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Cost to Build a Live Streaming App Like Kick and Rumble: Features, and More

App Development

Jul 2024
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how much does it cost to build a live streaming app like kick and rumble

In 2024, live streaming is pretty much dominating many domains of the industry. With its explosive popularity, it has become a key element in the world of online content consumption. More and more businesses are increasingly leaning towards Googling how much does it cost to build a live-streaming app or consulting with a top mobile app development company to determine streaming app development costs. These platforms hold the immaculate potential to engage users in an immersive manner by barring any geographical borders and crafting real-time engagements.

Popular streaming apps like Kick and Rumble have completely revolutionized the way people consume digital content. They have gone a level ahead and enabled real-time engagement, quick events access, and thought-provoking debatable conversations, in addition to global experiences, making it a strong communication medium for the modern age. Platforms like Kick and Rumble have become vital solutions for businesses looking to enhance their customer interactions, establish a brand identity, and monetize on the ever-evolving digital interactivity domain. These apps aren't just loved by viewers but content creators are joining in on the bandwagon too.

High standards protect you from low-quality experiences, and even the best live-streaming software needs a bunch of key features to make your video-streaming app. If you're wondering about the video streaming app development cost for your own business, there are a lot of things to look forward to. Even though the answer is no one-size-fits-all, there are many key components we're gonna explore in this blog.

What Is Rumble App and Kick?

Rumble App

The Rumble app is a popular video-sharing and online streaming platform an alternative to the globally popular video-sharing sites like YouTube. Founded in 2013, it boasts a diverse portfolio of content creators, including censored as well content that could otherwise get demonetized on public platforms. Creators earn money on the app via ads and video licensing, in addition to platform distribution on other portals. It allows users to like, share, and comment, all while fostering a community around their in-app content. There are a variety of categories for users to explore like news, current affairs, tutorials, vlogs, and educational videos.

Kick App

Kick-streaming is a new entry into the live-streaming market with its niche focus relying on interactive live streaming and gaming. This platform has been time and again compared to popular live streaming apps like Twitch but offers a much more satisfactory revenue-sharing model for regular streamers. They also allow streamers with better revenue splits and prioritize real-time interaction between both parties in addition to a bundle of other interactive features. Kick app also offers users unique features and opportunities giving them a huge opportunity in the competitive live streaming and video-sharing landscape.

Factors Influencing Apps Like Kick And Rumble Development Costs

How much does it cost to build a live-streaming app? This is one of the main questions that pop up even before you hire dedicated developers or app developers to curate live-streaming apps. Let's check out some of the crucial factors influencing these expenses, to understand their impact on overall development.

  • Tech Team Location

Your development's teams geographical location is important to determine your live streaming app development cost. The majority of the time, the pricing of your developers depends on the model of employment you choose like hourly, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Many people are prioritizing low-cost regions like Asia to completely manage their development budget and still get the high-quality best live streaming software. You can get highly qualified development teams who price their solutions reasonably and also hold the necessary experience, technology, and resources needed for efficient project management. Asian countries are preferred for their capability of perfectly meeting all regional and international standards for compliance.

  • Technology Stack

The tech used by your developers plays an important role in your streaming app development costs for apps like Kick and Rumble. Leveraging cutting-edge technology or proprietary software requires expert knowledge of commonly used programming tools like Node.js for the backend and React Native for the front end. With adequate development resources, pre-established app needs, and budget you can have a customized app ready to go.

  • Development Platforms

This comes into the MVP section of your app. Even free streaming apps for Android or iOS along with the web directly affect your video streaming app development cost. Targeting a single platform is relatively cheaper than cross-platform compatibility. Sit and collaborate with an experienced mobile app development company, to understand the peculiar needs and development strategies of each platform.

  • Design and UI/UX

Having a user-friendly and visually appealing interface is important to determine your apps like Kick and Rumble's overall success. Investing in professional live-streaming app developers can lead to a significant difference, but will increase the overall video streaming app development cost. Creating any apps like Kick and Rumble needs feature-loaded and appealing UI and UX design.

  • Complexity of App

Your app's overall sophistication includes a myriad of functionalities such as real-time streaming, personalized content, content personalization, and interactive conversation. This will affect your overall video streaming app development cost, that'll need more resources, money, and time. Implementing a bunch of advanced and complicated features will make your app smarter and more engaging.

  • Real-time Data Management

Real-time data processing is a vital element and one of the key features in your apps like Kick and Rumble. Whether you hire iPhone app developers or dedicated developers, it raises development expenses as the need for modern server infrastructure and robust data processing functionalities arises. Any app development company curating streaming rumble-like apps needs seamless integration protocols like RTMP, HLS, and WebRTC, cutting-edge server setups, and low-latency solutions, in order to transcode and process all live audio and video; hence adding complexity and increasing video streaming app development cost.

  • Continued Upkeep

Heard the term high standards protect you from low-quality experiences, that's what ongoing maintenance and support do for your live streaming apps. Regular monitoring of your live streaming software ensures a smooth run and identifies any bugs or issues post-launch. Having a separate budget for the latest updates, server maintenance, and bug fixes is crucial for your app's long-term success and will raise indisputable development expenditures.

  • Quality Control

Creating any live streaming apps like Kick and Rumble needs holistic and rigorous testing along with quality assurance strategies to confirm dependability and performance. Investing in live streaming apps that need stringent testing techniques will increase the eventual streaming app development costs, but help in avoiding additional maintenance expenditures and forthcoming disruptions.

  • Security Compliance and Norms Adherence

Live streaming apps like Kick and Rumble are mandated to comply with regional standards like GDPR and possess robust security approaches to safeguard user data and privacy. Meeting these benchmarks will obviously require additional development efforts and resources, automatically leading to increased video streaming app development costs. When developing a live streaming service like Kick or Rumble, compliance and security concerns should be addressed beforehand.

  • Scalability

Constraints regarding scalability are a major video streaming app development cost factor. Any best live streaming software like the Rumble app and Kick-streaming is inclusive of establishing a strong server architecture, incorporating cloud solutions for computational power and storage, leveraging scalable databases and CDNs, and applying load balancing. These solutions drastically boost the greater upfront infrastructure costs, in addition to ongoing cloud service and content delivery expenses.

  • Third-party Integrations

Incorporating third-party services such as social networking platforms, tools for generating reports plus analytics in addition to multiple payment gateways affects the streaming app development costs. This estimation should include charges for ongoing maintenance, licensing fees, and API integration.

Key Features To Make Your Video Streaming App

In order to curate a successful live-streaming app like Kick or Rumble, these are the core features to integrate:

1) User Profile Management and Registration

You need a simple and easy-to-understand sign-in and up feature using either email, social media accounts, or your mobile number. Users should also be able to manage and create new profiles with convenience.

2) Live Streaming

It's important to integrate high-quality and high-definition video streaming with the tiniest latency. Also, consider adding an adaptive bitrate streaming that can adjust video quality based on your user's network speed for the ultimate experience.

3) Content Management

Adding advanced search functionality for better discovery helps users find unique content or creators, and if you infuse AI then connecting the algorithms generates relevant content to them. You should also consider adding tags and categories for better organizing and easier platform navigation.

4) Multi-Platform Support

Now, the whole cross-platform compatibility thing applies to you when you opt for solutions across multiple devices. If you have the app on both iOS and Android devices along with a web browser, opt for web integration and other live streaming tools for a seamless streaming experience.

5) Interactive Features

A vital feature for an app like Kick and Rumble is the real-time interaction between your viewers and video streamers. Features such as like, comment, subscribe, and share, with emoji reactions during live streams heavily increase traction.

6) Security and Privacy

Enable content moderation tools in your live streaming app to filter out any filter inappropriate content and monitor user conduct. Also, add data encryption to ensure secure streams and protection of user data.

7) Monetization Prospects

Want to make money out of your live-streaming app? Enable multiple monetization choices like subscription plans for exclusive content, ask viewers to donate their favorite streamers for support, and integrate advertisements for guaranteed revenue generation.

8) Reporting and Analytics

Enabling extra tools and features to get detailed insights into user behavior and watches helps with better content generation and uploading. By enabling performance metrics you can track your overall engagement and streaming performance effectively.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Live Streaming App Like Kick and Rumble?

Let us breakdown the cost factors for building a live streaming app based on their level of service and feature sets (MVP, Intermediate, Advanced):

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Majorly includes core functionalities like login/signup, user profile creation, and live streaming and can be curated with standard programs like Node.js and React Native could go from anywhere from $45,000 to $80,000.

Intermediate App

This expands on your MVP and integrates more features like general CMS tools, stream moderation tools, push notifications, video recording, and playback. The core tech stack will extra recording and content management plus a more user engagement-centric UI/UX design costs anywhere between $80,000 to $1,65,000.

Advanced Feature-Loaded App

This is the ultimate advanced modern and feature-loaded live stream consisting of many features like- in-app assets (subscriptions, virtual gifts), live filters and editing, social media integration, advanced security plus content moderating in addition to state-of-the-art analytics and reporting tools with a high focus on custom design and a premium user experience starts from $2,00,000.


Curating a live-streaming software like Kick and Rumble needs a significant sum of investment, but the return rewards in terms of brand growth, ROI, and user engagement are much higher. It's important to keep in mind the overall streaming app development costs, vital MVP features, and other benefits to execute a successful roadmap and a robust developers team for your app development project. The key to any successful live streaming app like Kick and Rumble is to ensure a streamlined user experience, encyclopedic functionality, and the capability of scaling with your growing user base.

Remember the fact that developing the best live-streaming software is just the first step. Factoring in all costs, ongoing maintenance expenses, server infrastructure scalability, and prospective content moderation teams will help you achieve the ultimate cost-effective live streaming app that also adds value for viewers and content creators alike. Consider doing a thorough market analysis to understand the competition, and target audience's likes and dislikes, and figure out your unique niche to stand out in the dynamic and ever-evolving live streaming landscape. It's also advisable to connect with a top mobile app development company such as Hyperlink InfoSystem for all your live streaming app development needs. They can help you fuel out the competition, figure out anomalies, and deliver a standard yet unique solution for all your app needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The video streaming app development cost varies on a variety of factors such as feature complexity, desired capabilities, and the overall strength of your development team. Although many mobile app development companies like Hyperlink InfoSystem offer flexible developer hiring modules for a more cost-effective solution to your unique needs.

To understand how much does it cost to build a live-streaming app and create your own live-streaming solution you need:

  • Do a thorough competitive market research
  • Understand your target audience and define a niche
  • Choose a monetization strategy like ads, sponsorships, subscriptions, or a freemium model
  • Choose your preferred platform like Android or iOS for storing data, hosting, and streaming
  • Collaborate with experienced designers to curate an intuitive UI/UX for your app or website
  • Develop a strategy and assess all MVPs first
  • Launch and continue ongoing support for maintenance

Typically, yes. Any live streaming app development is a complicated process due to the need for management of real-time data transmission, citing, and being prepared to manage various network conditions, all while ensuring optimal synchronization between the audio and video content inside your platform. It also needs a specific level of niche expertise to understand the rules of streaming protocols and potentially scalable infrastructure administration. Hence, it's advisable to consult with a top mobile app development company like Hyperlink InfoSystem to understand the basics.

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