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How Much Does It Cost To Develop a City Tour Guide Mobile App?

App Development

Jun 2022
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how much does it cost to develop a city tour guide mobile app
Traveling has always been fun. Roaming around the city roads and trying out new things has always been one of the favorite fun ways for people out there. There will be no one who does not like exploring new cities for change. But still, many people around the globe choose to travel around their own places rather than move to the new places to visit them.
There are reasons they do not want to visit, there have been several such as not proper guidance, scammed by the locals, overcharging, safety and security reasons and many others. Still, various travelers hire local guides & still get scammed and miss various city places they should have actually visited. What if you can have your own guide with you that can be there for you in every corner of the world. Yes, we are talking about a city guide tour mobile application. It can work like a charm for the many people out there.

Who Can Get The Benefit Of the City Tour Guide App?

Many people around the globe think that the city tour guide mobile app has just a particular audience base that might not help the city tour guide mobile app owner earn more than they have invested. But to clear up the misunderstanding, we have mentioned the category of audience base that can be your target audience base.

The Locals

If you consider yourself an example, are you sure you know every corner of your city? No, right? That is the point even if you have been in the city since birth; there will be so many places you have never visited or restructured recently or newly opened up that might interest you the most. The city tour guide mobile app can help the locals to find the places of their cities they have never visited.

The Foreigners

The foreigners visit the place to explore the beauty of that place, not to stay indoors in their rooms and chill throughout their stay. So, the city tour guide mobile app will help them know various things such as:
  • The most popular places in the city
  • The accurate time to visit the city
  • What the city is famous for
  • What they should try,
  • What do the locals think about their cities,
  • What other travelers have experienced at the particular place,
  • How much time it can take to visit the entire place,
  • And various other things
  • Such details help them plan their journey and even guide them well throughout their journey

The Local Administration of the Place

The city guide tour app that provides accurate details about the events happening around the place can help the local administration to offer better services to the travelers. It can help the local administration pass on the important notice about the city that travelers might have missed browsing. It could be anything starting from road blockage to weather information or anything in between.

The Business Personal

Entrepreneurs and various business owners around the globe visit the different cities to attend the meeting and even for the events. The city guide tour can come in handy to know about the venue, the quickest way to reach the place, the medium to commute there and a refreshing place they can visit.

Tours & Travel Organizers

You can not expect the tours and travel organizers to be the god of their city who should know every single detail about the city. Though, the city guide tour mobile app can help you be a perfectionist. It can help the tours & travel organizers to explore the nearby places that their travelers can visit to make their stay more enjoyable.
The city tour guide mobile app can be a part of many people around the globe, but only if it provides the top, not features and functionalities that can make the travelers' life more comfortable. So, I guess this is the time to explore some of the top-notch mobile app features and functionalities of the city tour guide mobile app.

What Are The Must-Have Features and Functionalities of The City Tour Guide Mobile App?

Google Navigations

I know this is the most obvious thing for a traveling mobile app, the integration of Google navigation is a must. The integration of google navigation will allow your users to follow the right direction. At the same time, you can take advantage of the accuracy of google navigation to enhance the user experience.

Geo Tracking

Exploring the new cities is good, as long you know how to reach a particular place. Geo-location tracking will provide the live location updates, a navigation route and various other details that can provide accurate location of the visiting places and navigation route.

Weather Forecasts

Weather updates can help your users to plan their tours precisely. Even though they are visiting the place in the monsoon, that does not mean they would like it to get rained every place they visit. So, an accurate weather forecast can help them plan their journey ahead accordingly. You can even inform them about the weather conditions they are planning for their tour.

Multiple Languages Support

Even though English has been the most spoken language, so many people around the globe are not fluent in the language. Keeping your mobile app development supporting a single language can miss out on a huge audience base that does not understand English. So, your city tour guide mobile app should provide multiple language support, allowing users to choose their preferred language.

In-app Translator

In-app translators have always been a necessity for travelers but no one has paid attention. It makes communication with locals easier for the travelers. The in-app translator feature of the mobile app can be helpful to the users when they are unfamiliar with the spoken language of the place they have visited. You can provide a more user-friendly experience to travelers. Besides, this feature can be helpful to the students who go to foreign countries for their further studies or an employee who is working on-site in another country.

Push Notification

So many people out there have no idea that push notification is the best way of communication with users. Your city tour guide mobile app should not miss out on this communication method if you want users to keep steady engagement. Your mobile app development can send push notifications about the events happening around them that might interest them or whether updates or the closing time of a place they were planning to visit and various others.

Panic Button

There are various reasons people visit different cities, whether it could be for moving to the entire new city to start a new journey or just for a traveling purpose to take a break from day-to-day life. Even with the proper planning, unexpected things can happen to anyone. To help the users get the help as soon as they can whenever they need it, you can provide a panic button in your mobile app that can help them in any emergency situation. The panic button should send the location information of the users to their emergency contact and to the city police.

Past Tour History

Users should be able to view the list of places they have visited. It can help them relive the moments they have enjoyed throughout their journey. The preview tours mobile app feature will also help them get accurate details about the places they have previously visited.

Place Viewpoint Map

The viewpoint of the map will allow the users to pinpoint the location manually and get the navigation towards the destination. It will help the users to get the accurate direction and estimated time to reach the place and start and stop their journey. Your travel app development can provide a better user experience through this outstanding feature that can guide travelers to explore the city in the most extraordinary way.

Additional Place Information

Would you like to visit the Eiffel tower after its operating hours or the Taj Mahal on Friday when you can not enter the place? No right? Your city tour guide mobile application can provide all this additional information about the location they would like to visit. You can provide various information like visiting charges, why it is famous, working hours and other information to help your users plan their journey accordingly.

Audio Mapping

Have you ever wondered what if you visit one of the famous locations but do not have much knowledge about it? The audio mapping mobile application feature can provide more information about the place through the podcast, allowing them to explore the beauty of the place; rather than staring at the screen to know more about it.

Rate & Review Their Visit

It might happen that some places you like but some you do not. How will you let the others know about your experience at the city place? You can provide the rate and review every place you visit to help the other travelers know what to expect from the place and whatnot. The in-app rate and review feature will help the users get accurate information about various city places. It can even help the locals to know their city better than ever through the travelers' reviews.

Social Sharing

Want to plan an amazing trip with your mates and switch through the various mobile apps to communicate properly? You can help your users save this trouble and allow them to communicate together and share the places with each other, information about the places, budget planning and various others providing user experience.

Events Listing

Businesses can benefit from the travelers the most by organizing various events that can help them attract more travelers and locals. The events will help the city and local businesses generate more income through the travelers while travelers can enjoy more in the city. The events should also allow the locals to attend events happening in their city.
All of these are the basic features of the mobile app that your city tour guide mobile app should have, but about the recent trends? How will you cope with your competitors, if you stick to these basic features of the mobile app? There are a few other trends that you should include in your mobile app that can help you stay ahead of the competition and keep the user engagement intact.

Virtual Tours

With the rise of the covid world and the number of covid waves, the virtual tour has been the most favored way of tourism sector for various people out there. The VR facilities of your mobile app will allow the users to visit the place virtually before they actually step into the place. The VR city tour guide mobile app can be the perfect choice to visit heritage places. Your mobile app will allow users to over sensitive heritage places that are permanently close to the visitors. To provide a platform to visit historical places, you can reach out to the city administrator to get permission. The VR mobile app has been in the trend for so long and is not something you should miss out on.

Rural Tourism

The approach to traveling has been changing. Gone is the time when people used to travel around the world for comfort. People around the globe now prefer traveling to explore the world for good. They are more interested to know more about the actual world than the man-made artificial one. So, your city travel tour guide mobile app should provide more options that allow the users to get in touch with the real-world such as places where users can go camping, or what are the places they can go to dive into the ocean to watch the beautiful underwater world we can not be a part of. You can collaborate with the local business around the place that can provide your users with a place to stay or commute, such as boats, cars and others. It will help you generate income and local business owners more customers.

Solo Trips

Many people now prefer to travel alone rather than in the known groups. Your city tour guide mobile app should allow them safe and secure ways of traveling around the city, and provide a more personalized user experience. You can even allow various travelers to communicate with each other who are planning a trip to the same place at the same time. It will help them enhance their long-gone socializing skills in the post covid world.

Trip Flexibility

One of the effects of COVID-19 is people are expecting the unexpected more than ever now. So, they like to keep the option of trip cancellation open till the end moment so you can provide them with a guide of places that supports the no-cost cancellation of the advance booking or does not stick to the rule of compulsory advance booking.
The city tour guide mobile application can do wonders for travelers, local businesses, city administration and even you. But it can do wonders only if your mobile app is feature-rich with easy to use functionalities. It can be a tough task that will demand a bit of an investment from your end. But at the same time, if a mobile app development company can help you present the city tour guide mobile app, that can be the perfect solution for your end-users, whoever it may be. Before jumping on to the monetization methods, we should first check how much a city tour guide development can cost.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Tour Guide App?

As we have stated in various other blogs about the travel app development cost, the app development process does not just define the development but other phases such as planning, designing, development, QA analysis, updates, feature development, 3rd party integration and many more the app development cost varies based on that. So providing a sure shot answer to the raised question will not be appropriate.
But this is the time, we give you an estimated development cost that can be anything between $10,000 to $50,000. You must be wondering that it is a huge gap and how can we get a more accurate answer. Well, that is the answer to the question of why we took you on this long detour to explain the most basic to premium features of the mobile app. We explained most of the app development features first to help you understand that app development cost depends on mobile app features, functionalities, technology stacks, operating systems and various other things that can define the app development process.
If you invest this much in an app development process, you should earn something from it, right? Yes, there are ways you can earn from your.

How to Generate Earn from a City Guide Application?

Not many people understand this, but mobile app development has been one of the popular ways to make money out of it. If you just have a look around, there are countless travel mobile apps that we use on a daily basis that are making money through the ways we never bothered to browse through. The monetization methods can be paid subscriptions, in-app advertising or exclusive features. But are all of them suitable for your city tour guide mobile app? That is for us to figure out what can be the ideal way to earn through a city tour guide mobile application.

Collaboration with Local Business

As the main focus of your mobile application is to help users with their city tours, you can collaborate with local businesses. You can feature their businesses on your mobile app, which can help them generate more revenue generation methods. You can have more local business listings on your platform by paying basic listing fees. Users can have more options to browse through while being in the city.

Exclusive In-app Features

You can keep some of the features reserved for premium members only that they can access after purchasing the subscription. The list of premium features should be able to enhance the user experience without affecting the quality of your mobile app. For example, you can keep the audio mapping functionality reserved for the premium members only as it surely enhances the user experience but does not let the unsubscribed users feel unwelcome.

Paid Business Account

You can allow the local users to manage their business on your mobile through your business account. You can provide them with detailed analytics about the list of users who have visited their profile, the number of users who have liked their profile, revenue the business has generated through your mobile app and others. It will help them manage their business effortlessly while keeping the cash flow intake for you.

Collaboration with City Administration

Your city tour guide mobile application will surely promote the cities as it will provide information about the city, the unexplored places of the cities, enhance the local business, famous events happening in the city and other details. It will attract more travelers that will help cities earn through locals and foreign travelers. You can collaborate with the city administration to provide a platform to promote the city services and events.


A city tour guide mobile app can be more than just a mobile app. But, it can be beneficial only if the app development company has enough years of experience and expertise. So, make sure to reach out to the app developers that can fulfill every app development project requirement efficiently. You can hire app developers from Hyperlink InfoSystem who have proven their experience and expertise throughout the years to their global clients.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The city tour guide mobile applications development process includes various phases of project requirement gathering, finalizing the app features and functionalities, app development, quality assurance, and mobile app launch. The mobile app development company can guide you with the mobile app creation process accurately.

The development time of the city tour guide mobile application can be defined in the first phase of the mobile app development process after finalizing the features and functionalities of the mobile app.

The city tour guide mobile app provides accurate, up-to-date and precise information about the city, restaurants, hotels, local businesses, reviews and various others that can guide the travelers around the city.

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