligent voice capabilities into mobile application development, app development companies will provide users with different intuitive ways to interact with their apps. 
Understand consumer behavior
With AI properly integrated into app development, there will be no need for the usual marketing ‘guessing game.’ Basically, business owners will no longer need to guess what their customers’ needs were and where they might be located before launching their product or service. In a bid to effectively enable businesses to predict consumer behavior without guessing words, app development companies can adopt relevant Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategies aimed at reducing the marketing spend of enterprises. Just so you know, this can go a long way in helping to improve better customer relationships by creating deeper, contextual mobile moments for businesses and their clients. 
Create insight-driven data app development companies
One interesting thing about AI is that it affects virtually all emerging technologies. Obviously, there is no technical aspect of any business that cannot be influenced by this technology. With AI, mobile application development companies in usa can help to transform any enterprise into an insight-driven market converter by developing applications that are capable of gathering useful information (Big Data), store it and process it into useful insights that can be beneficial to its growth. No doubt, such a development will not only be helpful in enabling businesses to make strategic, insight-driven decisions, but can also go a long way in helping them gain a competitive edge over their contemporaries in the market.
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