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How To Develop A Music Streaming Mobile App Like Spotify

App Development

Mar 2022
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develop a music streaming mobile app like spotify
You do have a smartphone right? You will definitely have a music streaming mobile app on your phone as well. I am sure almost 90% of you will have Spotify as your music streaming mobile app. Even as per the stats, The global Spotify Users have crossed the milestone of 365 million users in 2021. You must be wondering how Spotify App development can have these many users? And the simple answer is the usage of AI. You can win the heart of the user with the usage of AI even for the basic app functionalities. Let's see which type of app functionalities you will need in your music streaming mobile apps.

Basic Music Streaming App Functionality Like Spotify

Registration & Verification

Use KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) rule over here. Keep the app registration process as simple as you can and avoid unnecessary clicks and taps. If possible allow users to sign-up on your app development through their social media accounts like Google, Facebook and others. It will eliminate the manual registration process for users and will verify the users' identity without asking for any additional information from the users.

User About Info

After a successful sign-up process, you can get additional user information such as name, age, gender, location, music interest and so on. You can leverage this information to provide users with a personalized music album. You can leverage Artificial intelligence over here. All the collected data can help you provide more personalized services to the users.

Next-gen Technology Integration

The next-gen technologies such as Artificial intelligence, machine learning, Data analytics and so on can help you enhance the user experience. You can offer voice assistance as well where the users can search the songs through voice assistance. Your music streaming app development should offer the list of songs they might like or the artist they can find amazing analyzing the choice of songs they usually play, the artist they like and so on.

Various Music Collections

If you ever browse through Spotify, you will find an enormous amount of music collections from various artists, languages and genres. This is one of the things that helps Spotify to stay ahead in the competition. You should leverage this as well. You can provide various music collections from various artists, languages, genres, podcasts, audiobooks and so on. It will attract more and more users to your music streaming app development.

Search Functionality

Search functionality is a must-have feature for any app development. Users should be able to search for their favorite kind of music, artist, podcast and any other music-related thing from your mobile app. Your in-app data should be rich enough to provide exact as well as related search results about the search. You should provide a filter feature for the search functionality as well.

Push Notifications

Push Notification works more like a communication tool rather than just a marketing tool. You can send the personalized push notification about the newly launched album by the user's favorite artist or even about the trending song that can interest the user or the offers your mobile app is offering for the subscription and many more. Push notification can do wonders in the music streaming app.

Social Media Integration

You might have heard that music connects people like no other. You can leverage this to make your music streaming mobile app successful. Ask our music streaming app developers to provide social media integration service. Users should be able to share the songs they like or the songs they are listening to right now on their social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and even chat-based mobile applications such as WhatsApp. It will allow users to share the music tracks with their loved ones, friends, family directly through your mobile app.
These are some of the features and functionalities you should add to your own music streaming mobile application but just having features is never enough. There are some of the other factors that you should keep in mind to develop a music streaming mobile app.

Factors to Consider While Developing Music Streaming App Like Spotify:

It has to be Unique

Yes, of course, Spotify is amazing. But that does not mean you should just copy the whole idea. You can give Spotify as a reference to your app developers but there have to be some unique features and functionalities that can set your mobile app aside from the other music streaming mobile apps. You can provide various unique features such as "follow" functionalities, "make your own playlist" functionality and many others that can attract more users as well as justify your app's worth in the market.


User experience is one of the things that you should never miss out on. What if you have the most amazing music streaming mobile app with all the latest trends and technologies but with the most complicated app structure. Will it attract users? No, definitely not. So, if you want to attract more and more users, give proper attention to the UI/UX functionality. Hire App designers that can provide visually appealing app designs.

Copyright & Legality

No one likes to get stolen and be cheated on when it comes to their talent or services and that includes artists too. Legalize your mobile app and the music content you are going to leverage on your platform. You should follow each and every rule and regulation copyrighting the albums. Legalize them as per the country's rules so that you won't have to face any legal issues as it can affect your app reputation really badly. You should patent your mobile app on the Apple app store as well as on the google play store.

Advertising Strategy

Mobile app advertising strategies play a big role in the success of the app. The app advertising model should be able to convey the right message to the right audience. Your mobile app advertising strategies should be right on point. You can do the A/B testing before finalizing a single advertising model. The advertising model can be for the whole app or even pitching exclusive music streaming about the app. You can even leverage your own existing users to bring more users. There are various technologies such as Metaverse, NFT Marketplace and so on that, you can leverage to enrich your advertising strategies.

Operating Systems

It is not necessary to have a mobile app for every OS. If you do not have an extensive budget for the mobile app, rather than compromising on the app features, you should consider having a mobile app for one specific operating system and then wait for a few months until it starts generating revenue for you. You can then utilize the earned revenue for the development of another operating system. Focusing on the single operating platform will also highlight the core problems of your running mobile app that you can solve for another operating system starting from the deployment stage. Keep in mind your mobile app should target more users ever since its launch. So, do your research well before finalizing the OS you choose first to go ahead with.


Developing a music streaming mobile app just like Spotify is not an easy task. You should Hire dedicated developers that can justify your project requirements and provide you with an app development solution that can help you earn more ROI attracting more users.
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