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How To Develop An On-demand App Like Rappi

App Development

Apr 2022
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how to develop an on-demand app like rappi
Many of you will wonder what Rappi inc and What does it do?
Many of us have heard that Rappi is an on-demand delivery application. But what does it deliver? What protocols do they follow? What is the magic behind developing this kind of application? How does Rappi App Make money from this On-demand Delivery thing?
Calm down, Calm down. All of your questions will be answered in this article. We are here to provide you with the exact details about Rappi App. An on-demand delivery app like Rappi is called a Super application and it can be built-in a couple of ways.
Also, there are several aspects to focus on while you are developing an on-demand delivery application. So let’s start with the basic queries about Rappi App.

What Is Rappi App?

Basically, Rappi is a Bogota-based on-demand delivery mobile app that lets you shop for groceries and other essential things. But this works only for Latin America’s users.
Now, you know what Rappi inc is and if you are an entrepreneur why don’t you build an application like Rappi? It’s a great start-up idea. Additionally, it is not available worldwide or nationwide so you can upgrade it with that. But First of all, you need to know how you will build this?

Components To Focus While You Develop An On-demand App Like Rappi

What Is Customer Module In An On-demand App

The customer module is the most important thing to build an application like this. You need to focus on the product lists. Provided the information in the Product list you will have to set delivery convenience.
The first thing to focus on is the Registration and Login Part. You will have to deal with your customer only here first, If this page of your application has bugs then customers will be dissatisfied. Also, you will have to maintain compliance with the database.
After Logging in the user looks for good and filtered results. How about you plan a structure that provides items that your customers like? You can do this by optimizing your user once or twice.
Furthermore, you will have to allow your users to locate their items in real-time monitoring. Trust me this service works like nothing else. Also, you will have to provide every payment gateway available in your country because On-demand apps like this require it the most.

Detailed Driver Module

The next thing you will focus on is the Driver module. This module is totally for the delivery boy. From the registration of him to the earnings and reports (Including reviews) should be covered while you develop an on-demand food delivery app.
You will have to optimize and include all the details like Registration and Login, Whether the boy wants to Accept/Reject the Delivery requests, Give the notifications to the Driver while he gets a new order, You will have to optimize the Route thoroughly so your employee doesn’t suffer.

What Is Admin Module

Your admin module should be well scheduled and well occupied with your best developers. Because Apps on demand require On-demand app developers who can do the magic.
According to the activity status of your customer, the admin can add or remove them. Also in the Admin Panel, the admin is supposed to check the payments of every order. Whether they are done already or they have opted for Cash on Delivery. Your Development should be easy for your admin so He/She can easily separate these two.
Admin is also supposed to manage the activities of the driver. Admin sees the feedback and answers them so He/She needs to be patient and also He/She manages the discount and promotion Sections.
If we summarize this. We will get to know that It is the Admin who does the most work here. So Admin is going to be one of the owners. So If you want to work hassle-free just build an application that doesn’t have any obstacles for the user.

Tech Stack (What Will You Use While Developing Rappi App)

Here are some tools which may be useful while you make an On-demand delivery app like Rappi.
  • To Build Your Application and Data: JavaScript, Amazon SQS, Amazon DynamoDB, Swift, Go, Node.JS, Redis, Firebase, Spring Boot, MongoDB.
  • For Your Utilities: ElasticSearch
  • DevOps: Git, Kubernetes, Android studio, XCode, Gradle
  • Business Management Tools: Slack, Jira

What Is The Cost To Develop An On-Demand App Like Rappi?

Milestones Time It Takes (In Hours)
Backend Development 700-800 Hours
Android Development 500-600 Hours
iOS Development 500-600 Hours
UX Design 100 Hours
UI Design 200-300 Hours
Testing 400-500 Hours
Above is the table of times. This is the minimum time it will take to develop each milestone.
Developing this kind of application will cost you 20$-150$ per hour in a developing country like India. If you are willing to build an On-demand application from scratch it will cost you nearly $1,00,000. If your product is minimum viable then the cost gets reduced to $10000.


From the Cost that you may need to spend to develop a 100% efficient on-demand application like Rappi, you know every little detail about it. With this information get your Brain at work. Think first, Do next. If you are an enthusiastic developer then you must have to build this kind of “app on-demand”. Use all the details provided in the article and get your Fingers at Work. Contact top On-demand app development company freely if you get stuck anywhere.
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