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Challenges In Customer-Facing Enterprise App Development

App Development

Apr 2018
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challenges in enterprise app development
With the advent of smartphones and high-speed internet, mobile app development has gained increased popularity all around the world. Today, more and more businesses are showing their readiness to invest in mobile technology. The Customer-facing enterprise mobile app, in particular, is in great demand especially because of its relevance to small and large businesses. However, the competition and consistent advancement in technology have made it challenging for mobile app developers to create apps that meet the requirement of their clients.
The hurdles that the mobile app development company needs to overcome ranges from choosing the right team to adopting the best development methods to incorporating outstanding features/functionalities to the final product. 
1. Working With The Right Team
Most organizations need a mobile app to interact effectively with their customers and achieve their business goals. And enterprise applications are developed to aid connection with the brand, provide relevant information about products and services and provide constant support, among other things
You need to find the right talent to build your app as developing customer-facing enterprise apps requires skill. 
Customer-facing apps require huge investment, but it can also be rewarding. Everyone involved in building the app must unleash their expertise to achieve a successful outcome, and these include the product manager, the developers who create the code and the marketing professional who brand the product. The product manager must understand the mobile space, the nature of your business and its challenges. The right team is necessary to develop and maintain a successful product.
You also need UX/UI designers. 
UI & UX are key factors that determine retention and rejection of the end product. Customer-facing apps speak volumes about your brand: they need to function efficiently, and they also need to appeal to users. Unlike employee-facing apps, design and user experience are of great importance when creating customer-facing apps. Enterprises who choose to employ their internal tech team to create their create their customer-facing mobile app will face the issue of resourcing. This because finding people to occupy technical positions such as mobile architects and engineers is a lot of work. 
In a bid to create successful apps, many enterprise organizations are adopting a new strategy - outsourcing to a competent mobile app development company. This method allows the organization to a handle part of the project while cutting down on internal cost and increasing in-house knowledge. They also benefit from the knowledge and skill brought to the project by the mobile development partner.
2. Native Development Is The Way
It is important to develop an app that can attract and retain users as well as allow you remain competitive. 
A great customer-facing enterprise app needs to be dynamic, fast and authentic. Expert enterprise app developers often recommend native technology as it known to provide desired cutting edge to apps. The native app development can deliver all the attributes needed to make a great app. Besides delivering speedy and excellent performance, the native app development interacts better with device hardware as well as uses unique features of certain platforms. Also with the native app, you can utilize the UX and UI conventions that are exclusive to every platform. A new platform features can be strategically incorporated on availability.
Customer-facing enterprise apps are a reflection of your brand, and as mentioned earlier they allow for interaction between the company and the customers. Therefore the app must delight the customers, and the user experience should be exceptional. Though native app development is a costlier approach, it provides a superior user experience. 
3. Creating Services Ready for Mobile
For your customer-facing app to function as expected, you need a strong API strategy. However, you need to evaluate your present service range. If it is not sufficient to power your mobile app, you should seek help from a trusted app development company that understands what your app requires to function. Also, the company should be able to build APIs from scratch.
APIs are necessary to reveal business functions that allow the app to carry out specific tasks. For instance, if you are looking to develop a travel app, an API may be needed to enable users to enter a booking pin and provide booking details. An API will also be necessary to create an efficient gift card app as this will allow users to check the balance on the card.
4. Following the Continuous Delivery Approach
Customers are often impressed with organizations that show concern for their needs and care for them. After creating an app and introducing it to customers, it is pertinent to update the app, resolve complaints and remove errors constantly. Mobile is constantly evolving, unlike web properties that can function even without regular updates. If your product fails to keep pace, many users will abandon the app. Following the continuous delivery, the approach helps mobile app developers to get feedbacks, acquire more information from reviews and eventually implement new features/functionalities to improve their products and enhance user experience. You need to bear in mind that Consumer expectations are high. If your app does not add value to its users or you overlook the importance of regularly encouraging engagement, customers will quickly switch to better products. 
5. Wrap Up
Creating customer-facing enterprise apps presents many obstacles. Finding and retaining talent is even more challenging as those who possess the expertise necessary for the development, deployment, and maintenance of customer-facing apps are in high demand and at the same time scarce. Apart from the functionality of the app, the look and design of the app are also crucial to users.
Enterprise who want provide unparalleled user experience and retain their customers must endeavor to develop natively. As customer demands increase and mobile technology evolves, organizational changes and improvement to support the continuous delivery approach. The importance of getting feedback from users should not be downplayed. Instead, developers should use information gotten from reviews to upgrade their products. 
You need to give your customers reasons to stay loyal to your brand. If you regularly come up with new and exciting ideas to better improve your product and add further value to your customer, it will be difficult for competing brands to win them over. The success and failure of your app depend on the usability of the app. If the app does not engage its users or does not meet customers expectation, it will not be deployed for further use, and this will negatively affect the reputation of the organization. Despite the hurdles encountered by developers, they must endeavor to break these barriers successfully. Ensure you choose an app development company that is reliable and has the resources to meet the requirements of your business. 
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