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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an AI Voice Generator App Like Speechify?

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Mar 2024
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how much does it cost to develop an ai voice generator app like speechify
In the world of AI in business, natural language processing, and machine learning, TTS apps are becoming increasingly popular for all the right reasons. Whether you're conversing with virtual assistants or listening to audiobooks, text-to-speech app development is changing content creation and consumption for everyone. If you're the new business owner of an AI development company, crafting text-to-speech apps like Speechify can be a fruitful opportunity for you to flourish.

Text-to-Speech Apps Like Speechify

The TTS market is expected to expand to a whopping $12.5 billion by 2031, and as a digital entrepreneur, you should not miss out on becoming a part of this rapid growth by building an app like Speechify. Before venturing off into the wildly competitive world of building an app similar to Speechify, it's important to assess the possible cost of creating an app like Speechify along with its growth prospects. Let's not wait further and dive into the impeccable possibilities and business benefits of developing AI-powered text-to-speech app like Speechify and grabbing a piece of this booming market.

Business Benefits Of Building An App Like Speechify

The process of building an app like Speechify depends on selecting the correct technology stack along with the added cost of creating an app like Speechify. Its immense business potential demands convenient and smoothly accessible audio content for consumption. Apart from gaining huge traction, building an app similar to Speechify enables users access to books, music, educational materials, documents, and other articles. These multitasking text-to-speech apps like Speechify make the job easier for working people, students, and people with disabilities.
Features of a text-to-speech app like Speechify, like offline listening, customization, and a seamless user experience, have left people appalled globally. As per resources, the annual revenue of Speechify is scaling up to a colossal $14.5 million annually. This potential, visible in the process of building an app like Speechify, can open doors to unconditionally profitable revenues. For securing a long-lasting impact in this industry, Speechify app development costs should be well evaluated before arranging for some cost-effective techniques instead. Taking all possible considerations into account, our estimation for developing text-to-speech (TTS) applications with AI implementation similar to an app like Speechify can go anywhere from $30,000 to $300,000.

Key Factors & Costs For Developing An App Like Speechify

When working on building an app like to Speechify, you must first start by incorporating unique features that might be new or not present in current market solutions. This will help you gain a competitive edge. Some of these must-have traits are addressed in the sections below. A few of them have Speechify app capabilities, while others are special.

1) Intricacy Of Audio Generation Algorithms

When it comes to developing AI-powered text-to-speech apps like Speechify, one of the primary concerns is the complexities involved in the voice generation algorithms. The more you opt for advancements, the more the cost of developing an app like Speechify increases. For an AI TTS app, it's important to prioritize high-quality and natural speech synthesis. Additional factors like cross- and native-platform compatibility like web, Android, and iOS heavily impact the cost of creating an app like Speechify. Each platform will require special attention and individual developer bandwidth while also keeping in mind budgetary constraints. Hence, it's vital to collaborate with an experienced AI development services company for better experience and optimization.

2) Natural Language Processing And Machine Learning

Estimating the cost of developing an app, such as Speechify, does not remove the possibility of ML and NLP requirements. Both of them form the basis of text-to-speech (TTS) applications by enabling precise text computation and voice curation. Natural language processing algorithms are the reason why your app processes and mimics human languages, leading to intonation, smoother interpretation, and precise text-to-speech conversion. While ML models help you train the system for enhancing voice quality, maintaining naturalness, and intonation. Developing a scalable solution like this needs training models inclusive of vast datasets along with fine-tuning for effortless performance.

3) Third-Party API Integration Plus Services

Another key factor to consider while calculating Speechify app development costs is third-party API integrations. These integrations expand your capabilities and improve the user experience by leveraging existing resources and technology. Not only is it time-saving, but it also eliminates the added labor of curating an entire voice-generating system from scratch. In addition to this, service integration, such as cloud storage partners or even content delivery networks (CDNs), will enable your app, like Speechify, to perform at an optimal level and promote scalability capabilities. By evaluating potential benefits, compatibility, testing efforts, and additional costs of third-party integrations, you can customize your AI voice generation app with feature-rich solutions.

4) Selecting The Technology Stack

Selecting the appropriate and accurate tech stack is critical for the creation of apps like Speechify. It influences cost, calculates scalability, and tracks performance. Some popular programming languages like Python, JavaScript, and Java, together with frameworks like Django or Node.js, help with swift text processing and better voice production. Other open-source libraries like Google's Text-to-Speech API, MaryTTS, and Festival help with reasonably priced speech synthesis solutions. In addition, if you integrate cloud infrastructure services such as AWS or Google Cloud, you can also unlock the door to lower operating expenses along with enhanced scalability.

5) User Interface Design And User Experience Considerations

Speechify app development costs are also encountered due to intuitive UI design and individualized UX considerations. Not only is it essential for app success and user satisfaction, but its potential interface gives you a competitive edge amidst existing text-to-speech apps like Speechify. Although, barring its potentially higher development costs, prioritizing and investing in unique UI/UX designs will reap long-term user engagement and favorable feedback.

Cost To Build An App Like Speechify

The cost of developing an app like Speechify varies depending on a variety of factors. Below, we have listed a realistic cost estimation that is generally considered when developing AI-powered text-to-speech apps
  • Low-Complexity App ($30,000 - $75,000): This estimation covers a basic app offering Text-to-Speech (TTS) application functionalities with restricted voice choices and platform compatibility.
  • Mid-Range Complexity App ($75,000 - $200,000): This range enables you to some more encompassing TTS apps with more AI voice options, primary customization elements, and licenses for two or more platforms.
  • High-Complexity App ($200,000+): This latter and final category includes feature-rich software like Speechify, which provides a wide choice of voices, customization options, possibilities for integration with additional tools, and cross-platform support.

Features Of A Text-to-Speech App Like Speechify

Whenever you wish to develop AI-powered text-to-speech apps like Speechify, you must prioritize curating unique features that'll help your app obtain a competitive edge in the pre-existing market clutter. Some of the prominent features that can be incorporated into an app similar to Speechify app development costs are as follows;

1) Spectrum Of Accents And Voices

This is one of the crucial features of a text-to-speech app like Speechify, which is otherwise similar to NLP. A vast range of voices and accents can help reach a global audience with a professional approach to each element and speech. Such a feature not only fosters diversity but also promotes inclusivity by increasing your app's appeal and opening up a plethora of digital accessibility possibilities. Additionally, it enables you to cater to different users with unique preferences and can be easily included in the cost of creating an app like Speechify.

2) Interoperability Across Platforms And Audio Formats

When building an app similar to Speechify or calculating a Speechify app development costs, it's mandatory to hierarchize compatibility through several platforms plus audio formats. This helps you confirm that users have easy and seamless app accessibility on different devices like PCs, laptops, mobiles, and tablets. Furthermore, streamlined support for a wide range of audio formats ensures diversified audio content spectrum compatibility, while also increasing app engagement and versatility.

3) Speech Highlight & Pictorial Follow-Along

When calculating the cost of developing an app like Speechify, in addition to choosing a technology stack from among the most common programming languages, visual follow-along and text highlighting are essential features. This functionality syncs uttered phrases with a highlighted text, which enables your users to obtain a visual cue, all while the material is spoken out loud. It further improvises cognition and accessibility, while making the software experience a pleasant one.

4) Offline Capabilities

Incorporating offline capability while developing AI-powered text-to-speech apps is definitely worth adding to the cost of building an app like Speechify. For example- Consider a child who travels without an internet connection but has access to his study materials on the move. Integrating this feature during the creation of a TTS app like Speechify, helps you increase value and build a larger user base.

5) Customization

Tailoring or personalization functionality is a vital element to consider when evaluating costs for building an app similar to Speechify. This feature enables your users to personalize their listening experience in the blink of an eye. For instance, users can alter their voice speeds, choose their convenient accents, and even design custom voices. Such a feature not only increases your engagement and comfort but also creates a flexible in-app environment open to scalability.

6) Vocal Pitch Modification

When it comes to AI development services and machine learning, voice toning control is a viable and excellent text-to-speech app feature in the process of building an app like Speechify. Users have a myriad of listening preferences as per their mood during the day and night, and incorporating this feature into your text-to-speech (TTS) applications will automate user satisfaction and set you apart from existing market apps. Hence, it's essential to calculate the cost of this feature while assessing the cost of developing an app like Speechify.

7) Accessibility Elements

Digital Accessibility has become a widely discussed topic in technological advancements and inclusivity in 2024. Listening is the most basic feature of a text-to-speech tool like Speechify, and accessibility features are a prerequisite. Prioritizing accessibility components enables individuals with learning disabilities or visual impairments to gain convenient admission and comfortably interact with your app.
If you're thinking about getting involved in developing AI-powered text-to-speech apps or learning more about the benefits of AI development services and machine learning for your business, Hyperlink InfoSystem can expedite the process of building an app similar to Speechify. Not only do we estimate the cost of creating an app like Speechify for your company, but our seasoned AI developers can help you design top-tier apps within your budget.
We boast of a 98% client retention rate, and an excellent track record in app development and software solutions. Our comprehensive suite of benefits includes transparency, budget management, and accuracy throughout the process. Every project undertaken by Hyperlink InfoSystem, an AI development company confirms quality assurance, business objectives, and compliance adherence, all while using the best practices in developing AI-powered text-to-speech apps.
By partnering with Hyperlink InfoSystem for your text-to-speech app development, you unlock access to reliable developers and resources striving hard to convert your AI dreams into virtual reality. We are dedicated to determining comparable Speechify app development prices, allowing for variable deadlines and pricing for each project. Connect with our development partners and explore the benefits of building an app similar to Speechify or understand the cost of developing an app like Speechify.


Summing it up in a pretty nominal manner, when it comes to building an app similar to Speechify or even calculating the cost to develop an app like Speechify, it's potentially an expensive undertaking. AI voice generators are without a doubt one of the most sought-after text-to-speech (TTS) applications, but you have to be cautious about the functionalities you want to integrate or offer in the first place. Being in the business of technology, you should also manage your budget constraints, along with the level of development expertise available to you on-site.
Embarking on this journey doesn't just require time, patience, customization, and expertise, it also requires a partner who is trusted, reliable, and experienced, like Hyperlink InfoSystem. We help you make informed and smart decisions based on data, expert consultations, and trend analysis by staying within your cost limits. By combining the multifaceted process of infusing the best of AI, an interactive user experience design, and a scalable backend environment, you can embark on a successful journey to building an app similar to Speechify. As for the requirements and features, you can read and utilize the lessons from this article, derive more educated decisions, and approach your AI voice-generating app development project with a defined strategy.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, Yes. By selecting the appropriate technology stack, you can smoothly create a TTS app like Speechify for customizing all your voice generation requirements. You can also tailor to different industries like healthcare, education, entertainment, digital accessibility, and more by choosing the appropriate commands and inputs.

Open source models for AI-voice generation could be a genuine starting point in AI development services and machine learning. Unfortunately, they do not offer an identical level of equality in terms of customization and quality as opposed to the commercially available options on the market. In addition to this, personalizing and incorporating any kind of open-source model requires a proficient level of development expertise.

When it comes to Text-to-Speech (TTS) applications, a number of privacy concerns are always lurking around the corner. Most issues are common, like data storage and utilization, text inputs, and voice alterations. This is when developers must focus on and prioritize compliance adherence in addition to following privacy regulations. Businesses should also work on implementing a flexible data protection strategy to make changes at any given time.

When you approach a company that specializes in AI and API development services like Hyperlink InfoSystem, their experts take you through the entire process of creating AI voice generator apps. Most of these applications offer APIs, or SDKs, for seamless integration with every other platform. This enables developers to combine the text-to-speech functionality into custom-created apps.

When it comes to developing AI-powered text-to-speech apps, speech synthesis accuracy depends on a variety of factors. From the AI algorithm quality, language complexities, and audio samples, all these features can heavily impact your process. However, current advancements in AI have drastically improved its accuracy in recent years.

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