ASO Positioning For Mobile Applications

aso positioning for mobile applications
There are millions of mobile apps download every day. And these figures do not stop growing day after day. More applications, more competition among app developers. And the solution to stand out is to have an excellent digital marketing technique.
ASO, SEO For Apps?
A good position in search engines such as Google helps us generate more traffic to our website. If the main objective of SEO is to improve the positioning to generate traffic to a web page, the ASO (App Store Optimization) aims to achieve a better position for our mobile application, and thus, increase the conversion. A well-positioned application will make the user find our app faster, increasing the chances of downloading it from platforms such as Google Play or App Store.
If a company wants its application to be known and accessible, it must be positioned correctly and thus obtain the best results. Some of its main advantages are:
• Increase the visibility of your app. This is one of the main advantages of using ASO strategies to position apps. It brings greater visibility both to the company and to the application itself.
• Increase the number of downloads and users: if an application appears in the first search results, downloads are more likely to occur, and the number of users who register in the app increases.
• It generates more leads: in the case that the application tries to capture a greater number of clients, a good positioning favors that the clients find the contents that they were looking for, in our application.
Keys to improving your ASO positioning in the app store
Advertise the app on your website
advertise the app on your website
If you want to give more visibility to your mobile application and, therefore, to increase the downloads, the ideal is to offer the possibility of downloading the application by indicating it on the website through buttons and direct links to download the application from Apple Store or Google Play.
Title and logo
Application title should be short and concise. Try to contain the keyword for which you want to position the application. The logo must be an original element that does not go unnoticed, as it is what the user first sees. Also, avoid having a white background.
Try to add in the description of all possible words that have to do with the use that will be given to the application. If we have a photo retouching application, add words like "photography," "filter," or "editing."
Attractive description of the app. What can your app offer the users?
Add a brief but attractive description that clarifies what it is and what it can do. If the user has come to see your description, it means that you are one step away from the conversion. Make him see that your application is the one he was looking for. In addition, you can get the attention of users with screenshots, where they can see its best features or how easy it is to use it. You can even add a demonstration video if your website is in the App Store.
And of course, it generates positive ratings! An application with five stars and positive user feedback is a conversion. Do not forget to encourage users to leave their opinion or value your application.
Google Play
If you are going to offer your app through this platform, here are a couple more tips to guide you:
• Work with Google+: your positioning may also vary depending on the amount of +1 received and shared.
• Downloads: Google Play better positions those companies that get a greater number of downloads. But be careful, because if you encourage many users to download it and uninstall it a short time later, the effect is the opposite, since Google penalizes it.
Applications to get a good ASO
We have already given you the keys that will make your application rank on the highest positions in the main application download platforms. But in addition, there are other tools that can help your ASO strategy to achieve optimal positioning.
applications to get a good aso
Some of the most prominent ones are:
Google Adwords: this allows us to know the most interesting keywords for our users, helping us to describe our app.
SensorTower: this tool indicates the level of optimization of your app within the application stores.
Appsee: This application allows us to know the user's behavior when browsing our website. This can be useful to know what kind of behavior users have in front of our app.
The ASO implies constant research and testing work until you find the best strategy. You should also discuss the ASO of your app with the mobile app development company that is handling your project. They can always help you with great strategies.

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