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4 Top Live Streaming Mobile Apps In 2023

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Oct 2022
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top live streaming mobile apps in 2023
Connecting and communicating with the target user base have been one of important factors for user engagement. There is no rocket science in understanding the fact that the more you connect with your audience the more trust you will gain. Nowadays, we put our faith more in ordinary people than celebrities.
We can say the global pandemic brought some changes for the good. You might have noticed that the live streaming was not here from the start. It was not necessary to show the face behind the product or business forever. We like to connect with the brands that communicate directly with us. This is one of the reasons we have started browsing live streaming content more than ever.
Grand view research has stated that the video streaming market is expected to reach $330.51 billion by 2030. and along with that according to the Livestream reports, 42% of the US population has streamed a live video online at least once. There are various Live streaming apps people use to connect and communicate with their friends, followers, fans and all in all their target audiences. If you are one of those who are thinking about enhancing your ways of communication this blog is for you. Or if you are thinking about developing a live streaming mobile application, here is the list of your top competitors.
P.S. We have listed the weaknesses of the top live streaming mobile apps as well.

Top Live Streaming Mobile Applications 2023

1) Twitch

If you are a gamer or just like gaming sessions all in all. Twitch live streaming mobile app is for you. Most of the gamers all around the globe use Twitch for their live gaming sessions. According to the report of Statista, A combined total of 5.65 billion hours were watched on Twitch in the second quarter of 2022. There were a total of 9.6 million unique streaming channels on Twitch in the second quarter of 2022.
One of the best things about Twitch is along with offering live streaming functionality, it allows the users to watch the streams and even chat about the games making them more interactive than ever. As Twitch has more users than any other live streaming application, there is more content to browse from. As nothing is perfect, Twitch is not perfect as well. It buffers a lot even with the 5G connection. So, people with a little less patience can lose interest after a while. Along with that, users have to log in every single time with OTP which can be irritating sometimes.

2) Youtube Live

The other famous platform for live streaming is Youtube live. Youtube Live has the most streaming except for Twitch. Widely famous for video streaming, Youtube is one of the default live streaming apps that every device around the globe will have. Even though Youtube offers free live streaming there are some flaws that keep most of the users away from the live stream.
Only youtube channels with more than 10k subscribers can do the live streams. Along with that, Youtube streams are just for communications, there are no monetization methods available for Youtube live streams. So, if you are a small business owner or influencer with a much smaller audience base Youtube is not the right platform for you. If you are going through the thinking process for live streaming app development make sure you make the proper guidelines that allow more users to use your platforms than restrict them.

3) Facebook Live

Of course, this social media platform does not require any introduction. Facebook is probably one of the platforms that we have used as our first social media platform. We are using Facebook even before we knew it was a social media platform. With almost more than 2.45 billion active users, Facebook is updating and upgrading itself with every new trend. Starting from setting up the standards for a social media platform to adopting the trend of live streaming; Facebook hardly misses any ongoing trend.
If you are a small brand and have a huge audience base with almost no restriction on the age bar, Facebook can be a perfect choice.
If you are thinking of choosing Facebook as your live stream platform keeps in mind there is almost no data security Facebook offers. So, you will always be under the threat of data theft. Along with that, Facebook takes up much space on the device.

4) Instagram Live

Starting as the photo-sharing mobile app, Instagram is now a collection of almost every single mobile application. Taking inspiration from Tiktok to offer a reel section to offer "share a thought for your friends” functionality; Top app developers at Instagram might have taken inspiration from Facebook or Twitter. No matter what, Instagram is not lagging when it comes to offering live functionality as well.
Instagram live allows you to connect with a wide audience base starting from your followers to even unknown ones. You can allow the users to watch your live session even if it's ended. Along with that, Instagram also offers a practice mode that allows you to check the internet connection, lights and every other setting before going live.
So, if you are thinking about leveraging Instagram as your live stream app, there are some flaws you have to deal with. First, Instagram does not offer any monetization method for live streaming sessions (at least for now). And second, it would be great if you use another device for Instagram live sessions rather than your regular one as the live stream will get paused if you get a call and it can affect your user experience.


Most of the above-mentioned mobile apps have adopted the trend of live streaming. You can develop a live streaming mobile app that includes almost every feature and functionality of the live streaming that users can utilize with a single motive. It can offer the best user experience, not the irritating one Instagram is offering nowadays.
If you have anything special to offer to your target user base, you can reach out to app development companies and share your thoughts. The live streaming app developers at top app development companies will know how to share your app idea as a working mobile app with the world and make it browsable.
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