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Cost of Building a Job Portal Like Bayt: Features, Factors, and More

App Development

May 2024
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cost of building a job portal like bayt

Bayt is the UAE's #1 job hunting and hiring website. It is available in Arabic as well as English. Since its inception in 2000, Bayt has been providing employers and job hunters with a holistic platform that's full of choices, easy-to-navigate, and affordable solutions. It holds MENA's immense candidate database, comprising over a staggering 47+ million CVs and a whopping 5+ million monthly visitors. Their job portal is infused with custom AI screening to scan out desired candidates in a streamlined and efficient manner. Since the mobile app development company in the UAE is sprawling its wings to build portals similar to it, many entrepreneurs are opening up their avenues to attract global talent using such platforms.

If you're interested in building a job portal like the holistic Bayt.com, your ideas are already one step ahead of the many app solutions floating in the market. Currently, the UAE market is booming with opportunities, with millions of CVs and companies just listing their jobs and services on every other portal. Websites like Bayt have streamlined the strenuous process of recruiting and job hunting. But before you start Googling how to develop an app like Bayt, it's important to analyze the cost of developing something like this will entail. This blog takes a deep dive into the same.

Factors Influencing the Cost to Develop an App Like Bayt

Many key components are foreseen when it comes to decoding job portal processes like Bayt. All these variables are important to ensure a smooth and streamlined app functionality in addition to ongoing user satisfaction. The price tag for your job portal will depend on the following factors:

Feature Complexity

The overall complexity of your job portal app in UAE will keep on fluctuating depending on the core features you wish to integrate. Primary features like job searching filters, employers' profiles, and information, and job status tracking are fundamental. But fancy features like custom search filters, AI-powered matching, parsing resumes, social media integration, along with tailored job suggestions will increase the price of your development team.

UI/UX Designing

Whether you hire on-demand app developers or a mobile app development company, a job portal compulsorily needs a user-centric design. Elements such as intuitive navigation, seamless page shuffling, timely responsiveness, and other feature functionality that contribute to the look and feel are very crucial. These aren't just for job seekers and employer engagement; they also push up the Bayt-like job portal development cost.

Team Location

The location of your development team and its size matter a lot when calculating the total labor budget. For example, if you hire dedicated developers in India, the pricing could be significantly low, but if you approach a prominent mobile app development company in the UAE, the price will be significantly higher depending on the currencies. It's also vital that you hire seasoned developers who have previously worked on or contributed to job portal app and web development projects. Your Bayt-like job portal development cost can also be manipulated if you can consider the overall trade-off between cost and other factors like total years of experience and communication, with no compromise on quality.

Tech Stack

Among the primary capabilities and features needed to develop an app like Bayt, the top priority shall always be given to the complete utilization of emerging technologies. Your choice of tech stack heavily influences your Bayt-like job portal development cost. Choosing technologies like AI, database tools, frameworks, and data analytics tools, is part of your development budget and requires long-term maintenance. Finalizing the vital tech stacks for your frontend, backend, database, and hosting, is needed to future-proof your website and mobile application, for smooth cross-platform functionality.

Legal and Compliance

Compliance with local employment laws and data protection legislation is necessary internationally. It's mandatory to ensure that your IT costs to build a job portal like Bayt comply with every local employment law and data safety statute. This increases the development cost but again enhances the security with robust capabilities.

Rigorous Testing

For ensuring optimal quality during your job portal process, like Bayt, repetitive testing is paramount. A thorough test across different devices, platforms, screens, and browsers, checks the overall user experience deeply. Even though this investment increases the cost of your job search portal development, the end result is a high-performing product free of bugs, errors, and other vulnerabilities.

Third-Party Integrations

With job portals like Bayt, integration with outsourcing services is a commonly known factor. Things like multiple payment gateways, freemium model integration, job board APIs, and other two-factor verification software increase the platform's intricacy and also the delivery timeline.

Ongoing Maintenance

Most mobile app development companies in the UAE provide continued support and maintenance solutions post product launch. This facility includes app feature upgrades, potential bug fixes, maintaining the server, and anything else needed to sustain the platform's overall performance capability in the current market.

Must-have Features to Develop an App Like Bayt

The most common or mainstream features needed to develop an app like Bayt that need to be integrated during your project, similar to other UAE job portals, should fulfill the unique needs of job hunters and employers. Let's dive deep into these solid features that will contribute to your overall success.

User Panel

  • Profile Control

Users have the flexibility to add, edit, remove, and update their details, along with their resumes, when applying for jobs.

  • Job Hunting

Users should have the accessibility to explore and refine their job hunting process using advanced job filters like hybrid, remote, on-site, and other city choices for future reference.

  • Bookmarking Positions

Adding this feature enables users to select and save their preferred job listings while continuously tracking their application status.

  • Push Notifications

Send live alerts via SMS, email, and other channels, in addition to customized alerts for the latest job listings, previous application updates, and follow-ups.

  • Extra Resources

Users can enjoy additional resources to help in their career, like research blogs, tips, and tricks, in addition to resources for enhancing careers and improvising their job searching tactics.

Admin Panel

  • User Administration

Admins have complete access to oversee all the user accounts and check or verify profiles before publishing.

  • Listing Management

This feature lets the admins manage and monitor job listings by accepting/rejecting requests, formatting, and removing closed positions.

  • User Support

Admins can provide a separate section for user support, connect with potential employers, and oversee communication channels from one page.

  • Documenting and Analytics

Admins have complete access to user data, employer information, and performance metrics for a comprehensive platform overview.

  • Configuration Settings

Admins have the liberty to manage security measures, customize their platform settings, and configure all alerts and notifications in the app.

Cost to Develop a Job Portal Like Bayt

Keeping all the above factors in close check, here's a basic range that could potentially determine the cost of building a Bayt-like job portal in UAE:

Standard Platform

It includes basic functionalities like an admin and user panel, along with a user-friendly design that's easy to navigate on both phone and website. The cost for this comes from anywhere between $36,000 and $90,000.

Intermediate Portal

This kind of app is a more preferred version by job seekers and employers and includes some additional features with intricate designs on both mobile and the web. The cost for this comes from anywhere between $95,000 and $200,000.

Advanced Job Platform

This is the ultimate level where you can add an infinite number of features and functionalities while having a set timeline for project delivery. More complex features, AI chatbots, follow-up email and messaging options, sophisticated interface, cross-platform compatibility, and so much more. Such feature-loaded full stack development services start at $250,000.


Assembling a job portal like Bayt is not just a learning experience but a rewarding one for every entrepreneur. By calculating the cost of on-demand app development services and estimating regular expenses, you can make an educated decision, and plan your overall budget accordingly. It's important to remember that the most crucial element to understanding IT costs to build a job portal like Bayt is to have an intuitive interface plus a holistic database to connect job seekers with employers effortlessly. To get started on your job portal process, like Bayt, you can either hire dedicated developers in India or remotely hire Android app developers via outsourcing.

You can always approach a holistic mobile app development company in the UAE, like Hyperlink InfoSystem. Being a top app development company across the US, UK, UAE, and India, they offer full-fledged on-demand app development services and full-stack development services to help you build job portals like Bayt for your business. They also provide you the flexibility to hire iOS app developers or hire app developers who work on an hourly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis, depending on your project requirements. If you're still confused about your overall project estimations, connect with us for a free consultation and receive a custom business proposal based on your app idea. With crucial planning, intuitive design, and a commitment to providing an immaculate user experience, your job portal like Bayt can become a thriving online marketplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Even if you collaborate with a top app development company, the app development timing for any job portal platform depends on a plethora of factors. Components like the complexity of features, UI/UX interface sophistication, size of the development team, and overall scope of the project matter the most during such assignments. Typically, a job portal process like Bayt can take anywhere from 6 months to a year. It's advisable to manage your resources, plan your budget, set precise benchmarks to achieve, and ensure close collaboration with your internal team to guarantee on-time project success.

For developing a job portal like Bayt, it's advisable to consult with a mobile app development company in the UAE like Hyperlink InfoSystem. Typically, the cost of building a job portal app like Bayt depends on the location of your development team, size of the team, amount of features, and ongoing maintenance support, in addition to third-party integrations, which could start at $45,000 and go well over $500,000 for more advanced solutions.

Top job portals like Bayt fall under the on-demand app development services category. Job seekers across the UAE utilize many apps to find and apply for jobs suiting their positions. These job platforms help you profit by monetizing the following elements:

  • Sponsored job listings
  • Per job post fees or different price ranges
  • CV database and accessibility fees
  • Premium portal subscription plans
  • On-site ad campaign prices
  • Commissions via referrals
  • Fostering affiliations and collaborations

In order to integrate features to develop an app like Bayt, it's important to conduct holistic market research to understand what capabilities you need to establish and which demographic you're willing to target. Research and investigate current job apps in the market including Bayt to clearly define the pros and cons. Fulfilling those gaps with your own unique feature will set you apart from the competition.

Harnil Oza is the CEO & Founder of Hyperlink InfoSystem. With a passion for technology and an immaculate drive for entrepreneurship, Harnil has propelled Hyperlink InfoSystem to become a global pioneer in the world of innovative IT solutions. His exceptional leadership has inspired a multiverse of tech enthusiasts and also enabled thriving business expansion. His vision has helped the company achieve widespread respect for its remarkable track record of delivering beautifully constructed mobile apps, websites, and other products using every emerging technology. Outside his duties at Hyperlink InfoSystem, Harnil has earned a reputation for his conceptual leadership and initiatives in the tech industry. He is driven to impart expertise and insights to the forthcoming cohort of tech innovators. Harnil continues to champion growth, quality, and client satisfaction by fostering innovation and collaboration.

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