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How To Create A GPS Navigation App Like Waze?

App Development

May 2022
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how to create a gps navigation app like waze
GPS location has been part of our daily life, whether it could be finding a perfect cafe in the city or a route to reach out to the other end of the city. We are dependent on GPS location more than ever. Even though Google maps has been known as the lone pioneer, some other GPS navigation mobile applications exist and even rule the google play store and app store.
Waze GPS navigation is one of them. The Waze GPS is a navigation app that allows the users to use the live maps, directions, route details, traffic updates, location-specific updates and various other things that help drivers communicate from one place to another within an estimated time. Even with some of the GPS navigation mobile apps, there are not many GPS navigation mobile apps available around us right now. Don't you think this is the perfect time to get started with GPS navigation mobile application development?
If you are thinking about developing a mobile application like Waze, there are so many things that you should keep in mind. Don't worry, we are going to list them all over here. First, we will start with the pinpoints to keep in mind while developing a GPS navigation mobile application like Waze.

Develop A GPS Navigation App Like Waze

Strategic Planning

The first and foremost step is to plan the GPS navigation mobile app development process. It will help you figure out the important features and functionalities of the mobile app. The planning stage also includes the selection of technology stacks, and app requirements, hiring app developers and finalizing the app development hours. Accurate planning will minimize the chances of app development blunders.

Selecting The Primary Mobile App Features

GPS navigation mobile app development is not as simple as other mobile applications. The GPS navigation mobile application has to be more precise about the features and functionalities. When sign-in, sign out and so on are the primary mobile app features, that is not the case with the GPS navigation mobile app. The primary GPS navigation mobile app features are rerouting, alternate route suggestions, notifying about the wrong turns, accidents, quickest route, estimated time to reach and various others.

Social Integration

Most of the GPS navigation mobile applications update themselves, observing the live navigation of the users which sometimes miss out on the major traffics. You can take advantage of the situation, allowing the users to update about the heavy traffic, accidents or road blockage, and other road situations that can help the other users to take the alternate route rather than being stuck in the traffic only to find out the road is under maintenance.

Voice Assistance

We all have heard that we should not use our phones while driving. It increases the chances of accidents. If so, how can you expect your users to stay connected to your mobile app while driving? Well, the simple answer is voice assistance. You can keep track of their live navigation and guide them in an accurate direction at the right time so they do not have to look at the screen and keep them safe while driving. You can hire app developers who can help you guide how to integrate voice assistance into your mobile app.

Engagement Model

Google maps will be your direct competitor. There is no rocket science to acknowledge that you have to put extra effort to stay in the competition and make your way to the potential audience base. One of the ways to grab the attention of the potential audience base is to provide them more chances to stay connected through your mobile app. We can take GPay as an example. If you remember the early days of GRey, the mobile app used to reward the users with a small amount of money for transactions, references and various others. The mobile app has not abandoned its usual ways of rewards but changed them with rewarding coupons. You can follow similar methods and find ways to attract more users and keep them engaged with your GPS navigation mobile app.

Background Running Support

Your mobile app strategic planning stage should have given you a clear idea about your main objective. It should always be to provide the proper direction to your app users, not making them stay with your mobile app for a longer time. So, what matters the most is to keep your users connected to your mobile app rather than expecting them to stay on your mobile app for long. One of the best ways to keep them connected to your mobile app is to provide background running support. Basically, your mobile app should give the right navigation direction for the destination without disturbing their other mobile app browsing experience. It will enhance their user experience.

Monetization Methods

You are not someone that will invest thousands of dollars to provide the services for free; well no one is, right? If you invest that much in GPS navigation app development, you should earn a bit from your own mobile app. Even if there are so many ways you can make money through the mobile application, not everyone can be beneficial to you. But one of the most beneficial ones can be the premium feature. You can keep some of the mobile app features for premium users only that they can access only after purchasing the premium version. But keep in mind that you should still provide basic navigation routing functionality to every user of yours. You can also go for paid partnership as well, which allows the business owners to list their business on your mobile application while premium users can get a special discount on visiting those stores through your mobile app.


A GPS navigation mobile app will need more accurate planning and development efforts. So, it is advisable to reach out to an application development company with enough years of experience and expertise to develop a GPS navigation mobile app.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The technology stack of a GPS navigation mobile app depends on which operating system you want you to want the mobile app to work.

GPS navigation mobile app development can take around 1000 hours. But it can vary based on the mobile app features and functionalities.

A GPS navigation mobile app development can cost around $40,000. You can get the accurate development cost by consulting a mobile app development company.

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