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We are living in the conversational era where mobile app development companies are trying hard to initiate conversation with consumers to engage them with the application developed. The rise in application usage across the globe has invited many startups and entrepreneurs to tap unexplored opportunities. In order to survive in this cutting edge competition, our main focus should be to concentrate on customer loyalty while gathering new acquaintances within the app. Approximate engagement rate that a high-performing application receives from in-app messaging is 42%. For average performing application, the rate slides down to 25%. Push notification is able to attract merely 10% of engagement rate. Now the question here is, Why only in-app messaging? Because in order to cherish constant communicate with consumers, you need something more than Email, SMS and Push notifications.

How Does In-App Messaging Help Us To Drive More Conversions?
In-app messaging has immense capabilities to drive more conversion rates to e-commerce app. Some of the task that can be done are:
• Establishing a direct connection with application visitors.
• Helps to seek better customer attention as compared to push notification.
• Helps to provide accurate reviews, feedback and user assistance.
• Can instantly seek feedback from customers and can fine-tune app performance.

How In-App Messaging Multiply Sales For Majority Business And Enterprise?
Currently, only 30-35% of the business and enterprise are making use of in-app messaging. In the app, messaging helps to increase customer retention rate by 3.5 times that hardly any marketing channel is able to make. When blended with other marketing channels, in-app messaging is able to turn customers interest towards the brand and thus lead to higher conversion rates. Here are some of the benefits that business can reap from in-app marketing.

1. Builds Customer Relation With Company:
As in-app messaging allows customers to stay connected with an organization, it augments customer retention rate on high rates. Moreover, a direct connection is established between the customer and the corresponding company so that it reduces the possibility of the user getting distracted from the app.Personalized attention ensures that users are able to get instant support to resolve their grievances and queries.

2. Personal Shopping Experience:
In-app messaging makes customer more connected with the virtual environment. They can avail the services of virtual environment just like they are conversing with any sales assistance. Integration of chatbots or virtual sales assistants is empowered to communicate with customers to deliver better and personalized shopping experience across all smartphone screens.

3. Built Into Native App Experience:
In-app messaging allows you to reach multiple user-base without compromising with native platform user experience. As the messaging experience is developed inside the app, it boosts up app experience. Whether it's Android, iOS or Windows, UX remains unchanged and provides the best user experience.

4. Personalization:
Furthermore, you can also personalize in-app messaging as per your user's preferences. An older messages can be utilized by the application owner to match user preferences and past behavior. Chatbots empowered by AI is able to serve highly personalized experience to users.

In-app messaging bridges gap between customers and online stores. It includes the flavors of personalized ambiance that helps customers to enjoy the better shopping experience. Stay tuned to us for more updates.


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