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Business In The Smartphone: A Selection Of Mobile Applications For Entrepreneurs

App Development

Nov 2019
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mobile applications for entrepreneurs
Today, many business concerns can be resolved through a smartphone. And this is not only reading emails, calling partners and ordering a taxi. Applications with new business opportunities come out so often that you don’t have time to keep track of new products.
We have put together in one article business tasks that today can be solved with only one smartphone.
What tasks can be solved in mobile applications

Pay taxes and submit reports
Relations with the tax is perhaps the most routine business task. Unfortunately, there’s no getting away from it. You can pay taxes through online banking, and submit reports on the tax website, through public services or online accounting. In any case, to do this, you must physically be at the computer.
Apps developed by top app development companies can be used to transfer money and send reports wherever you are: at home, on the road, on vacation. You can do everything through a single cloud accounting application or use separate tools.
Also, many banking applications allow you to solve problems related to taxes and reporting. Before looking for a third-party service, check if yours may have such functions.
Make banking operations
make banking operations
Payment and billing are another integral part of entrepreneurial activity. Moreover, sometimes all these are time-sensitive: suppliers shipped the goods on time, and customers transferred the money to pay salaries.
Online clients now allow you to do all this in a couple of clicks: you don’t need to print payments and go to offices. What if there is no access to a computer, but you need to transfer money?
Along with desktop clients and browser-based personal accounts, many banks have mobile applications that allow you to make transactions in minutes, no matter where you are. Details of counterparties, information on past movements and other data are stored: if the partner is not new, you won’t have to fill in anything.
You can transfer endlessly - almost every bank now has a mobile application. Look for yours on the AppStore or “Play Store,” if not already. You can meet with app developers to develop a mobile app for your business.
Track tasks and lead projects
We don’t know if this is a trend or a requirement of our time, but now many app builders (and not only in Digital and IT) manage the work processes and tasks of employees using electronic services.
It’s convenient to monitor the tasks, read the comments of employees and adjust their actions from your smartphone, especially when you are on vacation, on the road, at a business meeting or relaxing with your family. Most applications have mobile applications that are being developed and regularly updated by app developers. By the way, in such versions, often there are additional useful functions like a widget of urgent tasks for today or buttons for quickly creating a case on the main screen.
There are hundreds of such applications in the "Play Store" and the AppStore, there are for every taste. However, in my experience, it’s better to initially choose a tool that you will use both on a mobile device and a desktop.
Every entrepreneur or team needs its functionality: one is nowhere without tracking time, the other is important that there is a lot of space for files.
Therefore, choosing a service, analyze all the possibilities of different options and choose the one that is best suited to your business.
Observe what is happening in the office and the trading floor
For offline businesses, video surveillance is an indispensable thing. With cameras, it’s easier to:
- solve an ambiguous situation with a client;
- prevent an offense or find a criminal;
- to understand where 3 brand new laptops from the warehouse went and to punish unclean employees.
- And in some modern services, there are also analytical functions: counting visitors to the outlet, analyzing the target audience and the popularity of different categories of goods.
You can also view recordings, online broadcasts, and reports from your computer. However, when urgent issues arise on the road, the opportunity to watch cameras from your phone will be helpful. Also, some services send notifications via applications when sound or motion sensors are triggered. By reacting quickly, you can catch the intruder right on the spot.
As in the case of project managers, you should not choose a video surveillance service only for a convenient application. Evaluate all the possibilities, terms of cooperation and tariffs to find the right solution.
Monitor telephone conversations with customers
monitor telephone conversations with customers
Virtual PBXs will not surprise anyone. This way of organizing corporate telephony is simpler, more flexible and cheaper than traditional. And distributed companies without a physical office, warehouse or outlet do not have a choice.
In short, modern virtual exchanges are programs that run on the developer's servers, and users get access to them through a web service. Such tools distribute calls between employees, record conversations, store a call history, integrate with CRM and have other useful functions, the set of which depends on the particular solution.
Setting up a service, creating call distribution scripts and integrating telephony with other products is more convenient from a computer. And from a smartphone, it’s convenient to listen to conversations with customers while driving so that you don’t waste time on it later.
Another scenario is mobile applications for managers through which their phones are attached to the PBX. So all calls and negotiations get into the system, even when employees are often “in the fields” and communicate with the client from a mobile phone.
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