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Beyond Gaming: 7 Fascinating Uses Of Virtual Reality

Game Development

Oct 2017
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virtual reality app development
Using a virtual reality device designed by a VR app development company provides a dreamlike experience through time and space without even leaving a spot. You will completely feel detached from your body and yet you are still connected to your body as you soar into space or ski race down a mountain in a virtual world. 
Samsung Gear Virtual Reality device and the Oculus Rift are now available to VR app development companies, mobile app development companies, and VR fans, while the Google Cardboard is available for those looking for an alternative with a low budget. 
But so far, what is trending, and all the works and talks of VR app development companies have focused mainly on gaming. Why it is like this is because gamers are always looking for best possible immersive experience. But there are fascinating uses of this technology than just using it to get an immense gaming experience. Virtual reality headset made by VR app development company is now being used by industries for training their staffs and offer better ways of experiencing things. Here are other fascinating uses of virtual reality aside gaming:
If one of the fundamental uses of VR technology is not gaming already, then other kinds of entertainment will definitely be. Audiences in the theater are already enjoying three-dimensional movies, but with virtual reality technology such as Oculus Cinema, audiences can have a more deeply immersed movie experience. With this technology, they can be watching movies on a large virtual screen, making it feel like their personal cinema, or even have the feeling like they are in the movie itself, surrounded by the sound effects and imagery. If you are a fan of sports, the VR app development company known as LiveLike VR has developed a virtual stadium to make you have game day experience thrills together with your friends, from the comfort of your home. Also, users can be transported via virtual reality to the performance of Cirque du Soleil or the VR filming company Coldplay concert, excluding all the rowdy fans. Even the industry of tourism has also come onboard, with the collaboration of Marriott's Travel and Oculus promising to satisfy the wanderlust of people. According to the company's website, you can virtually be transported to Hawaii in 90 seconds when you use the application. 
A lot of cultures could be added to our lives with the help of virtual reality. Virtual reality technology can transfer users instantly to the Acropolis in Athens, the Louvre in Paris, and the Guggenheim in NYC, in the same day. As a result of the evolving technology, many museums have collaborated with app developer from VR app development companies to develop virtual space that users can experience the physical collections of their museums. Of recent, London's British Museum released its first VR weekend. Also, the American Natural History Museum in NYC has made most of its collections to be accessed virtually via Google Cardboard. Users can now take a tour to this museum if they have Google Cardboard and a smartphone. 
One huge adapter of the virtual reality technology is the healthcare industry, and also some institutions that use the images generated by the computer for diagnosis and treatment. VR simulations, such as the ones built by mobile app development companies Conquer Mobile and Surgical Theater, make use of images of diagnosis form ultrasound or CAT scans to create three-dimensional models of the anatomy of a patient. The VR three-dimensional models are very helpful for both experienced and new surgeons in determining the most efficient and safest way of locating a tumor, practice procedures that are difficult ahead of time, and placing surgical incisions. Besides surgery, virtual reality can as well act as an engaging and cost-effective tool for rehabilitation. According to MindMaze, victims of brain injury and stroke around Europe can now make use of an immersive VR therapy they created to regain cognitive and motor function quicker compared to physical therapy traditionally. The real-time feedback and virtual exercises in MindMaze have a game-like experience, helping to keep patients motivated to practice daily activities. 
Manufacturing of Automotive:
From virtual prototypes to the process of design, manufacturers of automobiles have for decades now been making use of high technology simulations. The Ford automobile company with the help of Oculus Rift has made virtual reality the center of its automotive development. Inside of its Immersion Laboratory in Dearborn, the staffs can make use of a VR headset to examine the exterior and interior parts of a vehicle, as well as sitting inside the car before it is even manufactured. The virtual prototype enables engineers and designers from different departments to inspect various elements closely, such as upholstery or engine, and see problems that may arise even before they do.
A lot of people are already familiar with online sites for shopping, but VR applications such as Trillenium may be the next trend of how products are being purchased by customers on the web. These applications can offer a tour of an entire store virtually, making improvements on the experience of shopping online traditionally. Rather than going through catalogs on a site, shoppers can enjoy the experience of real-time shopping and they can also shop together with friends. The attention of one of the biggest online retailers in Europe (ASOS) has been attracted by this application. Through ASOS's collaboration with Trillenium, shoppers will through the use of their virtual reality headset soon be able to buy items from ASOS. 
The automobile industry is not just making use of virtual reality for the purpose of designing. Companies such as Toyota is making use of Oculus headset as an aspect of their TeenDrive campaign, to enlighten parents and teenagers about distracted driving. Education in any field can be revolutionized with the immersive experience that virtual reality headset offer. VR can make cognitive learning more effective, efficient and faster by making complicated concepts such as simulations and field trips accessible to all age. An example of such applications that provide online educational virtual reality content is Cerevrum and Unimersiv. 
Military Training:
Most military bases usually make use of virtual reality simulators to get their soldiers trained before deploying them. Some game versions that non-commercial such as Unity 3D and Battlespace 2 are used in the preparation of troops for combat. The simulations in the game enable teams to learn how to collaborate with each other in a virtual environment before they can start making use of real tactical equipment. The immersive environment the simulation provides is very important because training that captivates the learner's attention usually has a long-lasting effect on them and they find it easier and better to understand. Also, soldiers use these virtual reality simulations for personal training and improvement. 
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